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Feb 092011

Breaking News…West Ham have won the Olympic Stadium bid.

The Olympic Park Legacy Company board have decided to approve West Ham’s bid and is expected to announce the decision on Friday. The Government and Boris Johnson will then have to make the final decision based on the OPLC decision.

The ComRes Phone poll also suggests that a whopping 72% of the London voters voted in favour of West Hams bid, with a mere 13% voting to support Spurs. The remaining 15% presumably was voted in favour of the original plans to redevelop the stadium into an athletics-only venue.

Personally this is good news, as it may force us to seek other options in North London, if not find a new way to redevelop the NDP. What are your views on the decision?

Written by Davyid

  81 Responses to “Spurs lose Olympic Stadium bid!”

  1. Bad news I think…Levy will be forced to put our club in massive debt which could be detrimental to our success on the pitch…

  2. Well done to all the anti Stratford protesters…………………………..this decision could set us back years!

    • I Really do believe this too, we needed that stadium to compete, i wouldn’t be surprised if west ham over take us in the next 10 years, in that time the Harry affect goes into full swing, he leaves the club half our players leave, we’re in masses of debt.
      Hopefully i’m just panicking

  3. I’m shocked how gutted I feel. I was just starting to buy into the vision.
    A bad decision for London, both football clubs, Newham Council ratepayers and athletics born out of fear of egg on face.

  4. Great news. I hope we can look at other options in Tottenham or the north of London. Doesn’t necessarily mean we have to spend £450 million if it’s not the NDP

    • you’re an idiot, there are no other options you dick

      • You’re an idiot, go and support Man Utd or Harlem Globe Trotters or something

        • berba, carrick left because we can’t compete with man u, and without a bigger stadium those 3 guys at the top of this webpage wont hang around either. Levy said it was stratford or nothing. We wont get a bigger stadium, this will set us back years, although all you ‘No to stratford’ don’t kid yourselves into thinking you had any influence at all

          • They didn’t come to us when we had a 60,000 seat stadium…why should they leave now.

            • wake up you thick cunt

            • Barry you and all these anti-Stratford fuckwits need to go and support wet spam, how can you ppl not see that this is a major disappointment for the club!!!???? You don’t need half a brain to realise we would’ve saved hundreds of millions, money which could’ve been invested in serious players…who btw will only come if we can afford to pay the wages, WAKE UP YOU FUCKIN FOOLS

  5. Yes Get The Fuck in!!!

    I am so happy I cant stop theis huge grin on my face. Oh and btw I dont think anti-stratford protesters had anything to do with it although if we helped then thats even more pleasing.


  6. a happy, happy day

  7. I don’t think Levy was lying when he said Stratford is the only choice. Maybe there are other options but he is not willing to take them. Right now in these conditions the potential of big players like Bale wanting to leave becomes more threatening for the club. I would say that if Levy’s dreams and hopes are dead in the water than he would probably sell the club in the next couple of years.

    When I thought of the move to Stratford I was thinking big changes, bigger wages, bigger plaers, Champions League, Premier League title and all that stuff but now other potential big changes are starting to worry me.

  8. Exactly Barry. Lets just expand WHL to 48000 which is totaly doable.

  9. Our success on the pitch has only really been around for these last 2 seasons and prior to that a couple of back to bace 5 place finishes before another spell of mediocrity. It wasn’t the lack of being in a bigger stadium then that was the problem, it was finding the right manager that could take us there.
    Getting a new stadium costing less helps but does not guarantee success on the pitch.

    • Crap.
      Our lack of revenue made us a selling club. Berba and Carrick went to Utd becuase we’re not big enough to keep them. We can put together a very decent team on our current structure but if you think we’d be 5th if we had Berba up front then you’re beyond argument

      • We only sold cause we were not challenging at the time or in the CL and because those players wanted to leave. We are there now and will be again next season. I think.

        Nothing to worry about, everything to be happy about. If levy had never of said anything about moving you wouldnt even be thinking about it.

        • Those players wanted to leave for a BIGGER club.

          Hey.don’t get me wrong – we can be Villa or Everton but without that extra revenue under UEFA rules, we’ll never attract the kind of forward we need to make the jump into competing year in, year out.
          We talk about keeping Bale and Modders. It’s not a question for Manure or Arsenal to keep their best players…

          • Im elated. We are competing now and I see no reason why over the next few years (before we would have even moved into Stratford if it happend) establish ourselves in the Top 4 year on year.

      • What are you talking about. Berba and carrick wanted to leave and would have not matter how much money we offered them. Do you think they would have stayed if we had a nice new stadium in the shit hole of east London? Enic are an investment company and made good money from both of them. Enic invested in berba and carrick and sold for a hefty profit which is what investment companies to best. No doubt they would have sold spurs within a few years if we had moved to stratford.

        • Sold up – yeah, According to Karren Brady.

          Are you 12 or something? Perhaps you can’t remember when Spurs were a bigger club than Arsenal or when Man Utd were relegated. The difference now is their revenue streams against ours. look at the numbers – i can’t be arsed to goggle them for you. Berba doesn’t go to Salford not because he loves the stadium or the neighborhood. It’s because Utd with their revenues can surround him with players of the same level and pay all of their wages guaranteeing CL football and a chance of domestic/european honours year in, year out. That’s done with CASH.
          If our new shitty 60K capacity East London stadium could produce the same revenue stream that we can afford his (or Van Persie’s) wages and provided Cristian Renaldo and not Jermaine Jenas as a team-mate then he would happily have stayed. BUT, while at WHL, we can’t.

          Don’t believe me, look at what Chelsea and City did with huge investments.

          • idiot, When Arsenal won the league last they had 38000 capacity at highbury. Your just a sheep meh

          • Pains me to ask but when were Spurs a bigger club than Arsenal?
            1960-1969 maybe.
            But before and after they won far more than us, even if we were richer its trophies we want and they got more.

        • Levy’s problem is that he refuses to think of alternativeswhen there is a possibility of failure.His actions over Jol were typical.He was ruthless and was willing to accept no compromise.Now he has to,and frankly, although I am secretly enjoying the fact that his balloon has been popped,I do realise that Spurs will have to find another alternative.
          What would be the cost of developing a stadium close to the training ground in Enfield.Enfield although it is slightly further out is still North London.I know I was born in the borough of Enfield but in a London postal area.Levy’s blinkered outlook has refused to even consider that alternatives exist.BUT THEY DO!!

          • Even worse transport links than WHL.
            Best options IMO are to rebuild west & east stands and leave north and south as is as they already hold 18k combined, or fully build stadium fully to the north of WHL, on land we’ve already acquired then build houses shops etc on existing stadium site when we’ve moved in. Will be much less complicated therefore cheaper.

  10. It is also a win for the gooners if Spurs wont be able to finance shortly a new stadium near their current site or elsewhere.

    • All this talk of Gooners wealth is turn over and doesn’t account for their huge debts. I think land around WHL could be worth more than Highbury as they had to build within listed buildings so density of housing was very low.
      I think Levy was having us on with these huge debts NDP would accrue as he was definately lying about much support Stratford had as I never met a fan in favour since plan was revealed.

  11. Why is this good news?
    What part of the “Levy says the Northumberland Park Development is D-E-A-D” don’t you understand???
    We’ll stay as we are – a 35K capacity club with thousands on the wait list for season tickets being f@cked by LBHaringey for the foreseeable future.

  12. As pointed out, the final decision has not been made and therefore West Ham have won nothing

    Please don’t encourage the lazy media reporting.

    I expect Boris to overturn the recommendation.

    • I agree it aint over until the fat lady sings and bow wow Brady cant speak let alone sing.David Cameron is the one the buck stops with,i am sure he will be ecstatic about millions of tax payers money being wasted on West hams bid and the loss of AEG and THFC making a success of a potential disaster.

  13. Yidal – thats ridiculous. Why not just add ten seats – that will increase revenue by several thousand…

  14. Oh, and in five years the Porn Spammers will claim that the track isn’t viable and pull it up anyway…

  15. bad news, technically now we are finished.

    we cant extend our stadium where we are as it costs near on 500m way too much and could make us another leeds.

    which means either the club will be put up for sale to the highest bidder or we will have to settle with the stadium we have got and just be a mid table team in the premiership

  16. So what you are saying Juxta – is we still need to find a good manager too???? 😀

  17. I can put up with not getting the OS, but I am dreading the sh*t that we are going to hear from the spammers

  18. How funny will it be if they go down now….imagine a 60,000 seater stadium, 50% full, 45 metres from the pitch haha. It’ll go tits up anyway with the 3-not-so-wise monkeys running their club.

  19. The idea that this will set us back years is simply nonsense. Why would Levy need to put us into massive debt now? Now that we are actually beginning to cement our position as a regular top 5 contender? We are one of the few profitable clubs in the premier league, something that has been achieved and maintained despite us being relegation contenders, or at least bottom half of the table contenders.

    Sure we need to invest some serious cash in players to become title contenders, but with the team we have now, do we need to invest more than 65 million on players? If we bought 60mil in players in the january window, it would only have slightly dented the financial result for 2011.

    Having said all that, I am a tottenham boy through and through. I have supported Spurs for 28 years. This move East was the first time in all those years that I considered supporting another club. If you are not a fan from around N17, you probably can’t understand that kind of local loyalty.

    • More crap.
      Maybe, you missed this – not one of the current squad is from N17. When Celtic won the European Cup in 1967, their entire team was Glaswegian. if you want local pride then put out a local team.
      12% of Spurs’ revenue comes from Haringey fans. The rest – like the TEAM – come from elsewhere. If you thought about supporting the Gunners (your new local team) because Spurs are moving 6 miles then you’re a shit supporter who deserves nothing.

      • 12% is pretty amazing really when you consider how relatively small the area is compared to the surrounding counties – its all relative.

        Really its like if one day Wycombe became a prem team (stranger things have happend) and the Chairman of the club decides he wants to uproot the club to London for the green and then some prick from Kent tells me Im getting in the way of Wycombe’s success by wanting them to stay.

        What right do you have to be so dissmisive of a local Tottenham fans opinion?

  20. Paul – if you think this had anything to do with a few vocal pro-N17 Spurs fans you’ve sorted of miss a big chunk of the debate.

    As shit as WH’s bid is, local support will support the local club. In this case, WH – who are the club that sit in Newham and have a right to be the club that play their football in the OS. Even though they’re a club run by monkeys.

    I’d still hold off until official word is made on this before we all start break dancing in the streets.

  21. Not cast in stone yet. But I don’t know why so many are so gutted – were we ever that close? The Spurs bid was always inferior anyway. The only hope Spurs had was that West Ham may be short of cash.
    IoanX – Either way the stadium would have taken years. What difference does it make to the Gooners? Jerard – either way we would be in debt. The difference would have gone into Levy’s pocket when he sells up. It really makes no difference – you take on debt when you build any new stadium. Let’s just move on, and keep improving, and get new stadium in a more appropriate location.

  22. thank god were not going to stratford, what fucking stupid idea that was. suddenly the whole future of the club hung on going east, what a load of crap.

  23. Also we have wasted enough cash in the no-hope Stratford bid anyway, which does not help going forward either. Not to mentiion any negative impact onto the team’s recent excellent form.

  24. For some reason I always think Levy’s got something up his sleeve, never showing all his cards. The stadium is designed. There must be somewhere accross N.London that cost effective to build it on.

  25. Matt – if Arsenal can do it IN ZONE 2, with higher cost of land and less open space, then we can in ZONE 3/4 North London, after a property price crash. People also forgot that it was a pain in the bum for the Gooners to get their plans approved too. They went through many “non-viable” options until they found one that was ideal. It is not an easy thing, but we will get there.

    • Agreed – but only if Levy and ENIC have the will to do it. Taking him at his word, he’s suggesting otherwise.

  26. I think Levy has something up his sleeve. All this ‘dead in the water’ would have been troubling had he not added ‘in its current form’. AEG are now locked in with us thanks to the OS bid and they could well help fund the new WHL. We have trusted the chairman before and we need to again. I think he would not put all his eggs into one basket. Far too clever. Let’s not panic. We could not have built the OS until 2013 anyway, so we have two years to lay the first brick elsewhere.

  27. Some of you lot on this web page just haven’t got a clue about supply and demand and more importantly GROWTH! FOOTBALL A BUSINESS!! Wake up and smell the coffee! This is very bad news for our club! Forget WHL there is no cost effective site to develop! Let me spell it out….NO EXTRA REVENUE = NO FUTURE simples! Gosh some of you just do not understand basic economics. Sullivan and Brady do!

    • well most football fans don’t care about economics. they don’t care if the club doesn;t attract big players and that’s why the ones that are ambitios and want to play big leave…

      think about bale. he is a great player and i bet 100% of spurs fans want him to stay. but why would he want to stay when he can go at a bigger club, get bigger wages and win more trophies?

      i don’t understand either why people don’t think it with income and expenses, when you have bigger income you can afford more, and money is an important factor if you want to win titles.

      if you just want to be in the middle of the table and be proud with WHL than it’s ok, but don’t expect too much from the team then… because I bet 90% of tottenham players were hoping for the move to happen…

      • Mate, 90% of the players won’t be here by the time Stratford opens for football anyway. It is a few years down the line you know…

    • Those who try to run football as a business usually get it wrong as they forget that a normal business does not have fans that they rely on in order to exist. Haven’t you noticed that we ARE growing? We will get the stadium. We are in a healthy state. If it mattered that much then we would have taken the stadium with the track and won the bid easily. It shows that Spurs really do not need it. West Ham desperately need it. So we will be fine. Yes, the stadium will be important in going forward, but until then we’ll be fine. Liverpool have been fine so far with a stadium with only 5,000 more seats than us right now

      • Not all get it wrong….businesses do have fans… in thier services or products they sell. They are called customers ( as Sullivan calls them). Even supermakets have ‘fans’ they want you to join their club ie loyalty cards!

  28. I just hope Levy has something up his sleeve. We need a bigger stadium if we want to compete for Champions League spots regularly and therefore keep our best players.

    In fairness, West Ham’s bid was the best, though I think so close to Orient they won’t be happy. At least with WHU they keep the running track and they are from East London. I have doubts over what the running track will have on the atmosphere, and what it means if WHU go down this season. Anyway, that’s not our problem.

    I’m sure if Levy really wants to build a bigger stadium – which he does – he will find a way.




    We just won the biggest trophy ever – oh and if ur upset go support whu, they will be exactly where u wanted to be after all.

    And I will be at Sunderland and Milan like REAL spurs fans 🙂

  30. Once again the lunatics have won the day we all have to make cuts and some lose there jobs pay millions for City players transfers and wages through the highest petrol prices in the World and we have lost out to a Porn Barron a Dwarf a mouthy Bitch and a Championship soon to be West Ham Olypians. We are doomed Taxi for Mr Lewis Levey and AGB. ANYONE NOW WHERE I CAN GET STRATSPURS UTD REMOVED FROM MY BACK

    • Don’t you mean a porn baron, a dwarf porn baron, and a woman who stands up for the image of women….but works for 2 porn barons!

      • You mean a porn baron ,a dwarf porn baron who did time for living of immoral earnings and a right old slapper with big rubber lips and a saggy arse.In my opinion of course

  31. Man city were nobody a few years ago they got a bigger stadium richer owners increased backing and are now challenging admittedly it guarantees nothing but players are interested in facilities and ambition and increased ticket sales will be important when new rules come into play…..that £400mil saving could really have bought some good players heh we might as well just stay as we are why waste money.

    • It was projected to be more like 200-250m saving…but you are dreaming if you think that that money would have been burning a hole in our pockets or used to spend on players – we would still be in debt. The projected debts take into account the transfer budget. Which would have been unchanged whether we spend 200m on a stadium or 450m on a stadium. If you bought a 300k house instead of a 200k house, does that mean that you can spend this “100k” that you have saved? No. You never had it to spend in the first place. Why is everyone treating this as if Stratford was the only option. It was a tempting “option” that never was. The reality is that it was not ideal anyway. Sometimes you need to spend a little bit more time, effort and alas money on the ideal solution.

  32. fuck stratford….we are TOTTENHAM
    fuck stratford…from THE LANE
    fuck stratford….super TOTTENHAM
    fuck stratford….FUCK STRATFORD

    • Yeah and there’s an 88% chance that you aren’t from Tottenham. If you were from Haringey (which you’re not) there’s still a 50% chance that you don’t support Spurs anyway but you might be making a quid or two on the High Street off their backs.

      You probably live in Chigwell where your parents moved to when Haringey started getting rougher. You spend about 3 hours in Tottenham every other week where you cheer several Croatians, a welshman and a Dutch guy and yet you think it’s important to stay in a 35K capacity stadium that the chairman says he isn’t going to upgrade???

      • Cos we are tottenham. You cunt

      • lol i know where your coming from, but you have got it completely wrong this time. I was born and raised in broadwater farm quite a while ago….if you know your history then i need to say no more…i moved to wood green about 15years ago, an here i am….
        now what say you?

      • also, where in the f*ck did you get your statistics?!!?!

        • N17: Why stay? Because WE WILL upgrade, but in North London. Stratford is not the ONLY option. Stop thinking that! Those stats are meaningless, the highest proportion of season ticket holders come from Enfield – which indicates where the club should stay close to. It is not about current fans anyway, it is about FUTURE fans. Moving out of north London would be a mistake as there would be NO top team there. Why move from an area with no other club to the North or West, to an area with West Ham 2 miles away, Orient a mile away, with Arsenal still a few miles away AND you want to get twice as many fans into the stadium? You will end up with a bunch of casual fans, and not die-hard fans. You want fans who feel that they are being represented. Most of the Spurs fans in North London supported them because they are the local club. Should Spurs go midtable again, you can rely on local fans more.

  33. and finally, we didn’t lose the bid, we won the not winning the bid 😛

  34. We are Tottenham, we are Tottenham, super Tottenham, from The Lane

  35. I’m neither unhappy or surprised at this news and fully expect it to be rattified tomoz. I was against moving out of the area but would not have turned away from the club if we had to move, those rejoicing now may very well change their tune in years to come we’ll just have to wait and see.

  36. Great news. I like WM though, so pity for them. But let’s hope Spurs rebuild in Tottenham. By the way Say what, do you have to be such a foul mouthed cunt, you cunt.

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