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Jul 132010

Ajax striker Luis Suarez has given a strong indication that he could be interested in joining the club this summer.

Luis Suarez - Could the Ajax man be Lane bound?

The Uruguayan striker, who found the back of the net for fun last season for both club and country, has spoken of his desire to play in the Premier League and Manchester United and Spurs are the two clubs that he specifically mentioned when asked. Manchester United, being the biggest name in the English game, if not the world game, is hardly a surprise, but to mention us as a serious option is surely enough to get us more than a little excited and to ask the question ….. why would he specifically name us?

‘Manchester United are a great side and, along with Real Madrid are the most prestigious club in the world, you know if you join Manchester United and are there for any length of time you will win things.

‘Tottenham hold appeal as well though, they are a team with great ambition and have done well to reach the Champions League, ‘I like team that have shown ambition through the money they spend.

‘If there are multiple offers form the Premier League I will take time to decide – but at the moment they are the two clubs that stand out for me.’

For a player to name drop a club is far from unusual, however, it is all too often the big named Champions League regulars, and Spurs cannot yet be spoken of in that group, so you would have to assume that some form of contact has to have been made between the club and the player?

Suarez, would certainly be that ‘marquee’ signing that Harry spoke of earlier in the summer and even after he darkened his reputation with his hand ball against Ghana, he would certainly be a name to make a statement of intent as well as excite the fans going into our most important season in recent history!

….. The question is, how much can we read into the players comments and could this just be yet more false hope in the transfer market?

….. As usual, we can only wait and hope.

  One Response to “South American Goal Machine Talks Up Lane Switch …..”

  1. well see wat happens id like us to sign van der vaart i know he not a striker but he a great player we should sign him up now as we wont get joe cole as people say he going to sign for scum up the road so come on harry get signing coyssssssss

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