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May 112012

Never before has so much rested on one afternoon’s worth of football for us Spurs fans, win and we finish in the top 4 and it West Brom do us a favour it could even be top 3.

Last time we finished 4th it was a bit more unexpected and our players had never had a taste of Champions League football before and after missing out last year there’s only so long we can starve our top players hunger for a return to the big time. We had 3rd in the bag and we threw it away as soon as Harry was linked to the England job but I still have faith we can finish up 3rd, West Brom are no mugs and will be looking to give Roy a good send off.

If we finish 4th then our most important match this season will be one that doesn’t even include Spurs, it will be the Champions League final. If Chelsea fail and we gain entry to the Champions League and get past the qualifying round then we will likely hold on to our top players but failure to give our top stars Champions League football again may mean we have to admit defeat and let them go and start a rebuilding process. Our team could be completely different next year should we fail.

A lot rests on Sunday but even then we may still have to wait but isn’t it great for once to have something to play for on the final day of the season.

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