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Sep 052010

I am a bit late with this one but I will give it to you anyway for those who have just had a big Sunday morning lay in to sleep off a hangover. Arjen Robben last night insisted: Spurs have made the signing of the summer in £8million Rafael van der Vaart.

Van der Vaart signed on transfer deadline day in the final minutes in a £8million move from Spanish giants Real Madrid after falling down the pecking order behind the likes of Kaka and Ronaldo.

Rafael Van der Vaart was tipped to join Bayern Munich before Spurs snapped him up and fellow Dutch team mate Arjen Robben who was hoping VDV would join him at the German club was quoted as saying “With Rafa on board, Spurs really do have one of the very best midfield  players in the Premier League, maybe even the best.”

“I don’t know why he didn’t join Bayern in the end. I really wanted him but Spurs have bought a gem”.

“In terms of his vision, his range of passing, his ability to split a defence and his eye for goal he is as good as Cesc Fabregas, Steven Gerrard and of course Frank Lampard.

“He is that bridge for Spurs that makes them go from a very good Premier League club to a team capable of taking on and beating any side in Europe on their day.”

“Madrid almost gave away one of the best players in the world – but that’s their style.

“They got rid of me and Wesley Sneijder in the same summer and I went on to win my domestic league and get to the Champions League Final while Wesley went on to win the Treble and become the best player in the world.

“Madrid’s mistake will very much be Spurs’ gain.

“I knew of his interest in England and that van Persie had been  speaking with him about how great life in London was.

“I think when Robin was trying to convince him how great London and the Premier League was, it was as though he was trying to convince him to join Arsenal.

“It’s kind of backfired on Robin a little bit now, though, because he has signed for their biggest rivals.

“Before Rafa signed, I’d still have had Arsenal down as the stronger team – but now I don’t think there is anything between them.”

It is good to hear that the people who know him best regard his ability so highly and nobody can doubt on paper we have a midfield that can rival anyone. We couldn’t get a top top striker so Harry added something extra to midfield which will mean not having a top top striker might not cost us anything this season. Van der Vaart will add goals from midfield as he likes to get in the box like Lampard does.

Robben added: “For fans who have not seen a lot of him, I would compare him to Cesc Fabregas. He can play out wide, but his ideal position is playing in the middle of the park as playmaker.

“Spurs can play him as they wish but he is by far the most talented player in their squad. If they don’t build the team around him in the middle, it will be a big waste.”

  8 Responses to ““Spurs Have Made The Signing Of The Summer””

  1. Super stuff,I’m really looking forward to see how he improves the team and it’s style of play.

  2. Cool, but its not completely certain that he can make it in the prem.

  3. great article even if he doesnt make an impact we can sell him on for more money just a thought !
    im only 12 dont kill me

  4. He has played in a number of the best leagues and i am sure he will settle in the Prem league.He has said himself it is a challenge and he is looking forward to it.Its not like signing a player that has only ever played in one league and so would have limited experience of different styles of play.

  5. VDV is in his prime after a good season at Real, where he was limited with playing time, but performed very well and was liked by their fans. His goal ratio at all club level has been admirable. Has vast experience and is a real pro. As an investment, this is a wonderful buy. Our Defence is a good one, all in all. Although we have cause to complain about our strikeforce delivering consistently, it is still decent for a top 4 side on average but we lack a Drogba, Van Persie, Rooney. Midfield domination has been the foundation of impressive title winning teams in the premiership. VDV is a player that has the ability to walk straight into the premiership and take it by storm, being given a platform around him of classy, yet relatively inexperienced players at the top club level ((Modric, Lennon, Hudd, Bale, and good old Niko). We wanted a marquee player. We got one…but one who has the ability to pull Spurs up another level as a unit. This is VDV’s big opportunity to cement his reputation amongst the true elite of football (tough to be in the shadow of Ronaldo and Kaka) and he will be chomping at the bit. Oh yes, one more thing………
    COYS !!!!!!!!!!

  6. I have a feeling that unless Pav gets an extended run in the side VDV will be our second highest scorer.

    Anyone remember the “Famous Five” forwards who played under Ossie Ardilles when he was manager. I think we have the makings of a famous five midfield, assuming we play 4-5-1 or 4-1-4-1 with Thud as the DM, and/or Lennon, Modric, VDV and Bale playing infront or alongside him.

    Anyone noticed how well Def played for England when he had a player with ball skills playing in the hole behind him? Maybe even 4-4-2 with VDV in the hole behind Def?

  7. i think that we are more likely to see bale in a left back role now i think it is obvious that Redknapp has reservations about Benny playing there (hauled off twice in 5 games) and he has always said that he sees Bale as a left back! so on that basis i can see us playing a 4-2-3-1 with Sandro Thudd and Palacios (obviously not all at the same time 3 into 2 doesnt go!) being the workhorses and Modric Lennon VdV Kranjcar Bentley and Gio being the show ponies.

  8. I think Bale will go to left back and Hudd and Sandro will be the two holding midfielders with Lennon, Vdv, and Modric all behind Defoe. Modric and Vdv can switch if we are struggling to score

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