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Aug 202010

I will probably get a lot of stick for this blog but here it goes anyway….

None of this please William

We seem to be getting linked to far too many ex Arsenal players than I would like, it looks like we will be getting William Gallas on a freebie pending a medical and to a lot of clubs this would be a bargain but to me it’s not. He is a decent defender but his attitude isn’t the best. I don’t want a player who threatens to score own goals agaisnt his own team like he done at Chelsea if he doesn’t get his own way. Its bad enough he is an ex Gooner but I don’t even think the Arsenal fans ever embraced Gallas so how the hell are the Spurs fans supposed to. Gallas has this attitude that it’s all about him, while Bassong accepts King, Dawson and Woody are all better defenders than him and quietly waits for his chance to play and when he does he gives 100% I don’t think Gallas will do this, I think he is under the impression he will be the main man at the back for us and when he discovers he isn’t he will sulk. I don’t want to see this guy put above Bassong.

We are also being linked with Hleb in a £5 million move but although he has a much better attitude that Gallas my only real concern with this one except for him also being Arsenal is that I personally think he isn’t very good. Hleb will work hard and score the odd goal but seriously who can he push out of our team?

So we have now been linked with Adebayor, Flamini, Gallas and Hleb in recent weeks, surely we can aim higher than Arsenal rejects that were either sold for being trouble makers or were not simply good enough. I don’t want to visit the Emirates to the chants of “are you Arsenal in disguise” or “you only buy arsenal rejects”. Surely there are other players out there we can get linked to other than Gooner rejects.

News just in, Edgar Davids has joined Crystal Place, Edgar served us proud and I wish him all the best at his new club