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Jul 252013

A few small reports are floating about tonight that Spurs have made a £19m bid for Manchester City forward Edin Dzeko.

Quite a few of us fans identified Dzeko as a real target and very obtainable as it’s unsure how much game time he would get at City and would maybe want first team football.

A few whispers are going out that Spurs have sent Man City a bid of £19m for Dzeko and that it is being considered. Call it gossip, call it ITK, call it a load of crap, call it what you want.

There were reports from the papers today that Tottenham were ready to turn to Dzeko after the Reborto Soldado deal may have hit a stumbling block over the fee. It could even be that Daniel Levy is prepared to deliver us two strikers and if true then £19m for Dzeko would be good value for money.

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