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Jan 042011

Ok so there are a few divided opinions that have been voiced about who we should buy during this transfer window. Some are completely crazy, ala benzema (he’s Madrids only striker), while others would be a step back in my opinion. But the two that have peaked my interests are Hulk and Suarez. Let’s go over some of their strengths and weaknesses.

Suarez-Great scorer, predatory, fast and quick, young, scored 49 goals in all competitions last year, technically supurb, combines well with a partner, strong for a little guy.
Cons-May be too small for the EPL, hothead (see biting incident), can’t jump or head the ball, wages may be too high, plays in Dutch league, Cup tied.

Hulk-Strong, fast, big, can jump and head the ball well, technically supurb, super strong shot, top scorer and assist man in Portugese League (which I rate higher than the Dutch League), a,young, may be available for cheaper, free-kick specialist.
Cons-Hothead (see incident in tunnel-led to 6 month ban), Porto is in 1st place-would he want to leave, wages may be high.

So what does everyone think? If you had to choose only one of the two, who would you buy?

  29 Responses to “Suarez v Hulk”

  1. take a chance on suarez, he had a great year last year (minus the world cup incident) and would be available for about 15m. Could be a great signing.

  2. Hulk for me. He has the ability and the physique to become an immediate success in the Prem and a long time hero at the Lane.

  3. Hulk could be incredible……..COYS

  4. They are both the same height and Hulk is older so Suarez 4 me C.O.Y.S

  5. HULK SMASH!!!

  6. hulk all the way YSOC

  7. This would be like buying Dwane Chambers or Seastion Coe Coxie we all no what happens when he is not angry he turned into the size of Suarez so we should buy the little one and he can get us in the top four and stay there.

  8. Theyre the same height

  9. Hulk imo. Redknapp knows how to deal with the hotheads and tantrum throwers, eg Gallas. Suarez for me just wouldn’t cut the mustard, Hulk has everything it takes to be succesful in the premiership and more! Very strong, very quick, very good with the ball at his feet, very good in the air, cheaper and more proven than Suarez. If he is the top assister in the Portugese league he cud form a deadly partnership with Defoe who is imo one of the best poachers in England.


    • I was agreeing with everything you said and then you go and spoil it in the end and now my sides are splitting with laughter…. Defoe is what!!

      • One of the best POACHERS in the country. A lot of his goals come from rebounds, e.g. werder bremen. Give me another English player who does this better than Defoe.

  10. Suarez for me purely for the reason green and blue dont go together.

  11. Suarez is 5 11, hardly a short arse

  12. Hulk for me all day long. Or to throw a new name in how about his equally gifted strike partner Falcao? There are many great options imo. However I expect this to be a vdv type signing…. Out of the blue and amazing!! COYS

  13. Suarez

  14. Hulk YOSC

  15. Hulk all the way for me! I want to see yids painted green with ripped spurs shirts! Awesome! Hahaaha!

  16. buy both of em and let em fight for a spot. sell gio,keane,crouch,bentley and pav and get carrol from the toon to add options. size doesn’t’s a list of players who probaly wouldn’t get on most kids rides with a height restriction; moderic,faberghast,tevez,arshavin,vdv,messi,lennon..not to mention a few golden oldies like ossie greavesie. pele and maradona. there are far too many to mention yet people keep banging on about too small!

  17. Coxie i no you have some influence at the Headquarters so can you tell your mate Levey we want the Goofy one to go with Beckham this would be the buy of the season and elevate us to the top table he is only thirty and he could dribble is way into our History. please i have seen him scoring the winner in the ?get him first and i will tell you.

  18. Well if we have that much money then sod it both .Here ends the lession.

  19. I don’t think Suarez would make it in the EPL. Hulk on the other hand looks like he could, is older and more experienced than Suarez which is probably why Man Poo have their eyes fixed on him.

  20. Hulk. Suarez is too small and we have Defoe in the same mould. If we get Suarez, our squad will then have to play their way into goal as Modders, Lennon, Palacios and Defoe are too short to play a crossing game.

  21. ANYONE! please….

    How much poorer can Pavluchenko and Crouch be. Crouch is now deployed as a defender by his daddy Harry Redknapp. Harry is great but someone needs to separate him from Crouch before Crouch ruins him. Like Paul DRopinson ruined Martin Jol’s career…

  22. Suarez could add some bite to our attack while the Hulk would make all our rivals green with envy.

  23. I don’t think you can be discouraged from picking Suarez simply for the ‘hotheaded…biting incident’.
    I distinctly remember Defoe having a nibble at Javier Mascherano’s shoulder back when Mascherano was playing for West Ham in 2006.

    He’s a hothead, but the hotheaded striker is what we’re lacking. A hothead has determination to score whatever it takes. Suarez is it!

  24. HANDS DOWN HULK – this guy is a machine we DEF need him over suarez id rather have dafoe then suarez……

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