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Jan 192011

Just spent a few minutes checking the latest transfer news and wanted to pass along some info.

Most media outlets are reporting that Ajax striker Luis Suarez is on the brink of being transferred to Liverpool, only a day after Ajax stated that it would take a massive bid to pry the player from Amsterdam. Ajax also recently stated that they do not expect Luis to be moving this month, guess that was all a ploy to raise the transfer fee as only a week ago, Tottenham was the likely destination for a fee in the region of 15 million pounds. To Ajax if the trasfer goes through for the reported 22-25 million pounds, fair play to them. Business is business and they did a nice bit of it in a short period of time to raise his value. To Liverpool, be careful what you wish for, you may get it (*cough cough Joe Cole cough cough*) and it may sound like sour grapes, but with Agger stating he wants out, Carra aging rapidly and Glen Johnson not able to defend a lick, how do you plan on winning anything if you score 3 but concede 4? Oh well, I hope that this forces us to check in on the player we have scouted nearly 30 times in the last 2 years, Porto striker Hulk.

This sounds like I have been beating the same drum for close to 2 months now, but I cannot stress how much I feel that he would be able to fill all of our striking needs. Strong, fast, smart, deadly shot, clinical free-kick taker and a bit of an angry streak (which may or may not be a good thing). He is the top goal-scorer of the Portuguese League as well as one of the leading assist men. Able to beat his marker with speed, strength or just a bit of Brazilian trickery, he would represent a massive move in the right direction for our beloved Spurs. While his price may be a bit high, the Daily Mail reported that his price is somewhere between 24 and 80 (which may be some kind of mistake), I do not see the harm in putting in a bid for 30-35 million pounds. Yes, I do not know Spurs actual amount of money to play around with, but since we will be guaranteed at least 14 million pounds for this years Champions League progress, plus the impending departure of players such as Keane, dos Santos and one or two others, we should be able to drop that amount of money in a proven goal-scorer. Personally, if I had the choice between shelling out close to 30-35 million for Hulk or Carroll, it would be the Brazilian without a moments hesitation.

Here are a few videos to get you all on board:

Do you agree that he would be a fantastic addition to Spurs and be able to lead our severly lacking front-line? Let me hear your opinion!

And of course there are many other rumors running rampant about us getting this player and that, but lets just ignore those and focus on the best move for the club!

Thanks for reading everyone!

  40 Responses to “Suarez on verge of move to Liverpool…where do we go from here?”

  1. Err, Spurs shell out £30-£35m?

    Have you been drinking the extra strong cough medicine again?

  2. Suarez – Harry dont rate
    Fabiano – dont rate Spurs
    Carroll – Harry likes but club thinks too expensive

    Problem is that if you wait til everyone else knows you desperately need a striker before you try to buy one then then clubs will add millions to the price tag.

    Who we going to get?
    Well none of the above. Probably no one or maybe another Real cast off on deadline day. Which could be good but not every ex Madrid is great like VDV is.

    Pienaar will score goals for us though and give us something different too so the window has seen some progress at least.

  3. seems increasingly unlikely that we wont be getting a striker in and we will be left with the ones we got at the moment. fabiano is shite, ive been watching the la liga and fabiano aint playing for sevilla and has played crap when given the chance. suarez i wouldnt mind could be an upgrade on keane + pav together ?

    from the second link hulk looks good, but my only concern is he does the skills too much and could be a showboat type player like ronaldo? and also one of the foreign type players that will go down at the slightest contact which if it gets us FK and PENS fine but i dont want spurs to have the reputation of cheating players..

  4. I 100% agree…Hulk can possible be our version of Ronaldo when he went to utd. He may not want to come, he and porto may be after a big money move to Madrid? But I personally agree he is the type of player and signing that would show our true intent. Arguably he’s the missing piece in a very long drawn out jigsaw. Year on year we’ve aimed to improve (with the obvious few blips) but we have spent big before to get this current strong squad, generally at the 15-17m Mark (Bentley, Bent, Modric etc) obviously some moves have paid off and some haven’t, but we have always somehow balanced the books within reason, our net spend to put us as a champions league team has not been drastic when u consider the Berbatov and Carrick sales. But this time is different, rather than sell our top talent like bale for 30+m we need to invest in the future and show willing to the likes of Bale, VDV and modric that we are genuinely going to compete year on year at this current top level. This article quotes 30-35m for Hulk, is he worth it? If he’s the next Ronaldo and bags us champions league football next term and after and keeps the likes of bale modric and vdv at the club then YES! If he flops and doesn’t fail to make it, someone will pay 10m+ on his previous history/form and we take the hit…which we would probably do if we stand still and dont invest! We have a large squad, it needs trimming, that not only creates a transfer revenue but also weekly wage savings, that it my opinion should be offset as an investment albeit a risk to find that elite player to fulfil that long term jigsaw….

    Go on Harry and Levy get the Hulk in…

    • You said what i want to in a nice way! lol. I am fuming at the mo, why cant we just bloody buy a decent striker, villa just spent 18-24 mil snm why cant we?!

      • I don’t think were the only ones in thinking it either… As someone later on said, we’ve all known it and seen it coming since the summer. There’s several strikers out there capable of improving us (we all differ on who price/quality etc) but we just have to get on with it now I reckon. The danger we have is if we miss the boat ala Suarez potentially, then we risk not making 4th spot or higher and alienating our ambitious players…to dare is to do and all that!

  5. Well there goes another striker that we need!!!! >.<

    Fuck this Olympic Stadium!
    It's distracting Levy from what we need which is another striker.

    • totaly agree about the olympic stadium it is getting on my man boobs big time. We have relegation zone strikers so it is simple fix it and get the forwards atleast on par with teh rest of the team. I would even swap our whole entire forward line with WBA I am that pissed with them. Ok a little exaggerated but Even Bolton have better forwards…

      • Bolton forwards?

        Apart from maybe the odd couple of skillful showpieces, Elmander isn’t exactly Ibrahimovic. I’d rather have Peter Odemwingie than Elmander.

        The World Cup was the best chance to see Odemwingie and I loved watching him.

        But, I wouldn’t swap Defoe…or Pav. Gotta love Pav lol.

  6. You might want to look at more current sources when you’re researching your blog entries.

    Agger has categorically stated that he’s staying at Liverpool. His agent confirmed saying that a meeting with Dalglish assured him of his place at the Club.

    All the sour grapes from the Spurs fans is pretty poor form though. You’ve done well lately but it’s harder to stay at the top than it is reach it, you should all try and remember than and show a little humility.


  7. FfFucking sort it out harry, how can you not rate suarez! Tell you what if we dont get him or hulk then harry is thick, if we had a decent striker or two we would be top but crouch,keane n pav are crap beyond belief. This is madness everyone knew in the summer what we needed and they still aint done fuck all, unbeleivable! Yet we faff about over beckham, pathetic!

  8. Sergio aguilera or how ever its spelt OR fernando llorente would be good shouts. Personally I’d get rid of crouch, pav and keane, buy two big name strikers and a youngster to go with defoe.

    • you mean sergio aguero of atheltico madrid. he willl only go barca or chelsea or some club like that for stupidly high wages and regarding fernando llorente. when watching la liga they said he is joining real madrid in the summer

  9. (starts off soft and gets louder) hulk Hulk HUlk HULk HULK HULK! HULK!! HULK!!! HUUUUUUUULK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and someone else so they can play together ina 4-4-2 for home games and as cover so we can rotate them

  10. At the begining of jan I was hoping Suarez and Carrol, Carrol is proven in Premiership andSuarezwell we could have carried him by keeping pav and jermain ok so we cant have Carrol but Suarezshould have been adefinite replacement for Keane and after The Man u game Crouch should be a gonner

  11. crouch keane defoe pav. How much did they all cost? Over Fifty million maybe. No one seems to mention defoe who is most over rated striker who doesnt ever score. Fifteen million for him. What a waste of money. Spurs are so poor up top its embarrassing. They could do with three new strikers urgently as just no where near good enough.

  12. spurs want cut price bargains to compete with the teams willing to pay what it takes to land their man. my guess is that we wont be signing any of the mentioned strikers and we will all be left disappointed with who comes, if anyone actually does. sorry to sound downbeat, but this striker should have been sorted out beginning of the season, top strikers dont come cheap.

    to do nothing is to dare?

  13. Please world spinner stop plugging your site

  14. Sell Crouch, Keane, Jenas and Kranky, screw Fabiano, Carroll is an Ass and Suarez is a loose cannon. Bring in The Hulk if we want to make a statement of our ambitions. COYS!

  15. would love to sign the incredible – lets hope this is a true rumour!!

  16. After Villa getting Bent for 24m and City getting Dzeko for 27m I cant help envy them, I generally believe we need a striker more than both of those clubs, Id have Carew ahead of Crouch and I think Agbonlahor would suit our 4411 system more than Defoe.

    I agree the olympic stuff is messing us up because we wont get 4th without a new striker, Harry will still go for Crouch in the big games because of what he offers in defending set plays and he doesnt score goals or hold up the ball.

    I trust Levy because I think he knows it as much as anyone else, I think Harry is bottling it with which kind of player to buy, he prefers spending 4m on a bargain and then looking like a genius, but spending 24million on a striker isnt what he does but its what we need.

    I would have out of who seems available (in order):
    wouldnt want anyone else we are linked with.

  17. Aguero has signed a new 5 year deal at atletico, the same that Torres did before he came to Liverpool.

    He has done that with a view to then the clubs having to buy him, they will not then have to pay a very very high release clause.

    He is looking to go but the clubs like city, barca and real are the clubs are able to afford him.

    He would cost any club the right side of 30 million pounds. And the deal he struck with his club Atletico had been done with the promise in mind so the clause has been reduced by 50%.

    Suarez, is not currently going anywhere, Liverpool have not put another in since tuesday night, which was 17 million uk pounds sterling. Liverpool have money, dont worry about that, but the new owners are very very responsible with the cash they let go.

    Suarez fist choice is barca, back in july he said he would live to join barca, they have their full striking positions filled, and so he would then like a team in england, man utd are also after him too.

    HOW do i know this, i am a football agent for a team in spain and i looked at this site and could’nt just let this go without having a real thing to add to your site.

    I would find it hard to see Luis Suarez in a Tottenham shirt but i do know he would rather play up alongside Mr F.Torres.

    hope this helps….


    Mr Sa Samue’l

  18. Once again, I’m pitching in with the angle fromPortugal. BTW, I am 100% Yiddo, but my club here, inherited from my family, is FC Porto.
    So, first, Hulk (known in Portugal as ‘O incrivel’ meaning, the Incredible) is out on his own as a totally unique player. He really scores for fun & almost every game he plays has at least one net-blaster. FCP are actually blessed right now in having a twin-partnership of Hulk & the Colombian little genius, Falcão. I drool at the dream of the 2 of them playing for us (Spurs, that is!) at the Lane Oh, those goals!!!!!
    You say Hulk has a bit iof anger….I don’t get you. What anger? He’s actually amazingly humbe, as he proved last year, when the bastards of Benfica managed to get him banned for 3 months for attcking one of their stewards after the match at the Luz in Dec. 2009. It was a total stitch-up. Portuguesew football doesn’t exactly do justice.
    By the time the ban was overthrown, the 3 months was almost up anyway, but a new Hulk returned, not a word of complaint and set out to prove just how brilliant a player he was. He hasn’t looked back since. He plays like a kid who’s just happy to have found his favourite chocolate bar. And he is always fouled, brought down. He deserves proper protection, from proper refs.

    To end this, I have to tell you this. Yes, he is The Man for Spurs. But no, there is no way he is going anywhere, at least not in January. Everyone knows th debt he feels (rightly) that he owes to FCP for standing by him last year. They are not a club to commit suicide & sell the club’s greatest player & fans’ favouritie while they have a chance of winning everything, including the Europa League this season.

    Abraços, Chums! COYS!!!!!!!!!. . .

    • Thanks for the input and inside info. It is a pipe dream anyway unless he was going for 10-15million…not happening. Hulk will play for Real, Barca, Milan or Chavs….. no other club could afford him and He will have the pick of the best , his value will only go up. I would take Falcao in a heart beat. Fck I think we need the FC Porto chief scout!!

  19. Any striker over 20 million and we simply will not do business I would put my house on it. Even all this talk of Carrol and 30 million. NEVER!! Harry and co will be after a loan signing or a top striker for around 12-15million and that just does not happen so I expect teh same sorry bunch to stay and that may even mean Keane staying. If that is teh case Harry give him a break and more than a couple of games to prove himself. i still feel we can play better with Keane or Pav than Crouch or Defoe. The latter 2 are not footballers just fraudsters imposing as strikers. Keane and Pav fit in better with our style of play and have guile and the bit of inteligence.

  20. Defoe would be fine in a 442, especially alongside a top striker..


  22. Great article but why all this talk about liverpool. You think you know liverpool but you clearly don’t. Their problem is offense, they don’t score enough goals. and they have enough global fans to subtract 10m off any major striker transfer due to shirt sales. See under Torres and Gerrard being the best selling shirts in the world. Lets just focus on spurs and getting more top-quality talent into the team

    • You are correct Torres and Gerrard were the number 1 and 2 best selling shirts, Crazy but true. Torres I can understand but Gerrard? It is only Premier League though not worldwide were Real and Barca are the daddies!

  23. Secret Spurs supporter….come out the closet you know you want to.

  24. Further to Suarez comments.. Yes, he’s a great player, but he’s not the player we need if we want to play with VdV off a main striker… That is probably why Liverpool are after him, as he would probably play well off Torres.. He’s not tested in the Prem, although I am sure he would shine… But we dont want him to play off Crouch, we have VdV for that, we want him to replace Crouch.. So suarez wouldnt be the man for that. We need a tall, strong & fast player, in the Drogba mould.. Not seen much of him, but if Hulk is the man for this then get him in..

  25. This Hulk looks like he’d be a great addition to Spurs team but I reckon he’s maybe too good Porto are right at the top of their league why would he leave them and couldspurs afford bothHulk and Rossi? I hope so…

  26. Anyone thinking Spurs/Levy sanctioning the acquisition of Hulk at around Eu.35m needs to pass me their dealer’s telephone number…

  27. Gutted why are not offering big money for this guy.. Our stock is the highest it has ever been right now. We should be going for it.. If we don’t make the CL next year, you can forget landing this calibre of player..


  29. We NEED Suarez. He is the missing piece to the puzzle and we should be breaking the bank to get him. We’ve got bags of creativity already – we need a no nonsense goalscorer. Hulk is a cracking player but not what we need right now IMO.

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