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Mar 192012

SSN reported that a Tottenham fan at the game helped paramedics to save Fabrice Muamba on Saturday evening following his cardiac arrest.

Andrew Deaner was allowed on to the pitch after proving to officials he was a cardiologist. He was also responsible for suggesting that they take Muamba to the London Chest hospital where he is now recovering after receiving specialist treatment.

The Spurs fan recognized what was happening when Muamba collapsed just before half time and asked stewards to let him onto the field to help resuscitate Muamba.

Hats of to the Andrew Deaner because there are many people who would have done nothing even though they may have had the skills to help. To stand up and put yourself into that type of position is that of great credibility and for that we praise you. If anyone from the club happens to read this then give this guy an honorary season ticket, he deserves it.


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