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Aug 282013

As posted earlier, Tottenham and AS Roma, have agreed a deal for 21 year old wonderboy Erik Lamela. €30m + €5m add ons.


The big question now is, who will be next? There have been rumours that Franco Baldini flew in to Amsterdam today with Daniel Levy, to discuss a deal for Ajax star Christian Eriksen.

Spurs have offered €8.5 m for the Danish playmaker, who has less than a year left on his contract, with the Amsterdam club.

Ajax have an asking price of €15 m, but with such a short amount of time left on his contract, maybe our new best friend Daniel Levy, can work his magic, and get the Danish star, for a bargain price.

To mention, that Christian is only 21, and already has 37 senior caps, for his home nation Denmark, and 161 games for the Dutch giants Ajax, speaks for itself. Scoring a total of 36 goals for club and country, is indeed a benefit for us, but its his skills with the ball, that can deliver silky smooth through balls, to our new front man Roberto Soldado, that can really show the rest of Europe, that we are not only a title contender at home, but also in the UEFA Champions League next season! ( cocky? no.. realistic? YES! )

This being without a doubt, a transfer window that any major club will envy. The leadership of AVB, that’s finally getting his second season in the same club, will really show how the Spurs Will Go Marching In!

But if not Eriksen, who would you like to be Spurs next signing? Mata? Hulk? Leave your comment below!!








Jun 072012

Hi guys.

I play fantasy football regularly on a site called Picklive.

It has been known as ‘fantasy football on crack’ with their ‘live games’ where you pick five players from the teamsheets in a particular televised matchand those players accumulate points in real time based on what they do during the 90 minute game.

OPTA, the statistics company are involved in tracking that activity and logging it for the purpose of converting it to points which can win prizes.

Picklive cover premier league, champions league, europa league and international tournaments like this one.

There are great cash prizes up for grabs using stakes ranging from FREE [no cash prize there] to upwards of a few grand…

But as it’s kind of an ‘off-season’ at the moment and there’s an international event on, Picklive are just holding the normal kind this time. The £2,500 prize pool is one where you pay £15 to make a team of 11 players across ALL TEAMS. But here’s the difference – NO TRANSFER BUDGET LIMIT! 

You heard it right, there isn’t a set budget like the others. So if you want Van Persie, Ronaldo, Nani, Terry and Klose in the same team, you can have them! The only restraint is that you can’t have more than three players from the same country.

PLUS – The prize-pools are only a MINIMUM. If the number of entrants exceeds a certain number in any cash tournament, the prize-pool increases. Prizes are paid out to the top-three places.

In a £1000 Fantasy Football tournament for the final day of the season (£10 Stake).

1st Place – £600
2nd Place – £200
3rd Place – £100

(Picklive took a rake of 10% from the total prize pool)
If you can’t spare £15, which many of u can’t, you can play in a £10 tournament, join mine (£5) , or even create your own and invite others! Choose the stake and the phase in the tournament, pick your team, invite a few mates/office colleagues and away you go.

You can even have a tournament ‘for fun’ and just compete for bragging rights. No cash required.

However, if you sign up using my link – and deposit some cash into your Picklive account, you can get an extra £3 on top. Sounds meager but that is enough for one cash entry where the prize pool is a minimum of £30.

Go to the homepage and scroll down to see the many free, low stake and stupid stakes tournaments available.

Tournaments I’ve set up:

Euro2012 Phase  – Group D
Stake – £5
Prize Pool – £10 (increases if more people join)

Stake – £5
Prize Pool – £10 (increases if more people join)

Email and ask anything you like about how it fully works and
what’s what 🙂

Have fun if you join up!

Good luck!

Dec 142010

Friday will give all us Spurs fans something to look forward too, the draw for the Last 16 of the Champions League as it enters its knockout stages.

For this first time this season Tottenham have played Champions League football since it changed format from the old European Cup and boy haven’t we done well in our first season. We topped the group and we topped it in style, we probably had the hardest task out of all the English teams but we came through.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham all won their respective groups but neighbours Arsenal scraped 2nd place in their group which could mean they could face the likes of Barcelona or Real Madrid in the next round.

On Friday around midday we will know which one of these teams Tottenham will face:

1) Lyon (Runners up group B)

2) Valencia (Runners up group c)

3) FC Copenhagen ( Runners up group D)

4) Roma (Runners up Group E)

5) Marseille (Runners up Group F)

6) AC Milan (Runners upGroup G)

So from that list who would you fancy and who would you rather avoid, does it even matter, are we afraid of anyone? And who would you like us to face?

For those of you who will be at work but have access to a computer, sign up or log into the forum and I will try to provide a stream of the draw.

Nov 242010

(Goals at bottom of article)

Happy days being a Spurs fan, I actually bet my mate a tenner we would do better than them in this seasons Champions League competition, after half an hour of the Young Boys game he sent me a text telling me to get his tenner ready, how things have changed since then.

Tonight was a night where I think most of us felt confident right from the word go and the lads put in a performance and got a win without really having to move into top gear.


The ever improving Younes Kaboul got his second goal in as many matches before Luka Modric hit a Van der Vaart style goal against Villa with a lovely dummy before slotting home. Spurs could even afford the luxury of a missed penalty by Bale before Crouch made it 3-0 and sent Spurs into the knockout stages.

So we had the hardest group out of all the English clubs and we have sailed through. Is just qualifying enough or do we want top spot and hope for a kind draw in the next phase. Should Harry still field a strong team and hope to beat Twente or get a point that will see us top the group and improve our chances. I think he should, I would love to play the likes of Barca or Real Madrid but would like to progress one more round before that happens.

Whatever happens from now on, we have done ourselves proud, Rangers and Celtic have only qualified once in however many attempts, we have done it in style at the first attempt. Even Arsenal have yet to qualify and we have done it with a game to spare in a group which had some big European teams in, including the Champions.

Was happy with Aaron Lennon tonight, he seems to have the confidence to beat the last defender and put the cross in, he didn’t rush his crossing he picked out his man on two occasions and got two great assists. Younes Kaboul and William Gallas are getting better and better, game by game and now seem to have formed a good partnership at the back. Younes will become one of Europe’s top defenders, he has all the attributes, once he can keep his concentration for 90mins I have no doubt of that.

All in all a good team performance, everyone had a decent game and done their job and more importantly won their individual battles.


Sep 092010

Article from
Today Rafael Van der Vaart met his new team mates for his first training session with the lads. Van der Vaart signed on deadline day for around £8million in what was considered a bargain buy by many. He has vented his frustration at being sub for Holland so will Harry give him the same treatment or chuck him straight into the mix on Saturday, a player with Van der Vaart’s experience and ability shouldn’t need time to adjust.

I for one can’t wait to see him play, I would love to see him start on Saturday but he may be on the bench, I am sure he will play some part as Harry will want him to play against Werder Bremen on Tuesday so getting some minutes in a Spurs shirt before hand would help.




Van der Vaart and Harry posing for the camera with his new Spurs shirt. Harry looks proud to have captured a player of real quality, he has never been able to sign players of this stature at his previous clubs.




Van der Vaart gets down the business with his first training session, god knows what Crouchy is playing at in the background but Rafael doesn’t look impressed by his antics.




Aug 262010

Tottenham will face European champions Inter Milan and Werder Bremen….

The draw has just been made and Tottenham have been welcomed to the Champions League with a draw that see’s us in a group with the reigning champions Inter Milan of Italy, Werder Bremen of Germany and FC Twente of Holland.

Manchester United face Valencia and Rangers while Arsenal look to have the easiest draw against Shakhtar and Braga. Chelsea should also make easy work of the group stages with a draw that see’s them in a group with Marseille and Spartak Moscow.


September 14 – Werder Bremen v Spurs
September 29 – Spurs v FC Twente
October 20 – Inter Milan v Spurs
November 2 – Spurs v Inter Milan
November 24 – Spurs v Werder Bremen
December 7 – FC Twente v Spurs

It is fair to say we could have had an easier draw but this is what it’s all about now, to be the best you have to beat the best and this is what we have been relishing. There is no more hiding the big boys are coming to the Lane.

All I can say is whatever the outcome of the group stage just go out there and do us proud boys and you will will be icons in our eyes. Lucky Arsenal have an easy group yet again and once again Manchester United are in a group with a Scottish team.

I dream that we can emulate what Leeds done and go on an unexpected run but whatever the outcome I know we just won’t want it to end. No more week nights of planning to watch Eastenders or Corrie, we can plan to watch our Tottenham in the Champions League.

All eyes on group A, between now and Christmas it’s going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Aug 182010

Ok so we almost let Young Boys make us look like Young Girls for half an hour but managed to salvage the tie in what Harry described as a “great defeat”. After half an hour I was looking at the tv screen in total shock, I felt a sense of not wanting to believe what I was witnessing, surely what we have been waiting for all summer wasn’t going to end this way? Well thankfully in the end it didn’t but it could have.

Yeah you can’t blame the pitch but it sure as hell didn’t help us, they shouldn’t really be allowed, if our boys wanted to play on artificial pitches they would go and have a kick about at their local goals with their mates. I don’t want to start this debate off just because we lost. For half an hour we were humiliated and it could have been even worse.

The turning point was when Huddlestone come on, he seemed to settle the team and bring back their confidence into the passing game. Hudd is really starting to develop into a vital player for us. So 3-0 down after half an hour and my phone was contant ringing with calls and text messages from… yeah you guessed it, Arsenal fans. My worst nightmare was coming true, in my head I was thinking how the bloddy hell am I going to face these gooner mugs at work tomorrow.

Just before half time Bassong pulled us a goal back and then later in the second half Pav managed to change the complex of the tie. Once again Tottenham are the bookies favourites to progress now with 2 away goals but Tottenham being Tottenham you never know, we could quite easily go and lose again or end up with a 0-0 draw as we have trouble breaking teams down when they set up to defend but we could just as easily go and thump them.

The fact of the matter remains we are still behind so we have to chase the match, yes now we are only 1 goal behind I am feeling confident that the job will get done. So let’s weigh it up, 3-2 would have been a poor result before the game right? but after 30 mins if somebody offered me 3-2 I would have taken that all day long and give them a big “thank you very much” to go with it. So you can see why Harry called it a great defeat , I agree with him, what could have turned into a nightmare that would mean Tottenham jokes via text messages and on the internet, thankfully didn’t. However the potential banana skin is still there so we must take Young Boys more seriously and give them more credit. Thankfully we have a second chance, hopefully we will take it this time.

The potential consequences of defeat was untinkable, it now looks as though we had waited to confirm qualification before making moves for our transfer targets. If we do crash out on Wednesday then that also throws the plans for any news players to join us up in arms. I don’t really need to mention the money involved, we all know it’s worth millions to the club. Most of all, the biggest fear of all that was running through my head when we were 3 goals down was, “I have waited years for this moment and it might be years before it happens again”. Now I was feeling that this was our chance and we have blown it and we might wait another 10 years before we get another crack and that thought scared the life out of me. Thankfully we have a second chance, hopefully we will take it this time.

You can download Sky Sports highlights under the highlights section which is under the streams tab.

Champions League Waters

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Aug 172010

Well here we are,about to dip our toe into the untried water that is the Champions League,well nearly,they’ll be playing the now classic rework of Handel’s Zadok the Priest,so for me it’s the aforesaid Champions League.

Anyhow,Rumours are that Harry will be sticking with an attack minded formation so expect the four,four,two and not the much conversed four,five,one,although in fairness he has said that had we been playing the likes of Barcelona then he would have considered changing formation,which in all honesty I can see the reasoning behind.After all there’s’ no point opening yourself up to be slaughtered now is there,especially when your the new lad in town.

OK,back to tonight’s game,Ledley is being saved from the dreaded spectre that is astroturf,and Jenas has a slight calf tear so he will also be absent from the tie,although that seems pretty convenient considering an approach has just come in from Juventus for our Jermaine.On another note however I suppose one of the big questions is whether Harry might play Wilson in midfield to add that bit more bite,or will he stick with the more fluid style of Huddlestone and Modric?

There is also the problem of who we play upfront,after all Pav has quite a lot of experience of how this league is played,and for me he fits much neater alongside Defoe,yet I’m sure Young Boys have never faced anything like Crouch before so should he be given a go?So many questions,let’s hope Harry’s answers prove to be correct.

Stream will be in the forum as usual so log in or sign up to watch and chat with other Spurs fans.

Aug 082010

First they wanted Harry and now they want Crouchy, Harry saw sense so hopefully Crouch will do the same. it’s great to be able to say this but why would Crouch want to go to another team when he could stay at a top 4 club. Reports all weekend have been coming out that Hodgson is desperate to sign Crouch but is he going to get more game time at Liverpool than he would at Tottenham? I would think not, so why on earth would he want to move.

Fingers crossed we can beat Young Boys and then we have Champions League football at the lane so the squad is going to be rotated I would imagine, Crouch will probably feature more for Spurs this season than he would for the Scousers. They have Torres and now they have Joe Cole who might play just behind, so where would they fit Crouch in?

Some people might not see it as a big deal if he leaves for Anfield, and I probably wouldn’t see him as irreplaceable however he adds a different dimension to the squad, now nobody likes seeing us play long ball Wimbledon style but sometimes needs must and you have to take the route one direct style and Crouchy is the ideal target man in them situations. It has worked for Chelsea for years with Drogba as their target man and you could argue it has worked for us due to the fact we have finished top 4 for the first time in the Premiership.

Peter Crouch has helped in turning the fortunes around of the club, would he want to see it through or would he be tempted to go back to Anfield, personally I can’t see him going, I can’t see any logic as to why he would want to go to a club who can’t offer him what we can in Champions League football. It’s a classic case of Liverpool thinking they are bigger than they are and can attract players from our club, I think even if Liverpool come in for Robbie Keane that suddenly they wouldn’t be his boyhood club anymore. Liverpool are not as good as they were and keep living off past reputation and I can’t see any of our players who know they will be in the first team next season would abandon us now in favour of a move to Liverpool.

So if there are any truth in these rumours I don’t even think Harry would let him go and I really can’t see Crouch sulking like Berbatov did just to get a move to Liverpool, no doubt they are a big club but you are only as good as your final league position and that was 3 places behind us. Crouchy will know he will be spending a lot of time on the bench next season but so will a lot of the squad, that is the price you pay if you want Champions League football, United,Chelsea and Arsenal will be doing it and so will we otherwise league form will suffer.

Aug 082010

So with less than a week to go before we open up the Premiership season with a mouth watering fixture agaisnt Manchester City what can we class as a successful season again? I would personall be more than happy with another top 4 finish and I might be a little greedy here but I would love to get through the group stages of the Champions League, I don’t see any reason why we can’t have a good run in that, Leeds have done it before so why not us?

The Premiership Is Back

When it comes to the League Cup you can pretty much bet that our squad will be weakend during the early rounds, if we get to semi final stage then I would expect Harry to take it a little more seriously, I don’t see this issue happening in the FA Cup so there is no reason we shouldn’t be aiming to win it.

People have come out and said that we could be title contenders, now as a Spurs fan and a realist I think this might be a little optimistic, so not just yet. I think our aim should be another top 4 finish but I think even that will be harder than last season. We are a very good side but I still think we lack something, we still have that inconsistent Tottenham way where we will beat a top team one week and lose to a bottom of the league team the following week.

If we are to maintain that top 4 push again we will need to ensure that White Hart Lane remains a fortress and we should be aiming to win 8 or 9 away matches. Last season’s away record was a big improvement on recent years which is why we finished 4th. Harry is the right man for the job, he won’t be taking any crap off of the players and will ensure they remain professional and 100% focused. I am sure we will have a couple of blips along the way but I am also confident we will pull off a few great results.

In about 10 days time we will taken on Young Boys for a place in the Champions League proper, can you imagine the feeling when you sit down on a Wednesday night and the Champions League comes on the television, then it sinks in that it is actually Tottenham you will be watching. This is something we have all dreamed of for years and this season it could and should become a reality.

So in conclusion for me, my aim is another top 4 finish and a good run in the Champions League, Would also like to have a day out at Wembley in one of the cups. So please use the comments box below and share your views, I would be interested to know your targets and what you would call a successful season again for the 2010/11 campaign in all competitions.

Also if you have no access to Sky and want to watch today’s Commuinity Sheild of Chelsea v Manchester united, then streams are in the FORUM so sign up there of login using your username.

Aug 052010

Been looking at this since last night’s results and it looks like it is going to be one of this lot…




Young Boys

Dinamo Kiev

This list is how it will be, if you have read different elsewhere and wish to tell me that this list is wrong then you will be highly embarrassed tomorrow morning when the draw is made. If after reading this you still disagree with the list then you can tell Uefa they are wrong also if you wish because they have listed the same 5 teams as I have done HERE.

People think we can only draw a team that has come through the previous round, well that is false. The round at which each team enters to competition depends on their country’s Uefa ranking points, that’s why the teams that enter at the final round are from the major European leagues like Spain,England and Italy. However the seeding is done on each individual team and has nothing to do with the countries rankings. Tottenham are seeded because we had a couple of Uefa Cup runs a while back, but if City or Villa finished 4th then they wouldn’t have been seeded. Ajax and Zenit came through the previous rounds, however they will be seeded over Sampdoria and Auxerre because they rank higher in the Uefa points system. I hope this has cleared it up a bit you the people who don’t fully understand.

Definately no easy ties there, we are going to have to give it our best to ensure we don’t end up broken hearted. Personally I would take Wengers favourite side, Young Boys or Braga and I would hope to avoid Kiev because they are probably the most experienced and a tough team to beat especially at their place, I don’t really know how good Auxerre are but I wouldn’t lose no sleep if we drew them either.

This is it, we can’t have no excuses really if we can’t beat any of them teams because if we do get through then we would have to face teams a lot better than the teams I have just listed. If we want to mix it with the big boys then we have to believe we can beat them. I just hope whoever we get that we can do a number on them when we take them to the Lane.

The draw will be Friday 6th (tomorrow) coverage starts at 11am, if I can find a stream of the draw I will put it in the forum so make sure you sign up if you don’t have access to a tv at the time. This is what we have been waiting for all summer, this is our destiny, it’s back to business and what better way to start than a Champions League draw to watch. I don’t know about the rest of you but I sense another squeeky bum time for us over the 2 legs of this tie.

Aug 012010

I was working on this last night after seeing something similar which made me want to create this for all you lovely fans. If this doesn’t get you in the mood for our qualifying round draw on friday then nothing will.

I hope this won’t turn out to be a jinx, let’s just hope for a kind draw but if not then I still have faith in the team to get us through to the all important group stages otherwise the Gooners will be coming out in force to mock us and try to make us into a laughing stock. It really is all or nothing and we are back to square one. But this video makes me dream of them midweek nights watching the opening credits knowing I am just about to watch a Tottenham game in the Champions League.

I did want to include Bale’s goal agaisnt Chelsea but the clip is only around 40 seconds long and there was only so much I can squeeze in. But let’s have a competition, for all you computer wizards out there who like to make video clips like I do, feel free to attempt to make a similar video of your own. Send me the link via the contact page and at the end of the week I will feature a few of the best ones on here if there is enough interest.

Remember Benfica v Spurs on tuesday night 7:45pm kick off I think, will put streams up in the FORUM so be sure to register there to be able to watch it and chat at the same time.