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Aug 292010

It turns out that over recent weeks Harry made enquiries to Manchester United over the possibility of signing England Defender Rio Ferdinand.  It seems as though Harry thought that Fergie was getting frustrated at Ferdinand’s continuous injury problems and saw his opportunity to strike.

Redknapp was told that Rio was not for sale at any price but you have to admire the Spurs manager and his ability to aim high when trying to sign a player in this case. It was Harry that brought Rio through the ranks at West Ham and having missed out on Joe Cole would have liked another former West Ham player at the club.

It is said that Spurs even had their medical staff assess Rio and his injury problems and was given the the green light but United simply didn’t want to do business and who can blame them. Since then Spurs have snapped up William Gallas on a freebie to help cover with the absences of Ledley King and Woodgate at the back.

So, it’s not like it really matters anymore but I thought you might like to know what our dear manager had been up to during the summer. I can’t see why Rio would leave United just yet although Harry is his old boss and London is his home town.

Rio in a Spurs shirt, won’t be happening anytime soon I’m afraid. We will never know how far this one went, if at all, could have just been the newspapers with nothing better to do. It is nice to see us linked with some big names but then again we always have been, we need to start signing them up now to be taken more seriously.

  7 Responses to “Spurs Wanted Rio!”

  1. This is an excellent piece of investigative journalism, I hope Triffic Tottenham are paying you well for your work. Perhaps Sky Sports will snap you up!

  2. Yeah, almost as much as the predictions on this week’s WEEKEND PITCH.

  3. lol, you must of been bored. Tottenham wont be intrested in Rio Ferdinand – hes not the same player he was 2 years ago and hes always injured. Also we have enough centre backs King, Dawson, Woodgate, Kaboul and now Gallas.

    Also you might like to know Ledley King has played more games than Rio last season…so I doubt Redknapp would want a player who hasnt played more than a centre back with 1 knee. Plus Ledley King is better and I prefer to have King 1 game then not the next than any other defender – you cant rely on any defender by Ledley King and that’s a fact.

  4. ‘…must HAVE…’, Vitro.

    I have to say, this article is more impressive now, given that every other website has put the story out there AFTERWARDS. Fair play!

  5. This week end has brought us a pies double with this story……….’Humble’ and ‘in the sky’

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