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Jul 202010

Joe Cole’s signed on at Anfield, Fabiano’s decided to stay with Sevilla, Taiwo’s a no-go and Cavani is apparently off to Italy. Almost everyone who has been linked with the club in recent weeks has either moved elsewhere or negotiated a new contract with their current employers, so with less than a month until the new campaign kicks off we have to start to wonder ……. WHERE IS EVERYBODY?

Joe Cole - Hodgson Snapped Up The England Man

We should be used to it by now, linked with every Tom, Dick and ‘Arry only to be left disappointed and ridiculed by others when the promised big name signings failed to materialise !!!

Not so long ago we were linked with the likes of Morientes, Rivaldo, Ronaldo (the fat one) and Diego only to fall just short (not through lack of trying I might add!) and be left to settle with players who were not quite of the same standard ….. Postiga, Rasiak, Acimovic the list goes on!

This time around however we all thought things would be different, top 4, Champions League football on the way, the big boys would surely be clammering to get through the White Hart Lane entrance this summer ……. but once again all is quiet on the star arrival front!

Cavani - Italy Bound?

What’s Wrong With Us?

Sandro’s in and that’s a great signing already in the bag but you have to wonder why we are failing to tempt the big players to the club when we are in the midst of our most exciting and productive period for as long as the memory can stretch?

Today’s tabloids are informing us that the Craig Bellamy deal is as good as signed and to be honest, at the money being mentioned(£3-5m) he would appear to be a good addition to the squad when you take into account the fact that Keano appears to be on his way out of the club. Bellamy, as good as he is though, fails to create the excitement around the fans that we were expecting to feel, going into our first season against Europe’s elite in the Champs. League.

Going Nowhere - Luis Fabiano

We’ve still been linked with some very good players, and realistic for a change as well! Gaby Agbonlahor, Micah Richards, Cole (before the move) but as yet, no concrete offers and no sign that anything’s about to change any time soon. I know our best work usually goes on  behind the scenes, only sprung on us when the deal is complete,  but with only a few weeks to go before we get underway again we must just hope that that work is underway as you read this !!

Anyone you’d like to see arrive soon? Any rumours you’ve heard that have escaped the press? Let us know in the comments box below ……..

Jul 202010

If, as expected, Big Martin Jol is confirmed as the new Fulham boss, a sizeable chunk of the supposed £20m transfer kitty to be handed to him by Mohamed Al Fayed is being reserved for a move to bring Robbie Keane with him to Craven Cottage.

Together Again ? - Jol & Keane

Despite a last ditch attempt from current employers Ajax to keep the former Spurs boss in Holland, Jol spent Monday afternoon accompanied by his brother and agent in thrashing out the final details of his move back to the English Premier League.

Once finalised and announced, Jol intends to raid his former employers at the Lane for out of favour striker Robbie Keane. Keane, who spent the second half of last season on loan at Parkhead with Celtic is thought to be available for around £5-7m and with the pair having enjoyed such a good relationship in the past, the Dutchman is keen to bring in the Republic Of Ireland international to bolster his attacking options ahead of the new season.

Whilst at Spurs, Keane was always Jol’s main striker, ahead of Defoe,Kanoute and Mido. So it comes as no suprise that with Spurs looking to sell that big MJ is looking to buy. Lets all be honest here, how many of us Spurs fans will be having a bit of a soft spot for Fulham next season, would love to see Jol return to us one day, he will always be ours but wherever he is I am sure most Tottenham fans wish him all the best.

Jul 162010

Fulham are reportedly targeting Martin Jol as the number 1 replacement Roy Hodgson

Current Ajax and ex Spurs manager Jol is a wanted man by Fulham. Jol was a fans favourite during his days at the Lane and might relish the chance to return to the Premiership.

Personally I would love to see Jol back in the league and I am sure he would get a fantastic reception from us Tottenham fans. I still hope that one day he will return to us. I think we owe an awful lot on where we are now to big MJ, he turned us from a laughing stock to real champions league contenders and lead us to our first premiership top 5 finish, the first time we qualified for Europe through the league in the Premiership.

I say good on you Fulham, if you get Martin then you should consider yourselves lucky, he is a great manager and a legend for most of us Spurs fans. He would do a great job for your club.

Jul 162010

Before I start I must give credit to Spooky at DearMrLevy for being the first one of us to find this leaked picture, he will know I thieved this picture that he found so I won’t deny it but i’m sure he would have done the same in my situation. This picture is a must for every Spurs blogger.

Ledley is showing off the new home shirt for next seasons Premiership fixtures,  I like the retro feel this shirt gives off.

Lennon on the right is modelling the new away shirt I believe, I think they could have done better with this, bit of a poor effort if you ask me.

Dawson in the middle with the 3rd kit, seen other teams go for the green and black, in the past but now we have followedd suit. I do like this one though, it has got something about it.

Will definately buy the home and 3rd shirt but I might be forgiven if I give the away shirt a miss. Good photo, I wonder if they will have to do it all again when the sponsorship is agreed for the cup competitions.

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Jul 152010

Last season was one hell of a rollercoaster ride but that is what makes being a Tottenham fan the best fans in the world, if Carlsberg done fans it would definately be Tottenham. I don’t know about most of you but for myself I enjoy supporting a team that doesn’t win every week and isn’t expected to win a trophy each season, to me this makes it all the more special when we do. Other teams might mock our enthusiasm but I put that down to fear or jelousy. I believe we are on the way up and its about time too.

Boom Boom Boom Let Me Hear You Say Bale....

Last season gave us so many high points and a few downers too, we beat some of the big teams and we let Wolves do the double over us. We beat Wigan 9-1 but we let the scum give us a bit of a footballing lesson at their gaff. Come the final game of the season I defy any other football fan to say that Spurs didn’t deserve to finish in 4th place having been in the top 4 for most of the season.

We had what was to be a season defining couple of weeks in April. This run of games started with the FA Cup semi final agaisnt relgated Portsmouth, on paper it was to be a stroll in the park but we all know that the FA Cup was Pompey’s last hope of salvaging something from the season and we all know that they wanted it more than us which is why they won and we didn’t, it’s as simple as that. Oh plus the Wembley pitch was a disgrace!!

Out of the FA Cup and disheartened and slipped down to 5th place in league after City jumped us due to our previous league defeat agaisnt Sunderland, was there a way back or was a Europa cup place looking like a good achievement? Well the Spurs players had other ideas and what was about to happen in the coming fixtures was beyond our wildest dreams. With Arsenal,Chelsea, United and City all to play in the space of a month did finishing 4th ever look likely? Now I am the ever optomistic Spurs fan but even I thought this run of games would prove too much for us, but take a look at the video below to see the moment that I and thousands of other Spurs fans thought that for once things might just be different….

So we sent Arsenal and Chelsea packing and if after both of them amazing results if there was any justice and you believed in fate you just knew that we had to finish 4th. Who would have thought we would have come through the Arsenal,Chelsea and United run of games back in 4th? I will review more parts in the coming weeks before the start of the season to gear us up for another crack at it, the City game will be coming up so pop back for my review on that. For now however I leave you with our season defining moment, the moment we dared to dream, the moment Tottenham fans believed once again.

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Jul 112010

Just been watching the latest Sky Sports News interview with Jermain Defoe following on from the work he has been doing in South Africa. Defoe then started talking about Joe Cole and to me looked like he was sending out a clear message “come to Tottenham”. Defoe went on to say what a great player Joe Cole is and with great experience and that he would love to see him at Tottenham next season because he would fit straight into the team so well. He also added that Cole knows a few of the England boys in the Tottenham team and is close to manager Harry Redknapp.

The way I saw this was that Jermain was sending out the message to Cole to join Spurs, it is not the first time when being interviewed by Sky that Defoe has started to talk about the prospect of Cole joining Spurs, he done the same thing last week in a similar interview. Lets face it, we would hate to see Joe Cole in an Arsenal shirt and it looks as though Jermain shares our fears because he seems to be using quite a few media opportunities to send a message to Joe.

Nobody knows which way this one is going to go. Each day has different reports, one minute Tottenham are favourites and then Liverpool and Arsenal. Today it takes a different twist, apparently Joe has asked his agent to look for clubs in Spain and Italy for a possible move. You pick up the paper each day to see who is the front runner for his signature and each day has a different team.

I went on record a few weeks ago saying I am confident he will join Tottenham, the foundations are all in place at Tottenham to give Cole a new loving home. First of all we are in London, which is where Joe wants to stay. Secondly he has a few of his England team collegues in the Spurs squad and lastly and most importantly we have our trump card which is the reason I believe Joe will sign……. Harry Redknapp.

Defoe also went on to add he would like to stay at Tottenham for the rest of his career:

“At the end of the day I am playing with great players and that’s all I want,”

“The squad is full of internationals and when you play you know you have to play well because a player just as good as you can come in and do the same thing as you.

“I have always said if i am playing with great players then I am happy.

“So why would you not want to commit yourself to a club like that?

“We can have a good run in the Champions League and if we do do that it would be so special for the club and the fans and just everryone involved at the football club,” added Defoe.

“It is the first time [being in the Champions League] and the fans have wanted it for so many years.”