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Jun 282011

The last few days all I have seen is that Liverpool are looking to take Lennon up north with a £20m move.

Letting Lennon go for me would be a massive mistake, although it scares me that it could well soon become a reality. On his day Lennon is one of the most dangerous wingers in the Premiership and when you have Bale on the left we have one of the best pairing of wingers in Europe. Maybe not the best technically but certainly one of the most dangerous as both Milan teams found out.

It worries me that Lennon has never really been one of Redknapp’s favourites without really ever doing much wrong, Harry has had no problem leaving him out the in the past. My worst scenario is come August when we come out against Everton is that David Beckham walks out the tunnel instead of Azza. Beckham may have the edge on crossing but that is useless to us until we get some strikers who can finish their dinner and too Lennon’s credit he improved a lot on his crosses last year in my opinion especially on his weaker foot.

I know some of you would be sad to see him go and some of you wouldn’t be too fussed but who would we replace him with? Would we be able to find someone else who makes us stand up from our seats in anticipations every time he goes on a run? To be a good winger you need to be able to beat a man and have pace, both are qualities that come naturally to Azza. There is also the prospect that he might want to move up north anyway and leave Harry with not much choice but I don’t think Spurs would force him to stay like we did on Luka.

It’s gossip at the moment but it’s one of the rumours that sounds a bit more likely and so we give it more credit. How big of a loss would Lennon be should he move to Anfield? For me it would be a massive mistake, it wouldn’t seem right seeing him in another shirt.

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  1. What is wrong with us? Let’s just issue a statement like City and say we will not sell to any direct rivals. Strengthening others whilst weakening us spells M-I-D T-A-B-L-E

    • Thing is if you do that your also saying that in reality you cant but a player either from that club. Like Drogba for instance.

      Definitively agree should never sell to any of our rivals.

      Lennon is one of our best players and has great work ethic, is young and not going anywhere.


      • I would not shed a tear should Lennon go. He doesn’t impose himself in any game like Bale does on his day. He also has the look of a little boy, no intimidation at all. His end ball is still useless and he will always go for the easy option, i.e. cut inside and play a short pass. I can’t remember seeing Lennon skinning the opposition full back on the outside and whipping in a great delivery. Such a shame as he has great potential. I badly wanted him to be as good as Ronaldo, a player he himself said he wanted to emulate, but this last year he has regressed rather than progressed.

        • You’ve never seen him skin a player on the outside…what about against AC Milan when he passed beautifully for Crouchie to get the winner. You must have something in your eyes to say he has regressed. Bale always has BAE to support him whereas Lennon gets a choice of three…Corluka, Hutton or Kabul and so he gets little chance to form a good partnership with anyone and has to do it alone most of the time. Be careful what you wish for because selling Lennon could come back and haunt us.

          • Lennon ran through in the inside right position to set up Crouchie against AC. He seems better running through there as he can go either side. He doesn’t tend to get down the line to the by line so much as he used to. Don’t want him to leave but could try and get Milner off of city IF they’ll do business with us now or try Gio!!

            • Milner?!?!? Lay f the crack. Milner can’t even beat an egg, no pace, no tricks, no hope. Never read so much $hite in my life. Might as well replace him with Bentley. Oh yeah I forgot that is why he never gets a look in. No point in being able to cross a ball when you can never get in a position to do it.

        • dont talk such rubbish, lennon has been great for us for the past 4 years, and is still young enough to improve, bale has given us about dozen good games & now no others are good enough, you seem to forget until bale found his feet after two injuries, lennon has been our only outlet, how he is not 1st choice right wing for england is a joke in its self, if he goes liverpool hope you wont be shedding any tears when he is sticking them up for carrol week in week out.

        • Agree with ya….Harry knows what he is doing.He has proved that. Lennon is all flash with no end product most of the time. Just like Bentley

    • Why do we have to issue a statement every time a newspaper invents a story?

      Stop believing what you read, problem solved.

      • Exactly Chivers. The papers have run daily stories on Modric- to Chelsea, Bale- threatening to leave, Sandro- off to Italy or Spain, Defoe- off to Arsenal, Crouch- off to Sunderland, JJ, Kaboul & Hutton- to Bolton, Gomes- back to Holland, VdV- to a CL team, Pav- back to Russia, which left only Lennon (don’t get me started on Dawson) as the last first XI player apart from BAE without a transfer story…hence off to Liverpool. Simple

    • Totally agree – same goes for Chelsea & Modric, we should be issuing a statement saying bugger off to all other Prem clubs for any of our top players. As Spursman says it’s exactly what MC have done, preventing us from taking Bellamy last season, and I would have been after Given too myself but what do I know.

      The only solution to selling Lennon is to play Dos Santos more often (he’s pure class, he should not be sold) or get in Seamus Coleman from Everton who in my opinion has a very bright career ahead – he’s lightning quick just like Lennon and we could really go places if we build on this pace asset.

  2. Lennon is one of my favourite and i would be very sad to see him go. Keep Lennon at the Lane….Please

    • likewise me will be very sad to see him of the best wingers today a thread to any defence, levi open your eyes well well………………………

  3. Think of the crucial goals – Arsenal 4-4. Think of the run against AC Milan to feed Crouch. Enough said.

    • you forgot the winner against Liverpool at home. Azza is one of the players we must keep.

      • Good point – all the more reason to keep him.

      • I was at the Lane when Azza scored that late goal vs Bindippers. half the East Stand Upper had emptied and I was literally egging Azza on at the end, stomping along the aisle and then he smacked the ball in the net and the last few hundred fans in the stand erupted…’appy daze :-)

        • “Few hundred fans in the stand” Maybe instead of wasting his time trying to get the Olympic Stadium, Levy should look at ground sharing at Orient.

  4. Dont get me wrong, I dont want to see Lennon go… I like him – and like someone else has already said; with Lennon and Bale on either flank we really can peg back the other team.

    However… in terms of who would we use to replace him, we have VDV already so maybe that would be an option. Not his prefered position I know but sometimes in the middle I feel he and Luka are somewhat cancelling eachother out at times.

    • Vdv is useless as a winger. It would be a massive mistake and it would be too hard to replace Lennon.

    • You must be joking, VDV hasn’t got the legs to be a winger, he would need a bloody bike.

    • van der Vaart, no matter where his starting position is, will invariably move towards the middle. He leaves the full back completely exposed because he’s always out of position. Doesn’t seem to work as effectively as playing Kranjcar on the left somehow.

  5. You can’t coach speed.

    • You can actually, condition training helps to build speed up but I agree, you’re either born with pace, or not…

  6. if we had to lose him, I’d like us to go for nani, hes fallen down the pecking order as young has been signed and i reckon we could get him for £15m which I think would be great business especially if we could sell lennon for £20m plus Nani would be an improvement

    the midfield of

    Bale Modric Sandro Nani

    ^^^ now thats the best midfield in the prem

    • nani for 15m? you’re joking right

      • Having said that, I would put a cheeky bid of £25m for Nani. If Man Poo accept it, then sell Lennon for £20m. For £5m extra and we get a much better right-winger in Nani (much as I like Lenster)…

    • Marc your a dick, stop playing fifa!

      When the Lenster has Kyle Walker behind him next season I think we’ll see the best of him again.

      Nani for 15mill, LOL! U doughnut

      • this is a good point, if Lennon and Walker can form a partnership like BAE and Bale and with THudd/Sandro/Modric in the center we will have some very very deadly attacks.. all we need is a younger striker like Sturridge, Damiao, Rondon, ect. and an experienced striker in Forlan, Drogba, or Berbs.. hate to say it but i think Defoe has to go (doesnt work great with VDV).. KEEP LENNON

        • Completely agre.. mouth waterin to c kyle back!! hope he doesn dissappoint..!

        • Tell you what, a young strike-force of Damiao and Sturridge would be very interesting…(if only Chelscum would sell to us)

  7. if we do sell lennon, we have a great replacement in andros townsend, give him some time and games with the first team, and watch him shine.

  8. As Beckham is conracted to LA Galaxy until end of November, it is not very likely that he will be running out in a spurs shirt in August !!! He might be a decent player for promoted team like QPR, but a pretty pointless signing for us, as too old. A good impact player some might say. If we want an impact player we could always resign the fruitloop that is Adel Taraabt ( better than Messi in his own strange world). Also, who drops out of the 25 man squad to make way? Unless Harry is building a team to win the vets tounament at Fulham next year, he is not needed at Spurs.This is not a retirement home!!!!! Beckham just needs a team to get him fit enough to play for Team GB in olympics.

  9. I too like the idea of Nani as a winger for us

  10. Media bullshit.

  11. What a bunch of revisionist history on here.

    FACT – Lennon goes missing just as often as Jenas does. 1 good game a month shouldn’t make him an untouchable.

    FACT – He bottled it in Madrid with a fake illness.

    FACT – In the season we finished 4th, he was injured from Christmas to Easter. Our right winger during that time was the much maligned David Bentley.

    Quote Liverpool 25 million but take the 20 and run!

    • FACT – Two of your ‘facts’ are anything but…

    • you so dont know your football mate.

    • Fact. When lennon came back from injury he had 3 assists in his first game and bentley sat his poofy arse back on the bench.

      Why would he fake an illness? He wasn’t scared at the sansiro. You’re a poptart

  12. I wouldn’t worry, anyone who’s seen Glen Johnson and Azza play together for England would know it’s not really a partnership worth re-kindling. I love watching Lennon play for spurs but with Johnson it just never works, surely even Kenny’s seen that!

  13. He can go – lazy as shit. COYS

  14. We HAVE come out and said we are not selling any of our best players. Levy couldn’t have been any clearer but you lot choose to ignore him and panic every time some muppett in the media prints a story. Stay strong and accept what Levy says until proven otherwise


  16. Guys remember the home grown rule- we need at least 8 players who are home grown in the 25man squad and if we are considering selling Defoe or Crouch or Jenas we will be loosing some of our British players and most likely replacing them with players who are not British- We would be idiots to sell Lennon and anyway why would Lennon want to go down? These are just rumors and Lennon will not be leaving us!With Lennon Bale Modric and Huddlestone/Sandro, we have one of the best if not the best midfield in the League so why should we break that up! Now can we concentrate on bringing in Lukas Podolski to play along side Pav and Aguero/Huntleaar in front of van der Vaart then start the bloody season! COYS!

  17. This has to be bull Liverpool are going to be close rivals unless we do get rid of players like Lennon and we can at best expect mid able and worst case relegation scrap. We are going backwards and it worries me.

  18. yes i would really hate to see little azza go i like him he is exciting but i tend to call him dracula he dont like crosses only nani could really replace him but fergie wouldnt let him go especially to us and defenitely not for 15 mill i like danny rose i think he is a young player on the rise and could replace azza but how do we spend the 20 mill eh…………………

  19. Yeah, to be fair, Lennon to Liverpool has been a ‘story’ in the media consistently for the last few years. This time it’s fallen into place for the media, the supposed “fall out” between Lennon and Redknapp, the fact Liverpool are spending £20m on anyone with working legs and the fact Damien Comolli signed Lennon for Spurs. Wowee.

  20. Your wrong about Lennon he is not one of the best in the premiership he is one of the fastest wingers in the world for pure acceleration and to play at his speed is very very hard To replace him the answer is we couldn’t his type only come around like the comet i have bean watching football 50 years next year since i was ten and trust me if he had not bean badly tackled since he was 17 he would be now world class and if he stays fit then there is more to come . I would sooner lose Modric and Van because no one has chased after Lennon like they have with Modders and got the ball and only Lennon could have made the goal against Mlan and Scored the winner against Liverpool. He wont be sold Coxie its Comoli wishful thinking and the Bin dippers dreaming we should all make sure it stays a dream .

  21. Only one that I would fuck off out of Spurs would be Harry the big mouth Redknapp rather than Lennon. Despite been told by the fans to keep his fkin gob shut ,he again went all over the media by saying we have no money unless we sell..hardly inspiring…Levy doesn’t trust him with money,I am just beginning to despise the wanker..Lennon should never be sold..he is a rare talent.

  22. I’ve read somewhere (probably some crappy website) that Lennon is on the “going nowhere” list, with Bale and Modric.

  23. Been waiting for an article like this on Lennon.
    Best English right winger in my opinion and has a lot more left in him.
    It also makes no sense to sell a top player to one of our rivals especially as he would dramatically improve their side.

  24. lenin is a machine gun . those who don’t like him are footbal;l wise illiterate

  25. We should make sure these players dont go because of the new rules we will be up the pecking order with English players becoming a premium .Thuis is why Sundeland have bid 13 million for a kid of 18 Connor Whickham Bruce has mugged Liverpool by buying there target with money they got of them 20 million for crap. We already have a shed load of talent and English this is why Lennon his a wanted man 20 million my arse more like 25 30.and he also does his fair share of cover tackling especially when Hutton is around imagine Walker and Lennon ohyyeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  26. ‘…force him to stay like we did on luka’

    are we now pretending that luka is going to stay?

    until he comes out and says it, the silence speaks volumes. methinks abramovich is not somebody who often hears the word ‘no’, and when he does he simply throws more money at that person.

    my money’s on them both leaving. wait til the window opens.

  27. If Lennon goes, especially to Liverpool, then we definately are not regarded as a top 4 team.
    I also think Harry has lost the dressing room, why all of a sudden these rumours with our top players, something is seriously wrong here.

  28. you lot make me laugh and to the bloke who said about lennons cross against ac milan given that much time and space i could of laid that ball on for crouch..Bloke has one dimension he has pace but his final ball is shocking and end of the day we sign him for a mil and we will get 20 i would bite the arm off for that money……..

    • he led the team in assists. you must not have watched any games last season. If you’re too poor for cable, try
      it helps to know what youre talking about. his final ball was not good 3 maybe even 2 years ago. but now you’re just hating. lennon is like the mayor of the dressing room. everyone at tottenham love him

  29. spurs should stop lying to the fans.
    Pick up chris Samba, Cahill and 2 good strikers.
    Keep Kranjcar

  30. Lennon is going nowhere. There is not one fact in your article to show he is.
    It is banner headlines like the heading to this piece that causes the nonsence that permeates the transfer window.

  31. Lennon go?…..dont talk ridiculous….

  32. This is utter rubbish! Apparently The People made a story saying that Spurs needed to sell players so that they could go out and buy others. This is not the case, Spurs are simply trimming the squad. Spurs had 35 listed players when the last campaign ended. We are also trying to cut down on the wage bill. I am sure that the likes of Bentley and Keane are on more money per week than Modric. What does this say to Modric. Well with the likely sales of Bentley, Keane, Bassong, Jenas, Hutton and the probable sale of the likes of Crouch, Naughton and possibly 1 maybe 2 more, this will make way for us to pay the likes of Modric what he or they deserve. Woodgate another high earner as gone and O’Hara being sold to Wolves waqs only the start of the cull.
    Spurs will then be in a very good position to bring in the likes of Diarra, Damio and maybe Samba or Cahill. Whoever is brought in must be a lot better than the players who are going out. So because Spurs are doing a good shake-up of the squad, this as lead the media to think that Spurs are desperate for money. Also Harry and Aaron get on well, Harry would not of questioned why Cappelo had left him out of the last couple of England squads, I know one was because Lennon was injured, even so, Harry still said that Lennon should be in the England squad. Another reason they will not sell him is that he is English and with Spurs being in the Europa cup, something that Liverpool can not say, they need to have so many English players listed in their squad.
    So will people get the message that Spurs are building a fantastic squad and not destroying one! (I am sorry for any spelling mistakes)

  33. Liverpool are paying crazy amounts of money for players. If they bought Henderson for 20 mil, we could easily sell Lennon for 25-30. Good ROI, move on.

  34. hes going no-where he is a spurs player and a good one at that. im behind him al the way. love him in a spurs shirt, he will get better as well watch!

  35. I would rather keep Lennon than Modric, although I love them both. I think opposition teams are more likely to fear Lenon and Modric. Modric is a Gem, but he leaves our midfield weak defensively. Modric isnt effective in the premiership. I can see Lennon assisting with 10 goals this season. I cant see Modric close to that. I can see Lenon scoring 6 goals this season, I cant see Modric doing that. Modric is so brilliant to watch. He recieves and passes the ball so well, finding players with ease, but nothing really comes of it. Lennon is far more dangerous. I’d get as much as we can for Modric and keep Lennon, after all, Lennon is one of our own.

  36. if we got rid of lennon but i dont want him to leave we should see if we can get nani hes fast and skillful can play on both wings got 2 great feet sets goals up i wad buy nani anyway but we need to get sum players in not harrys rejects sum top players who we need

  37. How would it be a mistake. Lennon has more off days then he does on days. He has had one good season for spurs, everything else has been average.

    He is such a low-confidence person, that he is too scared to run at people. When he does run at people he does the same two moves, 3/4 of the time just the one move, which is push past and try to cross.
    But then Lennon can not cross to save his mothers life.

    Lennon lacks skill, he has very little skill on the ball, and relies too much on his pace. If you watch Modric on the ball, much slower runner, but he can take the ball past 3-4 players who are hounding him. Lennon can not do that!

  38. Why waste your time writing a pointless article like that? I can understand the tabloids making things up to sell papers but what is the point of writing an article of speculation on speculation on bullshit? It would be like me writing an article about how concerned I was that we were putting old Routemasters on the moon. Except mine would be more amusing.

  39. Dont worry guys,i dnt think he’ll be a liverpool fan at heart but i like d way lennon n bale attack d flanks like tigers.dnt worry guys he’ll be wit spurs.this is jst a crappy rumour.

  40. South upper you wouldn’t have fucking got the ball of Modric never mind run at Lennons pace and hurdle a dirty Columbian drug fuelled leg that’s why your in the fucking stands paying to watch him entertain us and with is pace why should he run across the pitch when he can run past is shaking marker (.Specksavers are beckoning)

  41. If Lennon is not part of our plans next season only one names comes to mind and this could be along shot but (ROBBEN) I think he would be perfect and with Van der Vaart at Tottenham he could say to him join because of them both being from the Netherlands like Edgar Davids did with VDV. COYS

    • I total agree with you robben would be perfect if we got 25 million for lennon i think we would have to pay about 35 million for robben but yeah perfect player to replace Lennon

  42. Walker might do a good job as a winger… I wouldn’t sell Lennon not even for 30M and especially not to rivals that will compete for top 4… but if it happens, get Beckham in and start playing Walker in that role in Europa League to see how it goes. Even so this is quite dangerous, our right side is quite week compared to the quality of the players that can play on the left.

  43. kash , what are you on about. Azza does invariably get around his man on the outside but unfortunately his crosses have not been tip top or our fairy inept forwards have not been positioned for a header. The guy is underrated in my opinion and i believe there is a lot more to come from him. He’s still young and has been said before if we sell where would we find someone else who gets us on our feet nearly every time he gets the ball in the opposition half. We need him to stay for lots of reasons , one being he’s a great foil for bale.

  44. Lennon for 20m would be decent, i mean, since the uprise in gareth bales form lennon has been th less effective winger as players prefer passing to the other flank. Lennon has lost his habit of going around people which was the best talent of his. letting him go for 20m wouldnt be bad necessarily, but to Liverpool it would be, if we do flog him i insist it be abroad, wouldnt be surprised if Inter or Milan were interested in him tbh. 20m would go quite a long way in replacing Lennon – theres always the likes of – Krasic, Nani, maybe even Hulk.. and i think that 20m would go a long way in buying these players..

  45. Robben would be fab, but we may already have the answer. Andros Townsend looked great against Charlton in the FA Cup last season. Great left and right foot and looked to have a great shot and cross,so Lennon for £20m looks good,especially as walker will be flying down the right next season.


  46. I would be dissapointed to see Lennon go but he needs to learn to put the ball in the box when he gets the chance rather than fuck about with it with Corluka. If he goes Juan Mata at Valencia or even GIovani here would give us something different down the right with Walker bombing on as an orthodox winger. Walker could even play as a winger with Corluka behind him. It would not be all that bad if we could get 20m for him and do something like that.

  47. Unbelievable!!!

    Why would the likes of Nani, Hulk, Robben etc go to a mid table side like Spurs?

    You had your chance to eat at the top table and you blew it, Spurs have always been a selling club, everyone except those with the ever thickening spurs specs on know it.

    You are too far away from the current top 4 and with Liverpool investing heavily your main rivals will be the likes of Villa, Everton & Bolton to qualify for a tournament no-one wants to be in.

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