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Dec 012010

Once again, Emmanuel Adebayor has been linked to Spurs. A year has passed and the newspapers have run out of players to link Spurs to. Therefore all the names go back into a hat and they pull goodol’ Emma out again.

But if Harry is serious about bidding for him, will our pure white club turn a shade of pink with the influx of ex-Arsenal players in recent years? And if we don’t want him, do we still need him?

Adebayor has reportedly had another scuffle with Mancini in the dressing room and is close to exiting Eastlands. And when a player wants to leave a club or is reported to have fallen out with their current manager, guess who the papers think they’ll sign for?

Yep you’ve guessed it – Spurs who must have already written out Ade’s first £160k cheque – NOT!

City would expect the Togolese hitman to receive his full wages or close to that at his next club, should he move there. But Tottenham Hotspur have a strict cap on wages at the 80k mark, only half ofAdebayor’s current pay. So surely this would immediately blow any speculation out of the water before any misguided, schizophrenic sports writer can link him to Spurs.

But assuming that he would be prepared to halve his pay to move to Spurs, is it what we want or need?

It’s not what most Spurs fans would want, but to me, he’s the type of player we need!

The fact he’s an ex-Gooner has put a majority of Spurs fans off him anyway, despite Gallas earning favour from fans with a solid, world-class captain’s performance against his old club to win 3-2 from 2-0 down.

Still, there have been a couple of other players who came from Arsenal in David Bentley and RohanRicketts. Maybe it’s because they weren’t well utilised at Arsenal, but the principle is the same. They wore a red shirt in their career before moving.

I can’t be hypocritical here. I didn’t mind Gallas coming over as we were desperate for some cover at the back. Currently, the situation here is we’re desperate for cover at the front, so I don’t mind either way whether Adebayor comes here.

We need a physical striker with presence AND shooting quality. Someone who has the combined qualities of the current strikeforce we have and more.

Crouch – Mixed bag. Holds the ball well with his feet but can’t kick the ball in the goal for toffee at the moment.

Pavlyuchenko – Great striker, but is too easily muscled off the ball.

Defoe – Has toughened up and is our sharpest striker, but would benefit greatly from a counterpart to double the goals. Remember Kanoute?

Keane – Well, insert your own concerns here lol.

Adebayor is the complete striker. You can say what you want about money focusing attitude on the pitch, etc. but if we’re going to be picky about strikers, we’ll never get anybody and we need somebody who takes a larger % of the service given to him and convert it into goals. Berbatov looked lazy on the pitch at Spurs no doubt, and still does at United; but look at the moments of brilliance he conserves his energy for when he has the ball. Up until the toys-out-the-pram saga with Manchester United, Berbatov was a god to every Spurs fan who came to the Lane to watch him.

Sure it’s fun to dream about Suarez, Dzeko and the like, but if a player is happy at his current club, he’ll stay no matter what bid Levy comes up with. If a player is unhappy, and loves football more than money, he wants to move and will be more likely to join unlikely clubs.

No point poo-pooing Ade if we’re all going to say f**k off to Luis Fabiano for turning down a move to us last summer and then regretting it 3 weeks later.

  33 Responses to “Should We Add-a-bayor???”

  1. Please take him

    • Can’t. Your owners paid him too much, so that’s what we’d have to pay.
      Thanks a lot lol.

      • Agreed, personally I wouldn’t mind him just because we need someone. We said Gallas was a bad move because he would upset the dressing room and it’s been smooth sailing so far. There are other strikers I would rather sign like Andy Carroll, Dzeko, Lukaku

        • Carroll is a Toon Army member and is a one-club man. I’d love him, but the reality is he won’t join us or any other club. Not even Mansour City.

          That’d be like somebody bidding for Dawson or Defoe. Solid Yiddos who will most probably end their careers here.

  2. What the son of a elephant washer? NO WAY!

  3. The question for all transfer targets is will he accept £50k per week wages?
    Spurs have stuck with a tight wage structure and are not going to change that now.

  4. no no No No NO NO NO!!!!!!

  5. Even if ‘Arry decided to go for him City will not let him go to a rival. Remember Bellamy.

  6. if harry wants him then thats what should happen,i know loadsa people are going to hate this but not wanting decent players cus of where they used to play does nothing but hold back spurs from success,its not even like hes a die hard arse legend,he fell out with the club and the fans and would possibly love to come to spurs to prove a point.the fans that get all over the top about this stuff are blinded by their passion.

  7. Only think City will block selling a player to a rival if he will improve them…..Abebayor is all yours then. ; )

    BUT…..don’t think we will be paying anything towards his wages… want him, you pay him….


    • well i can assure you that will be citys problem and nobody elses,your the club paying insane wages to players that are simply not worth it.Thats not an attack just a fact,Adebayor isnt worth that kind of money and theres not a club in the world that will take him off your wage bill unless you subsidise them.When dealing with Levy you are dealing with one of the most financialy astute chairman in the league.

  8. Why on earth are people saying no, do you watch football? This guy would be a great addition to our squad even temporarily! Why would you want to go out and splash on someone from another league and hope he would settle in and start scoring the goals we badly need from a striker. This guy knows the Prem, scores in the Prem and is a handful in the box at the best of times. He would not take any time to settle. I would take him in a shot if the deal could be done and don’t forget we have the scum at the Lane to come and just imagine if he scored against them. Easily worth 5 – 10 league goals minimum in my opinion from January playing week in / week out. COYS!

  9. Would be a massive improvement if we can get him to reproduce the form he showed at Le Arse where he was unplayable at times. He is strong, Very quick, Great touch, Great in teh air and can score goals and hold up play. All things our next CF should posses. the big ? is if he does not settle he is a big waste of space. defo a confidence player. 20 million he is worth a punt for me if he is willing to take a pay cut. Will city sell him to us? they would not sell us Bellamy so will they sell Ade I doubt it very much. Maybe Levy will be offered another World class player to present to Harry. We missed out on Huntelaar who is banging in the goals. We missed Milito last season. Harry needs to spend big on a striker of quality and I mean 20 million plus if we are to challenge for the title.

  10. He has the talent..but not the inclination most of the time…remember my Arsenal mate telling us that when we bought him…maybe ‘Arry can work his magic and get it out of him.

    Ps, love it when people try and take the pee cos we say Citeh…like we shouldn’t have Manc accents….must be thinking of cockney rags….


  11. Mark you are getting him mixed up with the Arsenal Adeybyor this one has only run fast twice since he left them once when he run the length of the field to gloat at the Arsoles and once when the bullets where flying on the bus they all missed him . The problem is every time he shoots reminds him of the bus and he misses and then knocks fuck out of Mancicni. This brings me nicely to the joke going round about Lennon it goes like this . Its not the first time Liverpool have bean upset by a Lennon shooting. This his just a light hearted way of saying it wont happen City fear us now ,Harry should invest in Conner Wickham a17 year old tractor boy with a Ferrari engine.

  12. No no no no no! We do not want or need a petulant, money grabbing idiot like him. Would be very bad for team spirit having him as the top earner at the club. no bloody way!

  13. In a video game yes, in the real world hell no. Too much of the bad Berba in him, not enough of the good Berba.

  14. If we had Aderbayour and Bellamy up front we would be top of the table right now.

    It is our strikers where we most need strengthening.

    As for the “we don’t want his sort” I recall exactly the same being said of Gallas and now he is the Emperor of Tottenham who has won over every doubter in a few weeks.

    Finally whoever Harry wants we should get them in because he has the golden touch in the transfer market.

    Having said all that I doubt we will sign a big name in January because we have kept a tight rein on spending for a while now and wages too.

    • Zeb totaly agree, i had this same argument with my Spurs Pals about Gallas. I said he will be a top top signing and his winning mentality will spread to the other players and they just laughed. Now they are slowly realising Gallas is probably our most important CB behind King. the doubters were also saying Bale is not good enough now he is god and i always knew he was great when BAE was costing us goals and Bale being over looked.

  15. His mother’s a whore and so is he.

  16. No danger would I want this mug to sign for us. He’s an absolute mercenary and a disposable cunt at that. Even though I think we need a top class striker I’d rather we stuck with what we have than take him. Let him rot at middle eastlands!

  17. NO !!!
    Talented without question BUT… the guys has too much baggage.. Man shitty, Le’ Arse, salary demands, attitude etc etc
    Put Pav on a crash course of weights, steak, pasta and steroids for a few weeks then let him watch a few Vinny Jones movies !!! see we have our man up front (well its worth a shot)

  18. 1. Ade is EPL proven quality and he would fit in like a glow with Bale, Modders, Lennon and VdV.
    2. Hate to admit, but Neal Crosby is right. City will never let him join Spurs.
    3. His current wages are somewhere in a different league. I doubt he will take significantly less.

    He is deffo destined to move, and, IMHO, his meals in the following months will predominantly be either gazpacho and tapas, spaghetti and pizza, or sauerkraut and potatoes. 🙂

  19. We cannot sign Adebayor. He is a good player but also a total wanker. He shouldn’t be on more money than someone like Bale, and he would be, plus we have great unity in the dressing room but give it a couple of months and he’d have fallen out with someone and fucked that all up.

  20. I don’t want him. He’s slow and crap to watch. No difference from Crouch. What we lack up front is pace.

  21. Its not because he was a gooner I don’t want him, its because he’s a cunt.

  22. I don’t think Adebayor is that great – certainly not worth the wages. BUT I admit that he is better than what we have – in principle. He would score more definitely – BUT I don’t think he would enhance the team. As with our other strikers there are drawbacks. How many times have you seen the guy NEEDING to step up, and doesn’t. He goes missing when it really matters, which shows his limitations. The biggest reason why we won’t sign him is that City will not sell to us for a cut down price. We would have to match what they paid for him for them to be remotely interested. We wouldn’t pay that and why would they want to strengthen their rivals? You’d rather Bale signed for Juventus than to Citeh so why they let him go to us? Plus I haven’t started on his inability to endear himself to fans, his selfish behaviour and Spurs fans just wouldn’t have it. Plus I haven’t mentioned the ex-Gooner thing. Oh, now I have. I take that back.

  23. There are no two ways; Adebayor would bring us goals in the PL & the CL, he is a formidable striker on his day. Plus the fact that Nomads dislike him considerably so, the better he does for Spurs the more the Gooners dislike him & dislike Spurs, perfect!
    Especially if ‘his’ goals allow us to finish above them where Spurs belong.
    BUT no way will Citeh let him come to Spurs unless he has compromising pictures of Sheikh Mansours ten wives!

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