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Champions League Waters

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Aug 172010

Well here we are,about to dip our toe into the untried water that is the Champions League,well nearly,they’ll be playing the now classic rework of Handel’s Zadok the Priest,so for me it’s the aforesaid Champions League.

Anyhow,Rumours are that Harry will be sticking with an attack minded formation so expect the four,four,two and not the much conversed four,five,one,although in fairness he has said that had we been playing the likes of Barcelona then he would have considered changing formation,which in all honesty I can see the reasoning behind.After all there’s’ no point opening yourself up to be slaughtered now is there,especially when your the new lad in town.

OK,back to tonight’s game,Ledley is being saved from the dreaded spectre that is astroturf,and Jenas has a slight calf tear so he will also be absent from the tie,although that seems pretty convenient considering an approach has just come in from Juventus for our Jermaine.On another note however I suppose one of the big questions is whether Harry might play Wilson in midfield to add that bit more bite,or will he stick with the more fluid style of Huddlestone and Modric?

There is also the problem of who we play upfront,after all Pav has quite a lot of experience of how this league is played,and for me he fits much neater alongside Defoe,yet I’m sure Young Boys have never faced anything like Crouch before so should he be given a go?So many questions,let’s hope Harry’s answers prove to be correct.

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