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Sep 252012


There were two own goals yesterday. One from Faurlin to level the score for Spurs in the second half, and also one by the boo boys I had the displeasure of listening to in the East Lower [my location] and South Stands. It was HALF TIME when we were a goal down!
I wouldn’t have minded as much if that was the full time result and they couldn’t resist giving the team a hearty booing off until next weekend, but a game lasts for 90 minutes, not 45. Granted some of the football was negative and they could t string an attack or a pass together for toffee in the later stage of the half.
If anything we looked more negative in the second half as we turned Italian, sat back to defend then countered. Even Dembele was standing off the QPR players as they pushed men forward to equalise. Lennon suddenly stopped trying to beat the offside trap and wouldn’t give Walker and Sandro someone to pass to. With all that said, we played below-par and still won, something which is very difficult to do, particularly when coming from behind to win. Friedel and Vertonghen once again saved our backsides.
AVB should be commended for adapting the formation back when his first idea wasn’t working. Maybe he HAS learnt a few things since Chelsea…or the players took on board his reasoning on this team instead.
These boo-boys ought to shut the hell up at least until the full time whistle, if not for good. AVB’s methods are working and we got another three points. Those same morons joined in with the rest of us going bat-sh*t crazy when Defoe scored the winning goal. If they are going to boo halfway through a game, do they have the right to celebrate when the rest of us keep the faith all the way through??
If they are so militant about what the score should be at half time, well…I leave it to you to discuss whether they understand even the most basic rule of football.
AVB’s character and man management/motivation was tested in that dressing room yesterday. He passed. That should be an end to the booing, but hey I am only going to be told ‘I paid to get in, I can do and boo what I please like everybody else’. Well everybody else seems to be able to wait at least until full time to boo or until Christmas to take note of our position in the league.
If the boo-boys think it is so bad, they should sell their season ticket. It is making the atmosphere untenable and the team’s job is not made any easier during the game if all support is lost after 45 minutes. They should get a grip!! It is going to be a long hard slog of a season (when has it not been?) and this is only a transition seaso. Where AVB should be given time to put the feelers out and see what he has to work with. He has done his job so far. Some so-called ‘hardcore’, ‘Tottenham-till-I-die’ “fans” should do theirs by supporting the team throughout the game and waiting a little bit longer for the good times to fully get rolling.
Dear boo-boys brigade:
Basic rule of football – Half time after 45 minutes, score not confirmed (or are you annoyed because Zamora ruined your bet on the half time score….?); full time after 90 minutes.
Basic rule of Premier League football – Season lasts for 38 games, not FIVE games!
That’s your homework for the week – Learn them…preferably in silence!

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