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Jul 212010

Now don’t go getting excited we haven’t signed anyone yet. What I want to talk about is something different, something that is always a great feeling. What I would like to see from this summer is one “surprise signing”. When I say this I mean what I want is for Spurs to go out and sign someone and totally suprise us all, someone we haven’t been linked with time and time again in the papers.

Remember when we signed Modric and Klinsmann plus i’m sure there were some others but you guys can tell me who on the comments below, but Modric and Klinsmann for example suprised most of us, we hadn’t been constantly linked to them in the papers everyday, it came out of the blue and caught us all off guard. I love that feeling.

All summer long we have been linked with Joe Cole, Micah Richards,Forlan,Bellamy and a few other names, so if we go and sign any of these players it doesn’t have the same feeling of that of a surprise signing. Still a good feeling when we sign any player but not the same. It makes it all the more special if we don’t even know an awful lot about the player we sign, a real sense of anticipation and eagerness to see them put on the Spurs shirt. So hopefully Harry has something up his sleeve and didn’t put all his eggs in one basket with Joe Cole. A nice surprise signing of a player we have yet to be linked with or don’t know much about is a feeling I love. Of course I can only speak for myself but I am sure I can’t be alone on this.

I don’t think we need to do too much in the transfer window but one or two tweaks to make the squad stronger wouldn’t hurt. Ship out some of the players that will be eating up the wage budget by sitting on the bench and replace them with players that are happy to be part of a squad on the verge of Champions League qualification, players that know that in this day and age to be a big team you need to be squad players.

  29 Responses to “Surprise Signing”

  1. Nice compilation, and a great way to start the day with a huge smile on my face, cheers for that COYS

  2. great video what were the songs?

  3. I may be a bit old, but I seem to remember a certain couple of world cup wining Argies being a bit of surprise

  4. Wouldn’t Sandro fall into the “don’t know much about him” category

  5. just watched those highlights of the season and found myself getting a hard on COYS

  6. Whatching that video just gave me goose bumps! What a season. Here is to what is hopefully another successful campaign. COYS!

  7. My god, what a season, my passion for my club is even deeper this year.

    That collection of last years achievements were incredable, i even had a few tears at the end. [its my age]

    Bring on the new season.

    Can it be any more exciting than the last???

    Come on my SPURS!!

  8. I made the video myself a about 2 months ago, the songs are calvin harris – i’m not alone , s express theme, queen – it’s a kind of magic , seal – kissed by a rose , outhere brothers – boom boom boom – tegan and sara – walking with a ghost and rocky – gonna fly now

  9. There is no reason we can’t achieve it again, I doo feel we need one or two tweaks in the right areas to help our case

  10. rafael van der vaart? it’d be a surprise all right and a pretty decent punt i reckon

  11. That video made me wet!

  12. We need three players, a top draw striker (not Bellamy) an experienced centre back and a dependable left back all with champs league experience would be good.

  13. great season I remember where I was for the last Arsenal and Man city matches and was at the Lane against Wigan 10 goals!!!! that on top of being at the lane when we beat Reading 6-4 (another 10 goals) makes me love the club even more, how many people can say theyve seen two 10 goal thrillers at the same club in the premiership in 3 seasons?

  14. the best,this video make me cry,and goose bumps all over my body, nice music too, ye really hit me that good, come on u spurs, since 1966 till die

  15. Great vid love the memories of an epic season.

    To start glad we didnt get J.Cole in my opinion dont need him as would start for me over Bale or Modric and would never play 4-5-1 as wouldnt drop Defoe.

    Would sell: Bentley, Keane, O’Hara, Tarrabt, Hutton, Kaboul and Jenas
    Loan Pav (with a recall clause), Naughton and Walker
    Would buy: Fabiano/Forlan/Suarez/Huntelaar or someone in that mould who can play with Defoe, can hold the ball up when needed but also has an eye for goal and gets at least 20+ goals a season. A right back and left back is also priority as BAE and Corluka not top 4 or champions league quality imo. A lot of stuff said about Bellamy, personally for the price mentioned (£3-4m) i would definatly do it has got bags of quality although also bags of golf clubs.

    Would like to see a weakned league cup team this year to give some the youngsters a proper run out in a proper game. Would also like to see Dos Santos get a chance after his world cup display, looking forward to seeing Santos play but also worried that could flop and will he be better than Wilson or Tommy???

    Gomes, Left Back (Taiwo would be a good addition), Dawson and King (where possible if not Bassong would do a good job), Right Back (Richards would fit the bill for me), Bale, Modric, Palacios/Hudd/Santos, Lennon, Defoe and Striker (think Fabiano would be the best but somehow cant see it happening so next choice would be Forlan then Huntelaar
    Subs: Pletikosa (this looks a dead cert but not sure why), Bassong, Corluka, one of wilson/hudd/santos, Dos Santos, Crouch, Kranjcar – cover one the bench fills every position and is a very strong bench some sqaud player still needed but have got BAE, the one left out of central mid, Rose and Obika, Bostock.


  16. well now i know why injury prone mercenary joe cole went to liverpool, he called them the biggest club in england, and thats why he chose them, hes deluded, and his judgement is suspect, thats why he didnt make the right choice, he went there for the money , nothing else, A MERCENARY, and hes no loss to us anyway.
    what we need is more goals from midfield, and strikers that will anticipate high or low crosses from wide, and start getting shots in at goal from them, we are always second to the ball, defenders always read it quicker, our forwards must get there first, and convert into goals, its such a waste, we do all the great build up play, get it wide, great cross comes in, in a dangerous area, and no one is ever there to tap them in, we would not only get top 4, we would challenge for the title, just watch some games, and look how much possession we have, but our forwards dont convert, never reading the play quick enough, so for me more midfield goals, and a striker, who can anticipate where the passes are coming from, and tap them in.

  17. i would not be against raul joining spurs because he still has some good years in him , his experience at the top level of football is outstanding, his prestige at our club, making us even more worldly known, his influence on our players, especially the young ones in training, he gets all sorts of goals , headers ,long shots, volleys, and tap ins, he is a good creator also, and good team player, alright so hes getting on , so what, more positives than negatives for me, sign him quick harry.

  18. video has made my eyes sweat!!!

  19. I feel that Townsend might turn out to be our surprise package this season,not a shock signing as you put it,but a bolt from the blue nevertheless,and a money saver too boot.

    I’m also hoping that yet another transfer window without a mass exchange of personal will aid our growth,as there is no doubt that our squad is a talented one,add to this the much improved Dos Santos,and Sandro who finally completed his move and perhaps all our funds should be directed at one top class striker?

  20. I’m thinking of another striker from Real, not Raul though – more like the young, quick – Karim Benzema, scored a hatful of goals in the french league and can’t undserstand how he didn’t make the French Squad for the world cup, probably cos he hardly played last year for Madrid, might cost a few quid but with some of the ohter names that have been touted around and some inflated prices – Definatly a surprie though

  21. that video was f***** stunning….nice one coxie, cant wait to see the lads back in action. stunnin goals, the 9-1 still blows my mind…rose an gomes v arsenal, niko soo underrated an yea if i had a wife niko could f*** her…an modders an bale…an gomes…erm…maybe i should stop now?

    oh yea and decent article also

  22. ps my willy cried while watchin that video

  23. What a video, and to see that again had tears in my eyes. Come on lads please lets do it again.

  24. bloody music

  25. I have watched this video 3 times a day (sneakily at work) since it was posted and i still get goosebumps when i see Danny Rose’s rocket. I forgot momentarily just how good a season we have had, the only thing worrying me is that my heart thinks we will improve and look for a top 3 finish but my head says with Manchester Citeh spending so much money that we may do an everton and crash terribly, come on Sir Daniel levy and open the cash book for Redknapp,

    My dream team for next season


    M. Richards, King, Dawson, Benoit Ass Ekotto

    Lennon, Modric, Huddlestone, Bale

    Defoe, Forlan

    Pletikosa, Corluka, Kaboul, Kranjcar, Palacios, Crouch, Pablyuchenko

    Admittedly thats only 2 new players in the first team and one on the bench, realistically we have an awesome squad and should be hoping to push forward and take on the top 2, anyone else think the big 4 has completely evaporated and England is now looking at a Big 2 scenario with manc red and Chelscum? theres certainly room for a true giant in Tottenham Hotspur.


  26. Over de voor- en nadelen van het afsluiten van een lening zonder BKR-toetsing.

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