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Aug 052010

Been looking at this since last night’s results and it looks like it is going to be one of this lot…




Young Boys

Dinamo Kiev

This list is how it will be, if you have read different elsewhere and wish to tell me that this list is wrong then you will be highly embarrassed tomorrow morning when the draw is made. If after reading this you still disagree with the list then you can tell Uefa they are wrong also if you wish because they have listed the same 5 teams as I have done HERE.

People think we can only draw a team that has come through the previous round, well that is false. The round at which each team enters to competition depends on their country’s Uefa ranking points, that’s why the teams that enter at the final round are from the major European leagues like Spain,England and Italy. However the seeding is done on each individual team and has nothing to do with the countries rankings. Tottenham are seeded because we had a couple of Uefa Cup runs a while back, but if City or Villa finished 4th then they wouldn’t have been seeded. Ajax and Zenit came through the previous rounds, however they will be seeded over Sampdoria and Auxerre because they rank higher in the Uefa points system. I hope this has cleared it up a bit you the people who don’t fully understand.

Definately no easy ties there, we are going to have to give it our best to ensure we don’t end up broken hearted. Personally I would take Wengers favourite side, Young Boys or Braga and I would hope to avoid Kiev because they are probably the most experienced and a tough team to beat especially at their place, I don’t really know how good Auxerre are but I wouldn’t lose no sleep if we drew them either.

This is it, we can’t have no excuses really if we can’t beat any of them teams because if we do get through then we would have to face teams a lot better than the teams I have just listed. If we want to mix it with the big boys then we have to believe we can beat them. I just hope whoever we get that we can do a number on them when we take them to the Lane.

The draw will be Friday 6th (tomorrow) coverage starts at 11am, if I can find a stream of the draw I will put it in the forum so make sure you sign up if you don’t have access to a tv at the time. This is what we have been waiting for all summer, this is our destiny, it’s back to business and what better way to start than a Champions League draw to watch. I don’t know about the rest of you but I sense another squeeky bum time for us over the 2 legs of this tie.