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Jul 052013

Another article in this Brazilian writer who can not understand English very well, but likes to talk a lot about the Spurs.

In recent days it has grown to speculation about the departure of Adebayor towards Besikitas with including a statement from the club director Ahmet Piper confirmed the team’s interest in Tottenham striker, but it would be interesting to lose Togolese striker?

Of course we are not talking about a vital player in the club, but Adebayor is still the main attack option and if we do preseason with all possibly cast may return to the importance of the 2011-2012 team.

Ever think of the current season Adebayor did little goals and had weak performance in most appearances in the season is not very practical to keep a player who earns a high salary to default Spurs and Tottenham should have better options than him next season.

So this is certainly not the first and will not be the last club that demonstrate interest in the player but taking into account that names like David Villa and maybe Roberto Soldado can get to the club this season selling Adebayor would not be so bad.

Go easy on his English language but I think we are mostly all in agreement the answer is yes.

  10 Responses to “Spurs should get rid of Adebayor?”

  1. People may think otherwise but a strike force of Saldado,
    Adebayor ad Defoe next season does sound amazing. Highly unlikely
    considering Adebayor may be off to Turkey.

    We should also save wages by selling Dempsey, Huddlestone &

  2. For Christ’s sake put the text in white!

  3. I can’t believe all of the complaints about Ade. Yes, he hard a bad year this past season, but in the last three months he started looking like the Ade from the year before.

    Everyone seems to forget that Man City would not let him practice during the summer, and Levy wanted him to stay on Man City’s payroll until the last second! So, Ade started the season way out of shape, just as Dempsey did.

    Everyone also seems to forget that AVB had to use Ade very differently from the year previously because of condition of the squad at the beginning of the season – Ade, Dempsey, Demble starting after the season started, VDV and Modric shipped out right at the beginning of the season, Kaboul , Parker and Ekotto getting season ending injuries, and as I mentioned earlier, both Ade and Dempsey were not match fit until November.

    Everyone is whining about his awful performance, BUT, it is VERY common for a player coming in on a super first year to have a lousy year two! BUT, if the fans stay behind the player, the player will try hard to come back. We have two other players currently on our squad who had great years their first year, but stunk the next –

    Walker wins young player of the year, and then, by his own admission didn’t look great the last two years.

    Parker player of the year last year, and now, he’s Scott ‘360’ Parker – Everyone is saying get rid of him.

    I can’t believe how stupid so many bloggers/writers are about saying get rid to that worthless Ade, and yet, if he didn’t get those goals and assists this year, we would be in either 6th or 7th place!

    All of you guys are so short sighted – talk about his money grabbing, but that is based on rumors. Look at the types of passes and shots that Ade made this year and last – World Class! The back heal to Siggy! Remember, AVB stated throughout the season that he was using Ade in a different role than he was used with Harry.

    On top of him coming into the season out of form, which caused his injuries, Everyone forgets the turmoil that he went through regarding playing for Togo. Last time he played for them, he was on a bus with the team when terrorists boarded and kill two people and injured several others! After he arrived in Togo, Ade mentioned in an interview how traumatic it was to see one of his good friends laying dead near him! You guys are cold to treat him like trash to be thrown out as yesterday’s news! Why don’t you ‘in the know’ writers take a minute and look at soldiers who have been in attacks like what happened to Ade, and see how they felt about being put right back into the same situation!

    Maybe you will respond “well he is stupid to go there in the first place”, but unlike most of you, Ade was raised in serious poverty – he mentioned in an interview that his home didn’t really have much of a roof! Look at anybody who gets the chance to lift themselves out of a situation like that – would you turn your back on the people that gave you the skills to have a better life?

    Ade’s stress over ‘should he stay or should he go’ is what screwed his game up until February. In fact, if you go back and read the interviews that AVB gave regarding Ade during those times, AVB alluded to him helping Ade get some mental help regarding his conflict.

    While he was in Togo, Ade also revealed why he was angry with the Togo government regarding funds. He was angry because HE was paying for the travel and wages for the other players – the government kept stalling! Ade was also angry because the field that his team practiced on were basically dirt and pot holes!

    I’ve be reading all of the Tottenham fans blogs saying “get rid of Ade”, and you guys are so willing to dump him and Parker for nothing just so you can get Soldado or Damaio in – Ok, so sell Ade for 2 million pounds and buy Soldado for 30. That’s a sure bet huh? Did you even watch Soldado’s highlights from last year? Most of his goals were scored on breakaways where Soldado had 20 yards between the defender and the goalie. How many opportunities did we have like those last year – 5? 10? Because of the teams’s style of play, most of our opponents ‘park the bus’. You think Soldado’s going to be running layups from 30 yards out? Yeah Right! Why do you think we lead the league in goals outside the box? That’s the main reason why we didn’t score as many goals as the other teams – we play beautiful football, and teams have to revert to a Stoke like defense.

    So, like AVB said several times “he has had playing a different role than last year” which I take as Ade is trying to pull people off of the wingers so they can take shots from outside the box!

    My last comment, IF everyone would back Ade and get him to stay, AVB will make sure that Ade is in good condition for the start of the season, and Ade will not have to worry as much about playing for Togo this year!

    • this is so true – the grass is always greener (or the centre forward none of us has seen is a better prospect than the one we have!) personally i would keep ade and try and sell defoe, he’s been terrific for spurs but because he really plays best with a target man alongside him in 4 4 2 he doesn’t suit the way AVB wants to play. also i think lennon will become more of an impact sub next season because he doesn’t score enough to merit a place in a 4 3 3

  4. You don’t become crap overnight. Towards the end of the season in some games he was unplayable (Chelski) . I think get him fit and hungry (somehow) and keep him 1 more season.
    Defoe gives 100% but not quite top class. I think and hope we have the striker we want already sorted but we are spurs aren’t we. COYS

  5. To sell Ade would be a step backwards.Well informed comment about Ade above.Well done.

  6. Adebayor, when given the right service, with all the whinging press off his back, could be as good a striker as any player in the Premiership. Keep him.

  7. Thank you guys for taking your time to read my comments, and I apologize for all of the mistakes.

    I just want to add that to any Spurs fan, it is obvious that the English press love to beat the Spurs (and honestly, Spurs fans down).

    So, I would hope that people who love the team would make positive comments about the players to counter the negative articles. To the writer of this article, I’m really not talking about you.

    Please remember that the players do read this stuff also, and as the saying goes “the pen is mightier than the sword.”

    So, to the Spurs fans – Please talk up the players, and let AVB, Baldini, and Levy decide who leaves. Ade stated several times his first season how much he loved the Spurs fans and the team! He really wants to play his best for you guys.

  8. If the fans get behind Adi he will give more

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