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Feb 042013

Fears in the minds of the Spurs fans over our lack of strikers and with JD picking up another injury it could be time to panic, or is it?

Defoe came off injured on Sunday and only then did we manage to score our winning goal, maybe the fact they only had 10 men helped a bit. Defoe was clearly struggling and in pain before he hurt his ankle with a hip injury which had seen him have to endure pain killing injections before the last 2 games.

If you cast your mind back to the summer you might remember Spain surprised the world by playing matches without any strikers and where their team were so strong they done it with ease and went on to win the Euro’s. Spain showed that it can be done although I’d much prefer a striker on the pitch in any team even if only one.

Hopefully Ade will be home soon even if he has only been a shadow of what he was last season but until then you might get to see Spurs take on the Premier League Spain style and play with no out and out strikers. Dempsey, Bale, Sig, Holtby and Lennon will provide our threats and we have some quality to still score goals.

Spain/Spurs? We will find out if we can live up to their standards maybe on Saturday against Newcastle even though they chose to play that system.

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