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Aug 102016

Depending on what news outlets one follows, the agreement between Tottenham and Marseille over the transfer of Georges-Kévin N’Koudou from almost three weeks ago is either now completely dead or just barely hanging on.

According to the French website Le Phoceen, the deal is over and done with and that N’Jie has returned to the Spurs to begin training for the new season. The Guardian also reported that the deal “is on the brink of collapse”.

It’s known that Marseille are unhappy with the new proposed payment structure, as Daniel Levy had originally agreed to pay the majority of the fees up front. Le Phoceen essentially blames the breakdown on Levy and his tactics and claimed that Levy changed the offer for N’Koudou from an initial £11.1 million to just £4.3million.

The Guardian suggests a strong connection between Paul Mitchell’s upcoming departure as Tottenham’s head of recruitment and the deal falling apart.

But instead of pinning everything on Tottenham, Sky Sports proposed a different view, that it’s the that the resignation of Marseille’s Vincent Labrune has a lot to do with it.

Whichever view one is inclined to believe, if this deal is truly dead, is it back to the drawing board before the transfer window closes? Where should Tottenham turn their attention to?

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