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World Cup Sensation To Consider His Options …..

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Jul 072010

‘Genius’ – Honda Alerts Premier League Giants

Japanese World Cup sensation Keisuke Honda has put potential suitors on red alert by admitting that he is considering his future with Russian club CSKA Moscow.

Honda’s agent Kees Ploegsma has said that his client would seriously consider a move away from the Dynamo Stadium should a serious offer from a big club be tabled.

Speaking to Russian reporters Ploegsma said :

“Keisuke plays in a beautiful city for an important club, but obviously if there are offers from big European clubs it is difficult to say ‘no’.

“At this time there are no bids and all in all he is happy at CSKA but we’ll see.”

With Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool all reportedly interested in the Japanese forward and Arsene Wenger being so impressed by his world cup performances that he referred to him as a ‘genius’, would you be happy to see Honda at White Hart Lane next season?

I must say that I was impressed with him during his country’s run in South Africa but among the host of players we are currently being linked with I would prefer to see Harry splash the cash elsewhere.

Jul 032010

I had a bet with a work collegue a few weeks ago, when reports were coming out Joe Cole had done a deal with Arsenal I said all along that he would join Spurs. My reasons were having watched Redknapp his whole managerial career I know how he loves a bargain and how well he knows Joe Cole, and when you put both of these together it stands to reason that Harry would put up a fight to sign Cole.

Today Redknapp admitted he is now in talks with Cole over a move to the lane

“You know he’s got lots of options, I think quite a few clubs want him,” said Redknapp.

“I had a great relationship with him as a kid; I signed him when he was 11 years of age.

“As I said before he lived for football, he was the best schoolboy footballer I have ever seen without a doubt.

“He has still got that enthusiasm I think, but whether there is a chance of getting him, I feel there is a chance.

“I don’t think it will be easy, but I think we have got as good a chance as anybody.”

I know Harry likes to play it down to the press, but i said weeks ago on here that I am so confident he will be a Spurs player I am prepared to get his name on the back of my shirt. Why would he want to work with Wenger and his foreign legion when he can work with Harry and play with his fellow England team mates who have probably spent the World Cup telling Cole to join us.

I would put a bet on it by this time next week Joe Cole is a Tottenham player.

Full Tottenham Premiership 2010/11 Fixture List

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Jun 172010

Fixtures announced this morning see Spurs host Man city on the opening day, followed by a trip to Stoke.

August 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 14th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Man City
Sat 21st 15:00 Premier League Stoke vs Tottenham
Sat 28th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Wigan
September 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 11th 15:00 Premier League West Brom vs Tottenham
Sat 18th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Wolverhampton
Sat 25th 15:00 Premier League West Ham vs Tottenham
October 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 2nd 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Aston Villa
Sat 16th 15:00 Premier League Fulham vs Tottenham
Sat 23rd 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Everton
Sat 30th 15:00 Premier League Man Utd vs Tottenham
November 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 6th 15:00 Premier League Bolton vs Tottenham
Tue 9th 19:45 Premier League Tottenham vs Sunderland
Sat 13th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Blackburn
Sat 20th 15:00 Premier League Arsenal vs Tottenham
Sat 27th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Liverpool
December 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 4th 15:00 Premier League Birmingham vs Tottenham
Sat 11th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Chelsea
Sat 18th 15:00 Premier League Blackpool vs Tottenham
Sun 26th 15:00 Premier League Aston Villa vs Tottenham
Tue 28th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Newcastle
January 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 1st 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Fulham
Wed 5th 19:45 Premier League Everton vs Tottenham
Sat 15th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Man Utd
Sat 22nd 15:00 Premier League Newcastle vs Tottenham
February 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Wed 2nd 19:45 Premier League Blackburn vs Tottenham
Sat 5th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Bolton
Sat 12th 15:00 Premier League Sunderland vs Tottenham
Sat 26th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Arsenal
March 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 5th 15:00 Premier League Wolverhampton vs Tottenham
Sat 19th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs West Ham
April 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 2nd 15:00 Premier League Wigan vs Tottenham
Sat 9th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Stoke
Sat 16th 15:00 Premier League Man City vs Tottenham
Sat 23rd 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs West Brom
Sat 30th 15:00 Premier League Chelsea vs Tottenham
May 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 7th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Blackpool
Sat 14th 15:00 Premier League Liverpool vs Tottenham
Sun 22nd 16:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Birmingham

Jun 092010”>Snow reports

A lot of reports are surfacing today about the possiblity of Joe Cole coming to the lane on a Bosman. Me personally I thought for a few weeks now that Cole will be a Tottenham Player next season, the main reason for my logic is the fact that Harry knows Cole well, afterall he was the man to give Cole his professional debut. When you also take into account the fact that Harry would never let this type of bargain pass him by and his ability to talk players into joining clubs, weighing up the evidence can you really see Joe Cole at another club next season?

It’s well know that Cole is a London Lad but could you really see him in an Arsenal shirt and would Wenger be able to talk him into a move to  the Gunners over Redknapp talking him into a move to join us?. I truely believe Cole would love to work with Harry again and I can see that after the world cup an announcement will be made that Cole is a Spurs player. We have 5 players in the England World Cup squad and surely they will all be on Coles back to come to the lane.

When asked about the possibility of Joe joining Tottenham, Harry was quoted as saying a deal is “not impossible”, which is a complete contrast of what he said only a few days ago when he said he thought Joe had already agreed to join another team. Harry is very shrude and knows exaclty what he is doing, and if there is anything I have learned in the past is that he loves a freebie. The question is Cole will demand a big signing on fee and big wagesso will we pay it? Well the wages he is on at Chelsea is around 100k a week, this is a figure we could pay because there is no transfer fee. The only trouble is would Cole getting 100k a week upset the other players? Does Cole deserve to earn more than Luka Modric and Ledley King? There is no doubt Cole will chip in with his share of goals and is a great player with experience of the Champions League. To me it would be the signing of the season if we could convince him to lower his wage demands to around 60k a week plus bonuses.

So let’s all enjoy the World Cup that starts this friday and watch a future Tottenham player do the business for England, cos mark my words, if Joe Cole isn’t in a Tottenham shirt on the opening day of the season I will be very suprised. Harry isn’t stupid he knows we need a squad of quality players to handle the Premiership and Champions League so when there is a “triffic” freebie on offer which doesn’t come along too often expect Harry to fight tooth and nail to get his man.

Jun 012010

Right for all you guys unsure exactly how this Champions Lgeaue qualifying round works, I will try to explain it for you all to the best of my ability to give you a better idea of our chances.

Basically the qualifying rounds are split into 2 groups, the champions side and the non champions side of the qualifying rounds. Obviously Tottenham will be in the non champions side of the draw, but the teams in the half with the other champions of their domestic leagues are usually filled with teams from the smaller leagues which are usually entitled to only 1 Champions League place for their country anyway. The 15 teams who would be in the NON Champions Qualifying Round
based on current League position
4th Place in ENG, ESP, ITA
3rd Place in GER, FRA, RUS
2nd Place in UKR, NED, ROM , POR , TUR, GRE , SCO , BEL , SUI

There will be seedings and this will work in our favour, because we have had 2 Uefa Cup (Europa League) runs in the past few seasons we have ranked up points, Spurs are currently ranked 30th in Europe with a coefficient of 56.199. Anyway the seedings works based on the points, and how well other clubs from the same domestic leagues have performed in european competitions in recent seasons. With both of these taken into account we rank in the top 5 clubs in the qualifying round and will be seeded straight into the final qualifying round. The likes of Celtic will have to play in the 3rd qualifying round because they don’t get seeded. So the 3rd qualifying round will be made up of 10 teams in the non champions section, these are 5 teams which have gone through previous rounds and 5 more teams including celtic which have been seeded to come in at this stage. Whoever overcomes the 3rd qualifying round will then come through to the 4th and final qualifying round to face the top seeds (of which 1 will be us). The draw will see the top 5 seeds take on the teams from the 3rd qualifying round in a 2 leg match which will see the winners enter the Champions League proper. To clarify this in simple terms, we go straight into the 4th and final round of qualifying because English teams have a good record in Europe, and then we will be seeded in that round because we have ranked up our own points by our previous couple of seasons in the Uefa Cup.

15 Clubs who will be in the Non Champions Section of Qualifying
Werder Bremen

Zenit St Petesburg
Dinamo Kiev
Unirea Urziceni (Still four teams could qualify in Romania)
Sporting Braga
PAOK Thessaloniki
Young Boys

The Five teams listed first will get a Bye to the 4th Qualifying Round
which will have 10 clubs

The 5 Teams Seeded for Round 3 Will be
Zenit St Petesburg
Dinamo Kiev
Sporting Braga

The 5 Teams Seeded for Round 4 Should be
Werder Bremen
Zenit St Petesburg

It’s funny because if Manchester City Or Aston Villa finished 4th this season they would have not been seeded because of their Uefa coefficient points would have not been enough. When the final qualifying round draw takes place we can expect to avoid Sevilla, Ajax, Weder Bremen, Zenit. We will face 1 of the teams who overcomes the 3rd qualifying round.

I hope this helps you all better understand how it works because it can be very confusing.

Please subscribe for future updates, or if i have made a mistake please contact me.

Can We Push On Next Season?

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May 312010

Next season will see spurs enter into the unknown, not only will we have to compete in 3 domestic competitions but will also have to juggle a Champions League campaign too. If we are being realistic, what can we hope to achieve next season?

Firstly the aim will no doubt be to finish in the top 4 again to keep the fans and players happy and to also balance the books. With the plans of a new stadium this is essential. Another aim will be to have a good run in the Champions League as this is our first time in Europe’s elite cup since its rebranding to the CL. I don’t think we will do a Leeds and reach the semi finals but I would consider it a good pop at it if we managed to get through the groups. But before all this we have the little matter of a qualifying game to overcome. If our league form is going well again next season I would suggest the Carling cup will be used for some of the youngsters to get a game, and why not? evey other top 4 club does it. As for the FA cup i’m sure Harry will do his best to win that.

Now our chances of having a good season next campaign will probably depends a lot on how we push on in the summer transfer window, who will come and who will go?. Well it’s nice for a change to be linked with some real big names and know there is a real possiblity of attracting these players now. One name that keeps popping up is Joe Cole on a Bosman and this would be a great addition. Harry should have sufficient funds to spend and can raise even more with the expected sales of Keane,O’hara,Dos Santos and Jenas which could raise over £20mil extra to add to the fund. So for all us Tottenham fans it promises to be an exciting summer. However we have already made the most significant signing of the transfer window by Modric extending his stay for a further 6 years.
So who knows what the 2010/11 season will hold, let’s just hope for once we can deliver and push on and finally live up the the expectations that we have never lived up to. Is this just a flash in the pan or are the sleeping giants finally awakening? I know one thing for certain, Arsenal are definately looking over their shoulder now.

Modric Staying Put!

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May 312010

Well it seems that Luka Modric will not be leaving, we know the big clubs want him but they can only offer him the same as us now which is champions league football.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has quashed talk that he will sell playmaker Luka Modric, stressing that the Croatian is not for sale.

Modric has been linked with a £25 million move to Manchester United following a successful campaign with Spurs, helping them qualify for the Champions League.

Redknapp is looking to challenge at the top of the Premier league and in Europe next term, and is therefore not interested in allowing one of his most influential players to depart White Hart Lane this summer.

He said in The Sun: “There’s no chance of it happening at all. Luka’s key to everything that’s happening at this place.

“Everybody knows what I think of him. And if you want to move on to higher levels you don’t start flogging off your best players – to anyone.

“I have an excellent squad and – I stress – Luka Modric is going to remain a part of it.”

Redknapp is determined not to lose another of his stars to United following the departures of Michael Carrick and Dimitar Berbatov to the Red Devils in recent seasons.

It has been suggested that Spurs are also interested in Manchester City’s Stephen Ireland and Bolton defender Gary Cahill, but Redknapp denied the reports.

The club has also been linked with a move for Aston Villa defender Curtis Davies after Martin O’Neill claimed he is open to talks over the 25-year-olds future.