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Jan 122012

When he took over there were many skeptics, he had a reputation of being a bit dodgy and not the most loyal man in football, walking out on Portsmouth to take over their rivals Southampton before returning to Portsmouth is just one example.

2008 saw us in the unforgettable position of just 2 points from 8 games and Daniel Levy decided that Juande Ramos just wasn’t cutting the mustard and swiftly replaced him with Harry Redknapp. If you ask me to this day I think the aim was for Redknapp to be a short-term fix to steer us back to the top half of the league, yeah the top half was about as good as it got for us back then. Many fans were skeptical, thought he might be a bit out of his depth at Spurs as there’s no doubt we were his biggest job yet and there was a time that I thought we were unmanageable. None of our previous Premiership managers had ever managed to put Spurs back on the map, Jol came close but the others failed miserably since the start of the Premier League and if our season was ever going to be exiciting and give us something to play for it would have been at the wrong end of the table.

Fast Forward a short time and boy do I mean short, after Harry came he steadied the boat and got us a finish we were all to familiar with that season, just the mid-table again. In his second season who could have predicted what we were about to experience from then on, from a club that were bottom to a Champions League club in just over a year is unbelievable, put that into perspective and think about it rationally, bottom to CL!  We then endured a fantastic debut Champions League campaign where we won our group and progressed to the 1/4 final. That season saw us finish 5th and just miss out on CL football once again and from then on many fans thought that we had missed the boat by not pushing forward when we were on top.

The dream was over right?….. Wrong! This season Redknapp has surprised us once again by taking us into the new year as a team challenging for the title, yes pinch yourself guys it’s really happening, we are for the first time in this era in a title race. Can we win it? sure we can but will we win it? that’s a different story. The point isn’t about winning the title just yet, I won’t get excited just yet but the point is that Harry has give us Spurs fans meaning again, he has brought back our love for the English league, we never stopped loving Spurs but by Christmas time our season was usually over but now things are different… We can once again dare to dream can’t we?

You have to give Daniel Levy credit too because he has high hopes for this club and has tried his best to fulfill them within our means. We have seen slight progress and all it needed was the right man in the managers seat to go with it, then along came Harry to save our club from being a laughing stock amongst other clubs. He might have only signed 2 players in the summer in Parker and Ade but it goes to show that you don’t need to tinker too much. Who would have thought that come the middle of January we would be level points with United, 3 points off the top and leaving Chelsea and Arsenal behind to battle it out for 4th, We could go level points with City come 5pm on Saturday.

So Harry, on behalf of us Spurs fans around the world, I’d like to thank you for making football the best thing in the world for us again, for saving our club from being domestic outcasts when it came to challenging for major honors and not just making us a force in the Premier League but making us a force in Europe now. Man men have tried and failed and to think you took us from bottom to CL in you first full season is something the league will never see again. Personally I think you need your head testing if you walk out for the England job because you have no chance in hell of winning the World Cup with this country and if you think otherwise you need your head testing, England is not what is used to be, half of the fans don’t even care as passionate about International football anymore. There is a real chance you are on the verge of greatness at our club, if we don’t win the title this year but you and Levy can conger up a couple of nice signings in the summer then you could seriously win Tottenham the league and turn the Premier League on its head by ending the period of domination by the money clubs like and show the world that good football with the right manager still conquers all.


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