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Aug 262010

It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet just what we have achieved, I suppose it will seem strange watching the draw for the Champions League group stages and seeing Tottenham pulled out. However nobody can deny that we don’t deserve this chance. For once a Tottenham team with real promise has actually delivered.

Last night was perfect because of the early goal, it was so nice to be able to watch a Tottenham game and have the nerves taken away so early on, we are used to going through agony for the whole 90 mins before we are finally put out of our misery but last night was different. The result never looked in any doubt, what a contrast from last week’s match.

Friday will see us in the 3rd seeds pot but to be honest nothing else matters from here, everything is a bonus, bring on the big boys. Inter and Real could be in our group but I say bring it on. We can beat anyone at White Hart Lane because we have something no other team does…. Gareth Bale!

Our group will end up with any three of these teams in it, one from each pot.

Pot 1

Inter Milan
Bayern Munich
AC Milan

Pot 2

Werder Bremen
Real Madrid
Shakhtar Donetsk

Pot 4

Hapoel Tel Aviv
FC Twente
Rubin Kazan
Parizan Belgrade

Aug 252010

First and foremost for the grammar experts, yes I have been drinking heavily tonight but considering the occassion please firgive any spelling errors.

Watching tonight’s match and oh boy what a feeling, the sense of what we have actually achieved hasn’t properly sunk in yet as I am sure it hasn’t for most of you. Well let me try to hit it home for you, Tottenham Hotspur are a Champions League club, you can get used to sitting in on a week night to enjoy our beloved club play Champions League football.

Like a lot of others I was skeptical tonight, I knew we had the ability but the best thing about supporting Spurs is you never know, we could just as easily have gone out and lost tonight as when something is usually too good to be true it usually turns out that way and we end up with heartache.

Tonight though things were different, for once we delivered our promise and finally delivered the club Champions League football. Peter Crouch scored a hat-trick in a convincing 4-0 win over Young Boys. Crouch set us on our way in just the 4th minute which was the perfect start we all hoped for and we never looked back from that moment.

This means a windfall of over £20million for Spurs so don’t be surprised if our quiet summer turns into a spending frenzy in the next few days. I don’t think there will be many new faces but maybe one or two big signings and I expect Luis Fabiano to be on the cards even more so now because we are Champions League and Sevilla are not and new Uefa rules mean he is now not cup tied.

So Say it and believe it Tottenham Hotspur will be hosting Champions League football at Whie Hart Lane, we are now amongst Europe’s elite and a much more glamorous club.

Aug 252010

Thanks Willo for sending this in, good read.

I lay in my bed last night, 3am, the dreaded alarm reaching touching distance and still I was hours away from sleep. The fresh stitches in my knee from a touch of horrific-tackle-induced surgery were not helping, but it was glory I had in my mind.

With the best part of 25 years behind me as a Spurs fan, I am that generation of fan that was a bit too young at the time to have vivid memories of Gary and Gazza, as was my father for the glorious Double Winning Team. 3 trips to Wembley, 1 to Cardiff, 2 League cups and 2 sad days, and that’s it really. We have had some unbelievable nights at the Lane; Bonfire Night 2007, the 5-1 Drubbing of the Arse, Danny’s Volley and occasional 9-1 scorcher, but have we ever had a night of tonight’s ilk?

In a way, the defeat last week was a blessing. It has given us a night that I can remember forever, the night we finally stood up and were counted for. At school, my peers were mainly Scum supporters, and they revelled in silverware they picked up season after season – as if taking our rock wasn’t enough, we had to sit back and take their success coupled with our relative failures. Martin took us to the brink, and lasagna jokes aside, we nearly got ourselves into the position we sit today, without ever looking like we wanted it, or deserved it.

Today is a different picture. Harry has pumped fresh life into 90% of our squad. Not only do we want to take our place amongst Europe’s Elite, we deserve it. We are not Tottenham of old, we have strength, depth, skill and flair. In Bale and Lennon we have 2 wingers that have and will run circles round some of the best defenders the world has to offer, and we are 90 minutes away from giving them that opportunity.

Last Tuesday night, for 28 minutes I saw a team that I had watched for a decade. A team that got scared of the stage they were on and the crowd that was watching them. At the risk of tarnishing my reputation before it is born, F*ck the pitch. We were not good enough. At 3-0 down we looked like the side who bottled it against West Ham. Then Tom came into the fold and showed us all why Harry has picked him as his Quarter Back – agile and mobile he may not be, but without him we looked like a door with no hinges – as soon as he stepped foot onto the pitch belief came back and we looked more like the side who earned their place in Bern.

We are 90 minutes away from achieving something I can hold my hands up and admit that I never thought possible. When we beat them, we will go through to the biggest club competition in our game, and we will do it with a squad big enough to handle it. Our Chairman, and I say Ours because he is Ours, he is a business man yes but he runs the club impeccably, and when we qualify, a kitty will open and White Hart Lane will emerge as The Place to Be. Losing is not an option, losing is not a possibility, we have come too far and tried too hard, tonight is the night Arsenal fans wish they were Lily Whites, the night Chelsea fans regret riding the wave of success on the back of an Oligarch’s Billions, tonight is our night.


Aug 252010

This is what it has all come down to, all the hard work from last season now boils down to this one important game. The winner of this final Champions League qualifier stands to make around £25million, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

We all know what happened in the first leg and if it wasn’t for Bassong and Pav pulling us back two goals them it’s almost safe to say we wouldn’t have much hope for tonight. However we now have just a one goal deficit and home advantage on our side. Last night’s games however were a remind that upsets do happen with Sevilla crashing out at home to Braga, so it is important to show Young Boys the respect they deserve.

Jermain Defoe looks to play through the pain of a groin injury one final time before going under the knife which will see him out of action for a month. Modric has failed to recover from the injury he picked up last week and will play no part in tonight’s match. Giovani dos Santos, Robbie Keane and Pavlyuchenko all picked up knocks in the game as well, however were in training on Wednesday morning and ready to play a part. Robbie Keane has also made the trip and is likely to play some part after rumours of a bust up behind the scenes with Joe Jordan.

So this is it, have we really broke the top 4 or are we merely just a flash in the pan? Come around 21:30 tonight we will know the answer, as the hours go by I feel myself getting more and more nervous and I am sure with every shot on target tonight from both teams that my heart will be in my mouth.

Tottenham Hotspur v Young Boys, Champions League qualifier, it doesn’t come any bigger than this. The game will be live on ITV or the ITV website plus as always I will put it into the Triffic Tottenham Forum so sign up to be able to watch and chat for live reactions from fellow fans, the forum is active now with almost 1,000 members and I really appreciate the effort from you guys so far.

Spurs shirts on tonight, this is what we have waited all summer for, I dread that sick feeling if it doesn’t go our way but I am feeling confident.


Kick Off 19:45

Highlights to the first game and any other matches so far can be seen here

Aug 242010

I’m as big a Spurs fan as the next guy, but when walking home form work yesterday, a thought of great footie-philosophical proportion hit me. My thought was that it was a good thing the Young Boys beat us, and beat us quite well, I must say, despite the rather flattering 3-2 scoreline from Spurs’ point of view.

Young Boys of Bern came at us with what we had flung at Joe Hart just days earlier. Constant threat on the goal with the defence left for dust (not a regular occurrence for Michael Dawson, but can happen in the most important games).
I’m saying it’s good in a way that we lost the first leg to the Young Boys.
Obviously, on first look at Spurs’ poor display, fans, including myself, thought to themselves:
(jaws simultaneously drop after the second goal)

“OMG! What the f*ck is happening out there!?!? Dawson, why choose this game of all games to look like a Blue Square Premier League defender!?” (For anyone across the pond reading this, the Blue Square Premier League is the fifth-highest division of English football).

The defence was very oblivious to the threat of Bienvenu’s pace and finishing ability. Whilst Michael Dawson was very modest about Young Boys being a capable team and didn’t underestimate them, the rest of the team completely wrote them off. This isn’t Europa League; this is the CHAMPIONS’ League –somewhere which none of your opponents got to by taking the opposition lightly and losing their games!
However, I now think that, in a way, it’s GOOD that Spurs were beaten. It allows them to learn not to count out minor teams before it’s too late (e.g. knocked out before they’ve officially started their campaign) in the group stages. Spurs are only trailing by one goal (3-2). A terrible way of showing it, but that’s the bottom scoreline, so to speak. Spurs now have the opportunity to respect their opponents while tightening up the screws at the back to force the win on Wednesday.

You could say, Spurs are on their last leg (*BADOOM TSSSH*).

They’ve had a taste of what it’s like to face a top team without risking immediate defeat and disappointment. All that’s needed now is for Spurs to toughen up, tighten up, and not take any team for granted again. If all that is done, Spurs could just make it into the group stages; but if they do make it, they’ll need to watch both legs of this qualifier again to remember exactly what every other team will be like –and that will hopefully be….just like Spurs 😉

Aug 242010

Article sent to me by James Moore, wanted me to publish this and I thought it worthy whatever the reviews it gets. I consider it important for other fans to have their say, so if you have an article you wish to write in future feel free to send it to me to be published on this site.

I have thought a lot about the current (p*ss poor) Gallas situation at Spurs and to summarise the way I see it I now have 2 options as follows:

Option 1- Completely laugh off supporting Spurs forever.

Plus points:
We would never have to watch that utter utter utter idiot in a Spurs shirt.
None of our hard earned wages would ever go into that ex Chelsea/Arsenal, greed ridden, prima donna example of what’s wrong with football tw*t’s pocket.
We would never have to go through any other typical Spurs complete let down/bad performances ever again.
We could attend Leyton Orient games instead.
We would have stood our ground and made our point completely.

Bad points:
We would miss one of the most exciting games ever tomorrow.
We could potentially miss a good season?
We would never be able to go down Bill Nick again.
It would significantly reduce the amount of ‘boys own’ time and subsequent good laughs/away trips etc available.
We would have to watch Leyton Orient.
The chances of playing some classic Spurs songs at my wedding would be greatly reduced through fear of hypocrisy.

Option 2 – Try to forget about this disgraceful incident and carry on as before.

Plus points:
We wouldn’t miss one of the most exciting games ever tomorrow.
We wouldn’t potentially miss a good season.
We would continue to go down Bill Nick.
Increase significantly the potential for more good laughs/away trips etc available.
That ex Chelsea/Arsenal, greed ridden, prima donna example of what’s wrong with football should only be here for one season?

Bad points:
We would have to watch that utter utter utter idiot in a Spurs shirt.
Some of our hard earned wages would go into that ex Chelsea/Arsenal, greed ridden, prima donna example of what’s wrong with football tw*t’s pocket.
We would never have to go through any other typical Spurs complete let down/bad performances ever again!!  it just wouldn’t be the same would it….

Welcome your thoughts….

Aug 242010

After searching through today’s news I found that the majority of articles Regarding transfers have concentrated themselves around one Lassana Diarra formerly of Chelsea, Arsenal and Portsmouth but more recently of the Spanish giants Real Madrid.

At first my thoughts were more than a little optimistic after all he is a wonderful player,one that whilst some refer to him as a defensive or holding midfielder which concerns most of his time breaking up the opposition attack before giving the ball with simple, if not guileful passes to those around him that can do more effective damage in the attacking third and yet others see him as more of a box to box type winning the ball then setting of on a marauding run deep into the opposition half,although both sets of views tend to agree that he has an eye for a pass,works hard and can score the odd goal or two. Well to be precise it is in fact two league goals one for Portsmouth and the other for Real Madrid.

Goal scoring aside though I agree that he would be another quality signing for Tottenham,one that would add even more strength to what was once commonly, if not comically considered by many pundits as Spurs soft underbelly. I also took to wondering how we would accommodate such a wealth of power in our side apart from the ever obvious injury cover and replacement to loss of form. After all lest we forget our very own Wilson Palacios and one newbie Brazilian Sandro Ranieri, both of which though slightly different in style are full on midfield enforcers.

For me then the way forward has to be the use of a midfield five as most if not all the top sides accommodate this system of play, although just for the sake of debate would there be any possible case for employing all three in the same starting line up? perhaps not,as to do so you would most likely have to relinquish the golden haired magician Modric from his favoured position in the centre of midfield, unless of cause said Croatian was moved out to the left with Bale reverting back to the left side of defense this though in turn takes away a major part of our attacking threat.

Either way the acquisition of our French enforcer would give us or rather Harry a bit of a dilemma, although what a sore head to have after all who could possibly live with the midfield minefield of Diarra, Palacios and Sandro should Harry ever decide to twist rather than stick.

What then would be your preferred line up? Would it differ home or away, not forgetting there is also the plastic pitches of Europe to consider.

Aug 242010

After last week’s first half mauling at the hands of Swiss side Young Boys what can we expect for Wednesday night’s match. I think the neutrals expect Tottenham to win quite comfortably but anyone who has been a Spurs fan for years knows that it’s never that straight forward with us.

Whatever the outcome I am confident we will be the better team on the night but I just hope it isn’t a match like Hull last season, where we dominate for 90mins but can’t find the back of the net. This is my main concern and for some reason I can’t shake it out of my mind.

Let’s not rule out that we could actually just go out there and for once finish the job in style and make it easy for ourselves, but come on this is Tottenham Hotspur we are talking about, we don’t believe in making things easy for ourselves, with us it’s the hard way or nothing at all. I expect the players to get the job done on the night, but expectations differ from those of reality. Any true football fan knows that it’s not always that clear cut and upsets can happen.

A couple of early goals would calm the nerves, if we can go in at half time with a 2 goal lead I will be happy, the last thing I want from the match is to only have a one goal advantage going into the last minutes of the match and I can see that outcome being a real possibility. How will the players be feeling? Will they play with no fear or will last weeks first half shambles still be on their minds? Causing them to play with caution.

So what do you guys think will happen tomorrow, how to do think the game will pan out? Will we make it hard for ourselves or will we get the job done in style?

Aug 232010


Well even though William Gallas joining of Tottenham Hotspur has been common knowledge for a while now it was still strange to see him in the Blue of Spurs training kit.The usual war of words so often applied on match days replaced by friendly banter on the training ground.

Yet at the same time I felt a little surge of confidence knowing that we have at last acquired an extremely gifted footballer to help shore up our wobbling defense,one that by all accounts just loves said defending,a bonus in itself you might say.Add to that then the wealth of experience he will bring to the side and surely we should see a much more composed defensive line one which no doubt Dawson,Bassong and the likes will also prosper from after taking on board all that he offers,which will again help the growth of Tottenham.

William began his day taking part in a warming up session with his new colleagues before retiring to work on his own fitness routine with the clubs head of sports science,fitness and conditioning coach Sam Erith.Although Harry has mentioned that our newest recruit already seemed in good shape so it shouldn’t take that long before we see him in the lillywhite.

Harry has also previously said that he was chuffed with the capture of Gallas stating it as a no brainer and I am inclined to agree with him,after all William was part of the Chelsea team which won back to back Premier League titles under Jose Mourinho,he also has a League Cup winners medal and was involved in the Chelsea team that reached the semi finals of the Champions League before losing to Liverpool.He has also masses of European and title chasing experience with Arsenal.

He has since given an interview to the official site,in it he says how difficult the decision was to cross the divide that resides in North London (having played for Arsenal.) He went on to say that now he has joined he will give his best for the club and that he just wants to play as many games as he can whilst also winning the same.

He then brought he conversation round to the atmosphere inside White Hart Lane on match days saying how wonderful he found it to be.Oh yes Mr Gallas only this time they’ll be singing your name with a desire for you to succeed,not fail.

However there does seem a little unrest amongst some of the Tottenham faithful regarding the application of the player when things aren’t exactly going to plan,the Birmingham incident and reports of player unrest in numerous Gunners dressing rooms being regularly thrown at anyone who views this as a good deal for Spurs.I though am one of those which is pleased with this capture and feel we should let his past remain exactly there and give the player the benefit of the doubt,as I’m sure he has learnt from those previous lapses of judgement.

So, are you as excited as me at this acquisition? or would you rather we searched elsewhere.

Aug 212010

Stoke 1 – 2 Tottenham(HT 1-2)

Fuller 25 Bale 19
Bale 30


29 Sorensen
04 Huth
05 Collins
17 Shawcross yellow card
25 Faye
06 Whelan (Sanli 63)
18 Whitehead yellow card
24 Delap (Sidibe 85) (Tonge 88)
26 Etherington
10 Fuller yellow card
19 Walters
01 Begovic, 03 Higginbotham, 28 Wilkinson, 14 Pugh, 20 Sanli, 23 Tonge, 11 Sidibe

01 Gomes
03 Bale
04 Kaboul
20 Dawson
22 Corluka
32 Assou-Ekotto
06 Huddlestone
07 Lennon (Walker 87)
08 Jenas
12 Palacios yellow card
15 Crouch
27 Alnwick, 16 Naughton, 19 Bassong, 28 Walker, 21 Kranjcar, 25 Rose, 29 Livermore
Ref: Foy
Att: 27,243

Possession Stoke 48%        Spurs 52%
Shots on target     11                     6
Shots off target      5                      1
Corners                   4                     1
Fouls                      11                     2

A bruising encounter at the Brittania (well you wouldn’t expect anything else would you?) ended in controversy with Stoke’s Jon Walters header 86th minute deemed not to have crossed the line by referee Chris Foy. Harry’s after match comments suggested a free kick should have been given for a foul on Gomes who looked shaky coming for crosses during the entire game.

As is to make up for that uncertainty the Spurs stopper redeemed himself on a number of occasions with some fine saves.  A depleted looking Tottenham in what is only the first week of the new season had only one fit striker in the shape of Peter Crouch started brightly enough with some slick passing and movement not usually associated with us playing away from home. Then lo and behold we went ahead  in the 20th minute with, albeit a rather fortuitous goal by the welsh wizard himself. It seemed like only seconds later (6 minutes actually) Stoke equalised through Fuller, I thought here we go again pressing the self destruct button but we didn’t have to wait long for another strike from Bale (a beauty this time) to go back in front.

The game then petered out to half time with Spurs still in the ascendancy and deserving to be in front.  As good as Spurs were in first half  Stoke were better in the second, Tuncay who came on looking sprightly was particularly wasteful. These are the types of places you have to grind out a result and that we did today with some aplomb, special mention to Dawson and Kaboul for their part in the team’s rearguard action. There was a moment when I thought we were ready to throw the towel in but was reassured when I saw Rory Delap with it.

The game might have ended in controversy with  no doubt the calls once more for goaline technology to be introduced nevertheless the fact remains we have 3 points in the bag from a difficult place to visit so onwards and upwards I say.COYS

Aug 212010
Hi folks, this information is courtesy of Reuters and very enlightening it is to. Yes finally UEFA have relaxed their rule on the movement of player to club during a Champions League or Europa League campaign.
The executive comity consisting of one Gianni Infantino have now found to allow a player to move to another club at the ceasement of the preliminary round if his former employers have been eliminated before the beginning of the competition proper. So whether it be that a player either signs during the summer transfer window or the January opening it is now permitted for him to partake in his new employers European campaign.
This new rule which started at the commencement of this season is great news for all clubs who either make it through the early stages of the campaign should they wish to strengthen their squad with top quality experienced players yet operate on a tighter budget or those who are fortunate enough to enter the competition proper later on in the year but may want to buy an up and  coming prospect.

However as they say there is often a dark cloud attached to any silver lining dependent of course on your point of view,this being then that of the three new players a club may add in January only one might be permitted to enter the fray of the European adventure who has previously played in the competition regardless of whether their clubs where knocked out in the preliminary rounds.

This of course gives us a renewed hope regarding Suarez and Fabiano,there is also the creative midfielder Turan. Should we progress next Wednesday and their current clubs fail to do so.

Also the Forum is getting to be more and more active now with almost 1,000 members, so please take the time to sign up and chat with the other fans for the latest ITK news plus links to live match streams.

Aug 182010

First of all, i know we had about 55% possession vs Young Boys. However we kept giving it away cheaply and didnt keep it for long enough to dictate tempo and rhythm. We never settled till we were 3-0 down!

Think about Spain and England at the WC – both had lots of possession but who were the better team? Why? because England kept going straight up field and losing it whereas Spain passed and probed and pulled defences out of position. (Spain also had a much better team but you see my point)

There’s been a lot of criticism flying around and the usual players are getting stick; you know, the likes of Bassong, BAE, Palacios, Gio, Pav whereas other players played shocking and didn’t get mentioned. For me the whole team needs to put their hand up.

Now i actually didn’t think BAE was that bad so i watched the game again to have another look and yeah ok i changed my mind. He was poor without a doubt. But as for Palacios, he’s been accussed of hardly putting a pass together last night and i have to say thats absolute crap!

Two biggest problems for Spurs were defensive mistakes and losing possession so here’s some facts from the game;

1st half mistakes; Bassong 2, BAE 2, Dawson 1, Corluka 1
1st half Losing possession; Pav 5, Corluka 4, Modric 4, BAE 3, Dawson 2, Gio 1, Defoe 1, Palacios 1

2nd half mistakes; Dawson 1, Palacios 1
2nd half losing possession; Palacios 5, Hudd 5, Krancjar 4, Pav 4, Dawson 4, Bale 2, Corluka 2, Gio1, Bassong 1, Keane 1

Sometimes i feel that as fans we don’t like certain players and so we look for negatives and of course find them. The reverse is true of other players of course. Let’s not just abuse players out of habit – Modric Dawson Krancjar Corluka all had poor games as well. Even Gomes didn’t play well.