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Nov 072011

I think Harry’s doctor had to turn Harry’s hospital bed back around and wheel it back inside after that match on Sunday!

It was another fantastic clash between Spurs and the real club in South West London – Fulham. Our old boss Martin Jol was in charge of our opponents yesterday. It was a game of two halves for us once again.

We were repeating our current match form in the first half. Lovely tippy-tappy football from Bale and Lennon in particular, the scorers of the two goals we deserved from the game.

But in the second half, many of us felt like joining Harry in the cardiac unit! Fulham came back firing on all cylinders and far exceeded Spurs’ shot tally within the space of half an hour. Dempsey, Murphy, Zamora, Hangeland, the nearby pigeons, you name them, they were there in the penalty box! Fulham started piling on the pressure and our defence lost track of the fact that you never get a 2-0 first half lead at Craven Cottage and expect to keep it for very long.

Even The King lost his way which may have rubbed off on Kaboul when a frantic corner led to Kaboul being Fulham’s only way past a [insert exaggerative profanity here] heroic Brad Friedel. The ball bounced off the heads of both our centrebacks to give Fulham a lifeline and bring the score to 1-2.

The mayhem didn’t stop there as another corner scared Spurs again. Kyle Walker cheekily got his hands on the ball while Friedel was down after a parry. One commentator said of this crucial incident – ‘Walker has done everything with that ball apart from sign it’ after seeing him handle it like a goalkeeper. All appeals for handball were waved away by the referee as the crowded area made it difficult to see the ball at all. Modric was a saviour of a goal too, clearing the ball off the line near the right post.

2-1 to Spurs looked like the final score and considering the second half we had, it looked like slightly more than we deserved. We were already past four additional minutes and it looked like a close game.

Cue Jermain Defoe – Our diminuitive dynamo officially killed the game off using a well-worked cross from Adebayor to volley a straight shot just past Mark Schwarzer’s outstretched hand. However, this would be Adebayor’s only significant contribution for the entire game.

About the defence, I don’t know what got into the back four in the second half. It’s another classic case of score two and relax if we’re keeping a clean sheet.

At times, the fullbacks were too far forward and not getting back quick enough to reach the likes of Dembele, Dempsey and Riise who were going hell-for-leather at our goal with shots flying from all directions. Modric was in two minds about whether to cover the right flank or move to the centre to defend, leaving open space for any Fulham player to fill.

Fulham had their fair share of set-pieces around the penalty box and in corners. It took reflex saves from Friedel to prevent upset and the defence couldn’t cope with so many Fulham players, flooding the penalty box like bees round a honeypot. They should’ve taken the victory from under our noses.

But hey it was probably one lapse, a blip, even if it’s not supposed to happen with King in the centre 😛

  27 Responses to “Spurs v Fulham: The Cottage gets Burgled”

  1. Another good write up…. I thought Ade’s cross field pass to Walker for the first goal was pretty significant!!! Well done you Spurs !!!! I can’t smile without you … I can’t sing ……. love you Spurs

    • Alright I forgot about Ade’s cross up to Walker, but the two contributions were at opposite ends of the match lmao!

  2. I’ve heard a lot from Fulham fans about how they “deserved” a result. IMO, “Deserve” has got nothing to do with the result. We played fairly well in the first half and were two goals up on merit. Fulham played better in the second half but still couldn’t put the ball in the net; we had to do that for them. Slack defending by Fulham led to our third goal.

    Bottom Line: we played away at a ground where we haven’t won a lot and scored 3 goals. Fulham, with their assault on goal, couldn’t find a way through. When the away team scores three and only concedes an own goal from a set piece, only one team deserves to win.

  3. i thought fulham played amazingly well, there strikers physical presence gave us huge amounts of problems and they played with their hearts! dead and buried at half time against an in form spurs they came out second half refusing to lose! unfortunately for them their strikers, physical as they are, arnt prolific infront of goal (we know this with zamora), put those chances infront of defoe and co = goals

    i had 1 nail left when defoe scored, we defended amazingly well and brad was awesome, as fulham threw everything at us.

    ..lets be honest, they deserved a draw arguably. but 3-1 looks great for us! im happy and we can now battle out a win when we arnt playing at our best! i think we could get 2nd or 3rd place this season! lets see how much we want it!

    • That’s my point though; Fulham didn’t deserve anything. Yes, they upped their game but they couldn’t score on their own and they didn’t prevent 3 goals from us.

  4. Fulham were fantastic- last season we would have folded in a fixture such as this away from home, but Parkers tenacious influence has rubbed off. Well done Freidel- sorry for ever doubting you.

  5. A good win, but we do need to address Modrich; there seems to be this feeling that he has to start and he cant ever be substituted. I have seen 3 or 4 games this year, on the road aginest tough opponents when he was not effective and yet we left Sandro on on the bench. Sandro & Parker together in the centre provides better cover for our defence and allows us to contain the game – if we dont learn this lesson soon, 2 things will happen – we will start to lose or tie the close tough games and/or Modrich will get injured. We have to use all of our squad.

  6. Dumb remark about about Ade and even worse about Modric by Lozinsky

  7. Someone please explain how we’re possibly set up as a 4-4-1-1.

    Are we not a 4-1-5? Besides SP, who’s a true midfielder? Modric? Perhaps, but certainly not Bale and Lennon at this point, who are really playying as out and out wingers. Perhaps am old fashioned, but we got run over in the second half becasue it didn’t appear that we had actual midfielders with the exception of parker. etc etc. We’ve got 5 FULL ATTACKING players. Amazing to watch, but akin to a racecar going fast around a curve. Not sure what’s going to happen next.

  8. The ‘Deserve’ thesis that has been widely discussed on message boards and radio phone in’s is crap. If teams deserved anything from games then why not have a deserve play league so a 5th official can award points for ‘Yea Team A played so well second half lets give em a point’ The fact is Spurs won the first half for attacking and scoring and they also won the second half for scoring and defending. They defended better than Fulham attacked.

    Top draw stuff and backs to the wall which was lacking at St James’s Park against the minstrels….but then again Bassong was playing.

    Bring on the new Stadium!

  9. “The ‘deserve’ thesis” gets widely discussed mainly, I would suggest, because it’s been us who’ve been on the wrong end of the points so many times. Implausible as it may seem, some of us may almost, momentarily, have a ‘we know how it feels, mate’ for the Cottagers.

    Also, I don’t think Tony Soprano had any misty-eyed nostalgia for us at all. He wanted to muller us and clearly put a rocket (or Davspurs tempo) up all of them at half-time. Horse’s head in Harry’s bed?

  10. people keep saying we were good in the first half, but i think we were poor the entire match. we were set up wrongly. We scored two fantastic breakaway goals, but that was it. we didn’t have any other shots on goal. away from home we need to get sandro in there alongside parker, freeing up modric. walker can overlap on the right, and lennon can come off the bench if we need to change it around.

  11. Putting aside for the moment the question of whether we were lucky, we should be asking why we did not give our best performance. Could it have been Harry’s absence from the bench? Is our much-maligned manager actually more than the sum of his army of assistants? Is he perhaps not quite as tactically ignorant as is often said? Is Harry actually of some use to us? All I know is that I’ve never seen us under so much pressure when he’s been on the touchline. A couple of substitutions looked strange and I wonder would they have been made if Harry had been there.

    • no!
      qpr outplayed in the second half the week before and he was there
      just need to step it up for a little bit of extra class to ping the ball around when the tackles are coming in quickly and outlets are being closed down. barca do it, not sure we can. in the first half qpr made it relatively easy for us to look good

      • QPR did not outplay us, certainly not to the extent where they could with some legitimacy claim that they “deserved” something from the match. We clearly missed Harry on our bench and I’m utterly amazed that so many Spurs supporters don’t want to give our great manager the credit he deserves.

  12. can i respectfully suggest that you move to the next level of noticing things in a game beyond just where the ball is. adebayor worked very hard, pulled players out of position, muscled his way past people (bottome line, a bloody brilliant breath of fresh air after that useless long streal of gnat’s piss called crouch) and if you are only looking at where the ball is then in addition to the pass to set walker away a ccouple of important defensive headers in his own area should have been noticed.

    • Hear, hear

    • Ok Cyril, I’ll focus on where the ball wasn’t:

      Adebayor spent too much time on the left wing, even though he’s a centre-forward…
      we had this problem with Keane. Ok Harry intentionally deployed Keane on the wings just because he ‘needed’ a place on the pitch, but the wings are for wingers, not centre-forwards who are supposed to receive the crosses from the wings and strike…

  13. Great victory for us eventhough we did not play our best football. The important thing was to win and WIN we did against all odds. Instead of saying that they desrved a draw or even a win, the Fulham fans should know that football is all about SCORING and WINNING and not about giving a display of how well they can play and what they think they deserved. I remember in the last season for a couple of matches, Spurs played great football and yet lost because somehow they could not maimtain their lead and conceded late stupid goals. There is an improvement so far this season in this respect.. Eventhough the quality of their football is not always satisfactory, they still come out with a win. Well done…It is certainly better not to play so well and win than to play dazzling football and lose. I must add, though, that our objective should be to play very well at all times and win.

  14. Adebayers only contribution was the pass for Defoe. Blimey let’s knock our own players. He hit a fantastic cross field ball to Kyle walker for the first goal and cleared in defence. Yep. If he hadn’t turned up nobody would notice. How about a bit of fairness and balance putting prejudicies aside. Credit where it DUE even if you have to post with gritted teeth.

  15. i thought ade worked his socks off.. made a great defensive header that stoppoed a certain goal.. hes due to bang in a few

  16. I know he’s due to bang in a few. I’m talking about him in an isolated game!
    Am I not allowed to give my opinion on an individual performance without people thinking I’m talking generally…

  17. I thought we were outplayed all game..we def need parker and sandro in the middle away from home…mods and Bale swapping flanks…COYS

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