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Aug 012010

Well it looks like it’s going to be September 13th when we find out whether or not we can push ahead with new stadium plans to redevelop White Hart Lane. Why September 13th I hear you ask, well this is because it’s the date that has provisionally be set for the proposal to go before Haringey Council.

Before a decision will be made Tottenham have to submit details of a transport feasibility study or else the plans could be delayed even further after already being delayed for 18 months. Also plans need to be reviewed on the entrance to the stadium from Tottenham High Road.

The Premier League stepped in and submitted an amended stadium plan that still needs a bit of working on due to transport issues surrounding the building of a Sainsbury’s supermarket.Spurs are believed to have reached an agreement with Sainsbury’s – that is crucial to the funding of the project.

Spurs have received plenty of support from the public and the fans, the council had received numerous letters of support for Tottenham’s stadium plans, also a petition exceeding 15,000 signatures has been handed to the council.

Even if planning consents are granted, Spurs will have to overcome a number of other hurdles before building gets underway, including gaining the approval of statutory organisations such as the Mayor of London and the Secretary of State. The club must also raise the finance for building the ground. This would be done through sponsorship deals, mainly selling the naming rights to White Hart Lane. Daniel Levy is a very good business man so I am sure we are in good hands.

The capacity of the new stadium will be 56,250 and Spurs are hoping to start building next year and have the stadium ready for 2013-2014, the proposal is to build a new stadium to the north of their current site. Two-thirds of the new structure will be built around the current ground while matches continue, before games switch to a pitch in the new, unfinished stadium as work is completed. So during the building Tottenham can carry on playing their home games at the Lane.

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  9 Responses to “Spurs Set To Find Out Fate On New Stadium Plans”

  1. I would suggest that Haringey are more of a hindrance than a help, and would look at all Spurs supporters to boycott anything not related to the club on match days. Bring sandwiches or eat out of the borough or inside the lane, purchase nothing from local shops and business, and let Haringey see exactly what revenue our club brings to them. All they give to us is a pathetic excuse for transport links to the ground and parking fines because of their restrictions on match days. The issue of Transport links really make me laugh as in 40 years of travelling to the Lane, numerous schemes have been tried and failed, yet Haringey hold sway as to OUR proposed links! It’s a little like Stevie Wonder telling me what colour I should paint my bathroom! I really would prefer to relinquish all links to the area and move out to where the mainstay of our support really are these days, but I understand the historical appeal to many also, but we’ve moved from many other areas before so why not again, if it means the club can flourish?

  2. We need to make it bigger than arshole’s ground otherwise what the fuck is the point, we need to make it at least 61,000 becasue building a smaller stadium than our rivals is like turning down penelope cruz for susan boyle

  3. Two ridiculous comments;

    1.The Premier League stepped in and submitted an amended stadium plan
    2.but we’ve moved from many other areas before

  4. Sept 13th is now D-Day tis last chance saloon time. If the council piss us around again in my opinion that should be that, other alternatives need to be explored and leave the council with thoughts of what could have been. Haringey should know that we are going to build our new stadium with or without them hopefully with them. Surely they have at least one brain between them and will do the right thing for all concerned.


  5. What you plank, you dont know your history very well then. White Hart Lane wasn’t the only ground we’ve played on is it? Tottenham Marshes, Northumberland Park are two off the top of my head. And your suggestions are?

  6. Only tottenham marshes mate. If we left the lane we’d have to stay in tottenham IMO or we rape the club.

    We ain’t arsanal; we must put the moral fabric of the club ahead of success. That’s what makes them scum after all.

  7. I think Essexian 76 has made the call… Boycott local facilities for a while, let them see what a waste land it will become if they want to be cockheads !!
    Got to be honest even though I am now on the otherside of the world the thought of leaving the lane makes me cringe.
    The Arse got away with it because of the dropping of woolwich from the team name…will any move to a new location require us to become the Hotspurs or shall we go the whole hog and adopt our nickname “the Spurs”
    Sorry guys, I know the club MUST rebuild and expand but do we really want to drop to the same level as le scum ?
    If nothing else we must retain our identity..Even if it means walking down the High Road when I come back for the occasional game

    OH bye the way BOON whats wrong with Susan Boyle ??? better chance than Penelope Cruz the only FU#K you get from her would have on OFF attached to it

    Looking forward to the 14th at 1945hrs cant make the Lane but will be glued to the TV with a few beers COYS

  8. And remember Hotspur F.C was the founding name, Tottenham was only added afterwards. But I really am not advocating anything like a move across London, just perhaps Enfieldish where there’s a better chance of creating an accessible ground worthy of the team and a borough that’s appreciative of the benefits brought by it. One of the snagging points is Warrington House, well let Haringey keep it, along with the other ‘listed’ buildings they so want to retain. It’ll be better all around to pick up sticks and relocate to where our support really is nowadays and facilitate those like me, who have no option but to travel to games. Sometimes its quicker to get to away grounds than home fixtures and a damned sight cheaper without the 60 quid for parking every now and then! No more stalling, its our clubs future that’s at stake here, every passing season makes our rivals stronger and us weaker, act now guys

  9. You cant have tottenham not in tottenham!!!!!!!!!!

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