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Aug 242010

With Sevilla crashing out in the final qualifying round for before the Champions League group stages if you are to believe the rumours that we are heavily involved in trying to bring Luis Fabiano to the Lane then surely a win against Young Boys will seal the deal.

Sevilla Man Fabiano - Could He Be Lane Bound?

Sevilla crashed out losing at home to Braga 5-3 on aggregate, so if Tottenham can see off Young Boys then surely that makes joining Tottenham seem the better option for Fabiano. Spurs are trailing 3-2 so it is by no means going to be easy but I remain confident.

Fabiano seems to be the main summer target, that one major signing we have been looking for so if we can offer him Champions League football then surely he wouldn’t turn that down. There was confusion but it seems the rules have been changed for this seasons competitions to which a player is not cup tied if his team are knocked out in preliminary rounds. If this is the case then he would be free to play for us should we qualify.

So the odds have just increased in our favour of Fabiano coming to the Lane and should we win against Young Boys then I can really see this one happening, it will probably all hinge on that one game.

The match kicks off at 19:45 and will be live in the Forum as always so log in or sign up to watch it and chat live as other fans watch it with you.

  29 Responses to “Sevilla Out, Win Against Young Boys And Fabiano Is Ours”

  1. One word: Wages.

  2. Can’t offer champions league this season mate he is cup tied!

  3. harry’s said no go on that today, so this is a no goer

  4. He wont be cup tied. They changed the rules. It even says that in the artical. The question I have is, Is he really good enough?

  5. Pete Weston – Players are not be cup-tied by playing in the qualifiers for the Champions League

  6. I’d prefer Suarez.

  7. One phrase: Signing on Fee.

  8. Why did the new arsenal signing refuse to play the qulifier for Seville so he wouldn’t be cup tied?

    • probably wasn’t aware of the rule change, I don’t know Pete, there is confusion as to whether Uefa will class the final round a preliminary round or not but in my book it has to be a preliminary round.

  9. Pete Weston – cos if Seville went through he would have been cup-tied

  10. Thanks MalSpifling now you have reminded me that makes sense!

  11. The round Spurs are in is known as a playoff. It is officially part of the competition proper and not a qualifier. Fabiano would be cuptied. Sorry guys.

    • I don’t think so Ben, if you think the play off is the Champions League proper can you provide a link to your source?

  12. its true re rule change see extract from the Regulations of the UEFA Champions League 2010/11

    18.07 As a rule, a player may not play in a UEFA club competition (i.e. UEFA
    Champions League and UEFA Europa League, but not UEFA Super Cup) for
    more than one club in the course of the same season. Exceptionally,
    however, a player who has been fielded in the first, second or third qualifying
    round of the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League is entitled to
    play in the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League for another
    club as from the group stage, provided that his former club did not qualify for
    the group phase of either the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa
    League; moreover, as from the start of the round of 16 (round of 32 for UEFA
    Europa League), a player can be registered in accordance with paragraphs
    18.17 to 18.20 below. For the avoidance of doubt, a substitute player who
    has not been fielded is entitled to play for another club competing in the
    UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League in the course of the
    same season, provided that he is registered with the UEFA administration in
    accordance with the present regulations.

  13. Ben – the play-off is not part of the competition proper. The official cut-off is when Champions League Squads are submitted after the transfer window closes. He would be available and that is definitive!

  14. His team will now play europa league, so would that not make him registered in that competition by default?

  15. @Pete Weston.

    Mate, try and listen!

    Fabiano is not cup tied because they LOST their playoff.

    The only players that refused to play were players who were convinced that their team was going to WIN. They would then have benn cup tied.

    If your team is iliminated in the playoffs you are not cuptied.

    If your team WINS you are!


  16. signing Fabiano is not just about the CL game,
    we have a league position to reach as well

  17. I think another reason for Squillaci not playing was that, what if he were to get injured during the match? Surely that would scrap his transfer to altogether and it’s not worth the risk.

    Whereas with Fabiano, there isn’t anything concrete in the mixer so as far as he knew at the beginning of the match, he was a Sevilla player and was going to remain that way?

  18. Sevilla are qualified for Europa league proper. I dont see how he is eligible for us based on the regulations above.

    • Europa League is a different comp, thats like saying a player can’t play for us in the FA Cup because he has played in the Carling Cup.

  19. if you read the rule 18.07 it states that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd qualifying rounds don’t count fabiano has played in the play off round and therefore IS cup tied.

  20. It dosen’t seem he would be cup tied on the surface. But the rule also goes on to say that, this would only be possible if the players team does not make the group stages of Champions League or Europa League. But with Sevilla having lost, wouldn’t that then drop them down straight into the the Europa League group stages?? And hence make him cup tied??? I dono just a bit confused.

  21. I think you are right, Lorenzo. The rule seems to lump the competitions together.

  22. Just crossed my mind… this was the playoffs Fabiano played in. which comes after the the 3rd round, so Fabiano should be cup tied for sure, if the rule posted by Al Spur is accurate.

  23. Fsuck Fabiano we want Kanoute him and Crouch would be awesome on crosses from Bale and Lennon

  24. Fabiano is cup tied.

    there are 4 Q rounds in the CL, we where put in at round 4. The rules posted above say round 1,2 & 3.

    Round 4 is to decide who goes into the Europa League or CL. Round 1,2,3 mean no european football what so ever.

    SO just by a simple read of them rules, Sevilla are still in the europa league, there for Fabiano is cup tied.

  25. didnt celtic get knocked out in the earlier rounds of CL qualifying – think by losing to braga, and yet they are still in the uefa cup …. so coxie is right, and therefore fabiano will NOT be cuptied

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