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Nov 242010

(Goals at bottom of article)

Happy days being a Spurs fan, I actually bet my mate a tenner we would do better than them in this seasons Champions League competition, after half an hour of the Young Boys game he sent me a text telling me to get his tenner ready, how things have changed since then.

Tonight was a night where I think most of us felt confident right from the word go and the lads put in a performance and got a win without really having to move into top gear.


The ever improving Younes Kaboul got his second goal in as many matches before Luka Modric hit a Van der Vaart style goal against Villa with a lovely dummy before slotting home. Spurs could even afford the luxury of a missed penalty by Bale before Crouch made it 3-0 and sent Spurs into the knockout stages.

So we had the hardest group out of all the English clubs and we have sailed through. Is just qualifying enough or do we want top spot and hope for a kind draw in the next phase. Should Harry still field a strong team and hope to beat Twente or get a point that will see us top the group and improve our chances. I think he should, I would love to play the likes of Barca or Real Madrid but would like to progress one more round before that happens.

Whatever happens from now on, we have done ourselves proud, Rangers and Celtic have only qualified once in however many attempts, we have done it in style at the first attempt. Even Arsenal have yet to qualify and we have done it with a game to spare in a group which had some big European teams in, including the Champions.

Was happy with Aaron Lennon tonight, he seems to have the confidence to beat the last defender and put the cross in, he didn’t rush his crossing he picked out his man on two occasions and got two great assists. Younes Kaboul and William Gallas are getting better and better, game by game and now seem to have formed a good partnership at the back. Younes will become one of Europe’s top defenders, he has all the attributes, once he can keep his concentration for 90mins I have no doubt of that.

All in all a good team performance, everyone had a decent game and done their job and more importantly won their individual battles.


Oct 042010

Inter Milan and former Portsmouth midfielder Sulley Muntari’s time at Inter looks to be coming to an end, fueling speculation that Harry Redknapp is waiting to pounce with an offer for his former player in January. Harry had Muntari under his wings during his Portsmouth days and is a big fan of the player.

La Gazzetta dello Sport claims his adventure in Milan has already been signed off after he stormed out of San Siro during Inter’s derby d’Italia against Juventus on Sunday.

Clearly unhappy at his latest exclusion from the matchday squad, Muntari took his protests far, and rather than obey orders to sit in the stands, he left altogether – a sign he no longer wants to be involved with the club. Under Mourinho Muntari was a prominent figure and a vital part of the treble winning Inter team but Rafa Benitez has no plans for the midfielder. His career at Inter seems to be all but over and early indications in Italy show that Tottenham’s Harry Redknapp is waiting in the wings.

Spurs now play Inter back to back in the Champions League over the coming weeks and talks could be set to begin as early as then, should a deal be reached in January then expect to see Wilson Palacios shipped out of White Hart Lane.

Aug 062010

Was just listening to an interview with Harry Redknapp on Talksport and he revealed Defoe has a groin strain and I quote “it’s touch and go whether the striker is fot for the City game. Redknapp said there is no chance Defoe will feature in tomorrow’s friendly with Fiorentina tomorrow.

Harry also said he would relish playing Champions League football next season should Tottenham overcome Young Boys in the Qualifying round of the Champions League. He said he would not be taking Young Boys for granted after their win over Fenerbahce in the previous round.

Hopefully Defoe can be fit for the opening day, if not then I am sure Pav, Keane and Crouch can provide good cover, afterall Crouch done the business last season agaisnt the Mancs so we shouldn’t be too worried there. Hopefully it’s a Steven Gerrard thing where Harry, knowing we have City and Young Boys to play doesn’t want Defoe playing for England so is trying to play the “injury” game that Gerrard does so often.

However this may persuade Harry to buy himself a new striker sooner rather than later and my money is on Bellamy arriving in the not to distant future.

Aug 022010

For many a season now Tottenham Hotspur have seemly struggled when it comes to sustaining a serious assault on both maintaining and then developing a progressively positive league positioning,and there are many a wise footballing pundit who will have you believe it to be through having a rather succulent porky underbelly.And perhaps to a certain extent they are correct,in fact our esteemed leader Harry Redknapp himself voiced this very same argument when he first took the helm of the good ship Tottenham.

In truth he believed it to such an extent that he   went out and purchased our very own  Wilson Palacios,who then proceeded to take to the field sword in hand ready to decapitate the very first upstart that threatened to advance on our defence.Yes,whether it was beneath the  mighty walls of White Hart Lane,or away on some foreign field he would strike fear into the hearts of the merest mortal men.

You see most people will admit that when  finding yourself in a tricky spot there’s nothing more uplifting,or giving of resolve than knowing that the man next to you is doing everything he can to pull the team out of the quagmire it has found itself in,at the expense of the oppositions nerve of course.

Add then our newest recruit Sandro Ranieri Guimaraes Cordeiro,or Conan to those who flee his presence in concern of their own welfare.And are we about to behold the birth of the most fearsome midfield in footballing history?Not to mention a more serious challenge on the Premier League than many might care to mention.

After all seeing that Harry has now made it known he wishes to move to a four five one formation ( with appropriate striker on board,) will the presence of both Palacios and Sandro in midfield give those around them reason to surpass the limitations placed on their usual game due to over extensive defensive responsibilities? Whether it be Modric,Kranjcar or Lennon we should see delving into that magic hat we know they posses to pull out a trick or two,whilst giving the opposition a lesson in style.Or Dawson and Bassong having the luxury of security behind the midfield defensive shield,hence having them time to organize the back four, Gomes too need worry no longer.

So in conclusion do you see a midfield with the coming together of the destroyers as a plus,or would it make the team too negative? Your views are as usual welcome.

Jul 312010

Was browsing around Youtube and I came across an interview with new Spurs signing Sandro, I don’t know if many of you have seen it but for those of you who haven’t here it is.

He looks decent enough, let’s face it if you play for Brazil you can’t be too shabby can you. He seems keen to join us which makes me like him even more. He goes on to say that he will always give us 100% and was happy to see us finish 4th last season. I just hope he is the real deal and not another over hyped youngster like KPB. He plays the defensive midfield role which you would think that Harry has no plans to play him alongside Palacios, so is he going to be backup or can he actually offer something different?

The midfielder has signed a five-year contract with Tottenham Hotspur and will join the club once Internacional end their run in the Libertadores.

Jul 312010

Giovani Dos Santos! Watching him in midweek made me think to myself even more “I hope Harry can see he is worth keeping”, he didn’t change the game but for me he is a player who is always a threat and a player who is well capable of nicking us a goal out of nothing.

I am going to take a gamble on him this season by putting him in my dream team ( he will only be one of my subs to start with). Watching the World Cup he showed he has natural talent and abaility, he just needs someone to get the best out of him and if Harry can do that with the rest of our team then why not with Gio?. Whenever he plays for Mexico everything goes through him, he pulls all the strings  and at such a young age. You don’t play for Barcelona and become a bad player over night.

Harry seems to have warmed to him more since the World Cup, he has said on a few occasions that he knows Gio is talented but he prefers the party lifestyle and should he just knuckle down could be a great player. So why does Harry up untill now always overlook him? is it punishment for his extreme social life?

To me if Harry is a good manager then part of being a good manager is to work with players that have been misguided and turn them around and to help them reach their full potential. Giving up on a player with ability like Dos Santos is criminal and it would be a decision we could live to regret and that scares me.

The general feel I get from Spurs fans is that they mainly share my view that this kid isn’t done and dusted and could yet show us the reason we signed him. I think Gio would be well suited to Champions League matches. Gio was nominated for best young player at this year’s 2010 World Cup and it seems maybe Harry has picked up on his performances and might just be willing to open the door once more for Gio. Gio scored in our 4-1 defeat to Villarreal in midweek to give us something to cheer about, he gives off vibes of calmness when in front of goal and dribbling with the ball looks like it comes natural to him like it does to Messi.

Now if you are asking me I think up untill the new year we will see Gio given more of a chance, probably his last chance at Tottenham, but I just hope it is a fair chance and not 10 mins here and there, he can play on the left, forward or in a hole behind the striker. I sometimes think Harry doesn’t know which position is best for Gio but why not give him more of a chance. I would much rather see Gio in a Spurs shirt for another season than Jenas.

We take on Befinca at their gaff on tuesday night, hopefully Giovani will be given a good run out in that match too and hopefully win Harry over even more. The game will be live on ESPN I believe so sign up to the >>forum<< to see the match live. Gio what would you do with him?

Jul 292010

Well the big guns are back for tonights match but will they be rested or will they play? Anyway as you know the past couple of games I have set up a new page for the games streams, well tonight it is in the FORUM only, just click the link and login or register, the streams are embedded into the Tottenham vs Villarreal topic so you can watch and chat, I will work on adding more. There are fewer streams around tonight but I have managed to dig a couple out for you guys.

The world cup players are back but some of the youngsters have been in good form in pre season so far, so will Harry stick with some of them? It is our first home friendly and there will surely be a decent atmosphere at the Lane. Harry seems to change his formation to a 5-4-1 or 4-3-3 only to later revert to 4-4-2 later on in recent games, but I guess that is what a friendly match is for.

Personally I think it’s important that some of the World Cup boys get some fitness and get a good half an hour on the pitch, these are the players that will be opening agaisnt City in 2 weeks so we don’t have long left to prepare them. We are the favourites for the win and I fully expect the boys to deliver, it’s a shame we haven’t had no new signings to take a look at for tonight but who knows, maybe next week.

Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow morning for a match review and highlights if I can find some, if you know of any before I do use the contact me page and give me the link. I am going for a 2-1 win tonight, leave your predictions below.

Watch all the action from 8pm in the Forum , either login or register to be able to view the boards. Can also watch it on spurstv if you want to pay the £1.99. Enjoy the match!

Jul 262010

Still no action, 18 days to go untill kick off and with the exception of Sandro still no new faces. I don’t think it’s a big deal and vitally important but it would have been good to bring a couple of faces in by now to help our case more for next season. Missing out on Joe Cole didn’t help I think maybe Harry put more into that deal than he let on.

Was watching his interview on Sky Sports earlier and he said about no club having any money to spend, now maybe we are not being told the full story, maybe Levy really isn’t giving Harry much to work with. Harry might have to sell the likes of Jenas, O’hara and Keane etc before being allowed to sign anybody else. In his previous interview Harry seemed to share my opinion that if we are to ever push on then now is our best chance we have had in 20 years.

If you watched our recent tournament in America you would probably have noticed how new signings need to gel by watching Manchester City’s awful display, they have signed a few players recently and they did not look like a proper team, not working for eachother and lack of understanding. That is one thing we do have over City, the ability to play like a team but for this reason I hope if Harry is going to do some business he does it soon and not once the season has started.  Harry said at the end of the season he wanted all his new signings in by July or something like that.

We are constantly linked with Micah Richards and he is seemingly unwanted by city so why haven’t we got him yet? surely it would be better to ship out Hutton and get Richards to inject some pace into the back line. Don’t get me wrong I think he have a team full of good players, but I worry that our 4th place finish will make us believe we are better than we actually are and that we really do need 2 or 3 players to strengthen the team while we have the ability to attract better players.

So is Harry right are a lot of teams in the Premiership lacking funds to spend, I am sure that Man United are feeling the pinch thanks to the Glazers, the debt has to be repaid sooner or later and it could mean less spending power for United over the next few years. But we are supposed to have a decent balance and Harry isn’t the type of manager to shy away from the transfer market so why hasn’t he done anything this summer?

When I wrote a similar blog a couple of weeks ago I thought to myself that in a couple of weeks I would be proved wrong and we would have a new face or two at the club but here I am once again covering old ground. I am wondering if Harry isn’t indulging himself in new players, is it because he really believes we are good enough to push on as it is, is it because he hasn’t found the right players yet or is it because Levy hasn’t handed over his wallet yet. One more thing Harry did say was that there is a nice free transfer he would like to have, the name Raul is the first name that springs to mind for me.

On a brighter note Aldo and myself got ur tickets for the City game, so see you all at the Lane on the opening day and hopefully a couple of new signings to excite us.

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