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Aug 292010

It turns out that over recent weeks Harry made enquiries to Manchester United over the possibility of signing England Defender Rio Ferdinand.  It seems as though Harry thought that Fergie was getting frustrated at Ferdinand’s continuous injury problems and saw his opportunity to strike.

Redknapp was told that Rio was not for sale at any price but you have to admire the Spurs manager and his ability to aim high when trying to sign a player in this case. It was Harry that brought Rio through the ranks at West Ham and having missed out on Joe Cole would have liked another former West Ham player at the club.

It is said that Spurs even had their medical staff assess Rio and his injury problems and was given the the green light but United simply didn’t want to do business and who can blame them. Since then Spurs have snapped up William Gallas on a freebie to help cover with the absences of Ledley King and Woodgate at the back.

So, it’s not like it really matters anymore but I thought you might like to know what our dear manager had been up to during the summer. I can’t see why Rio would leave United just yet although Harry is his old boss and London is his home town.

Rio in a Spurs shirt, won’t be happening anytime soon I’m afraid. We will never know how far this one went, if at all, could have just been the newspapers with nothing better to do. It is nice to see us linked with some big names but then again we always have been, we need to start signing them up now to be taken more seriously.

Aug 292010

Well according to Sunday’s News Of The World, Tottenham will be lining up a move for Villarreal striker Giuseppe Rossi if Klaas-Jan Huntelaar falls through.

Rossi is valued at around £8million and recently scored a hat-trick against us for Villarreal in a friendly, he looked to have learned a lot since his Manchester United days. Both Daniel Levy and Harry Redknapp share the hunger to bring in a new striker before transfer deadline day on Tuesday evening.

Personally I would rather take the punt on Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, would love for us to give him a break in the Premiership and hopefully he can live up to his potential. I think the number 1 choice for Spurs is with out a doubt Luis Fabiano but Sevilla are playing hardball for the forward, they demand in excess of £25million for a player who is around the 30 mark and only has one year left on his contract.

Giuseppe Rossi has a decent strike rate since he moved to Italy and then to Spain and the availability of the forward is interesting Harry. I would be surprised if we didn’t bring in a forward especially after the Wigan result, a top class finisher could be the difference between winning and losing. Personally I wouldn’t rate Rossi above Crouch, Pav, Defoe or Keane but come Tuesday evening I expect Keane to be gone and another forward in his place, the question remains, who?

Aug 282010

Just when we start believing all the hype that we might actually be really good this season and other people saying we are title challengers we go and get a nightmare result against a poor Wigan side. Now I tipped Wigan for relegation this season and I still think they will go down, so why do we always struggle against teams like this, why do we fail to find the net?

I then watch Manchester United v West Ham and at no point before, during or after did I think United would end up the way Tottenham did today, I don’t know why but the top teams win these games and when they struggle they grind out a result and rarely do they lose. Can you imagine Arsenal, United, Chelsea even Liverpool losing at home to Wigan today or like we did last season to Wolves? Whenever Arsenal play at home I am pretty sure that they will end up with a win but with us you just never know.

I had already told myself today that Blackburn would get something from the scum today and we would beat Wigan, giving us a three point gap but never did I think it would be the other way around, maybe I am guilty of believing the hype that we are actually a top team. There’s no doubt we have massively improved but was last seasons 4th place a fluke?

You have to credit Wigan, they got humiliated last season and were obviously out for some payback but my question to everyone is why oh why do we struggle at home agaisnt the teams we should easily beat and then go and beat the top teams. We really do enjoy making it hard for ourselves don’t we. It reminds me of Hull, Wolves and Stoke at home last season, silly points dropped. Is it a mental thing? do our players think the game is already won before even walking onto the pitch? Someone please help me out here.

Aug 282010

In an interview with Talk Sport Tim Sherwood aired his views regarding a number of questions put to him by Tottenham mad presenter Danny Kelly.

Danny began by asking where all the Spurs coaching staff had disappeared to when his beloved lillywhites had found themselves three nil down away to Young Boys of Bern,”So Tim,how come Harry found himself alone on the bench in Switzerland then when things weren’t going so well?” “It seems to me that the rest of the coaching staff are there to take the plaudits when things are hunky dory,but as soon as they go pear shaped Harry is left to carry the can alone.” Said a sniggering Kelly.Then with a similar smile on his voice Tim replied,”That’s why Harry’s paid the big bucks mate.”

After the laughing had subsided Tim was asked how he fancies Tottenhams chances in the given draw against Internationale and Werder Bremen? “We should have nothing to fear,” came his reply.”As we have a new found steel in our side.” He then went on to reminisce, “The old Spurs would probably struggle to be honest,even perhaps the side I played both in and against.” “I remember when I used to play for Blackburn and whenever we faced Tottenham we always used to fancy turning them over home or away as they had a reputation for having a bit of a soft centre.”

When asked how this had been changed he said. ” It’s all in the head really,you just have to convince the players that they can compete with anyone.” “And to be honest we can mix it with the best now,when we play football there aren’t that many round that can compete with us or should we need to stand toe to toe and mix it up then we are well capable of that also.”

The conversation then went round to Tom Huddlestone and new signing Sandro.”Tom is a fantastic footballer with two clean feet,he’s improved a lot since he’s had a run in the team and has now begun to show his worth.” “It’s genuinely up to him as to how far he wishes to go.”

As for Sandro,Tim tried to explain the kind of style the boy plays. “We have had him with us for a few days now and the guy is immense.” “He stands around six feet two,may be six feet three inches tall,” “And if you were to find a player that was an amalgamation of Tom Huddlestone and Wilson Palacios then this guy would be him.” He then went on to say, ” The nearest player I could compare him with would be a young Patrick Vieira.” “He doesn’t score many goals but he’s definatly going to be massive for us.”

Not a bad description of Sandro,If he turns out to be any thing close to Vieira then we should have a real gem on our hands.


Aug 132010

Just watching the pre match interview with Redknapp and he was asked about the rumors linking Peter Crouch to Liverpool his response was “no chance, he’s not for sale Crouch”. Now there have been managers who say players are not for sale in an attempt to bump up the price but in this instance I believe Harry, there is no logic in selling Crouch to Liverpool and I can’t see that it would ever happy. Crouch is Spurs for this season.

Crouchy, going nowhere!!

Redknapp also admitted travelling to France to watch Loic Remy in action and said he was impressed and he is a very good player.  Nice are prepared to sell Remy at the right price however Tottenham will face competition for the Forwards signature from upto another 8 Premiership clubs including West Ham and Liverpool.

With the season due to kick off tomorrow Redknapp sounded pleased with the preperations and was in a confident mood but under no illusions to the task that is ahead tomorrow and for the rest of the season. It is good to see the likes of Fergie and Wenger rate us so highly this season and hopefully we can live up to the expectations. No doubt about it the bar has been raised, the stakes are higher and we have to rise to that challenge.

Remember you can view the action live tomorrow in the forum by clicking >>HERE<< and discuss the action live as it happens with fellow Spurs fans, simply register to gain access.

Aug 092010

Nobody will yet know the full reasons behind Martin O’neill walking away from Villa just days before the start of the new season but early reports are that it has to do with Villa planning to sell Ashley Young to Tottenham without O’Neill’s consent. It seems Martin had resigned himself to losing Milner to  City due to their formidable spending power but selling Young too was just too much for him to take.

Young to Spurs?

It’s no secret that Harry has been an admirer of Ashley Young for a while and had flirted with the idea of bringing him to the Lane. Most places are reporting that the reason behind O’Neill stepping down at Aston Villa is because of the sale of James Milner and a lack of funds available for him to spend.

It was a couple of radio stations that seem to think that the real reason that tipped Martin over the edge was that Villa were also planning to sell Ashley Young to Spurs, Talksport in particular. This would seem to make more sense than O’Neill leaving because of James Milner because the Milner saga was hardly a suprise and Martin knew Villa couldn’t compete with City’s spending power and would have to sell, but it seems that if there is any truth in tha Ashely Young story that the Villa board pushed him just one step too far.

So what do you guys think, any truth in this? Could Ashley Young be on his way to Spurs and do we really need him?