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Jul 202010

Joe Cole’s signed on at Anfield, Fabiano’s decided to stay with Sevilla, Taiwo’s a no-go and Cavani is apparently off to Italy. Almost everyone who has been linked with the club in recent weeks has either moved elsewhere or negotiated a new contract with their current employers, so with less than a month until the new campaign kicks off we have to start to wonder ……. WHERE IS EVERYBODY?

Joe Cole - Hodgson Snapped Up The England Man

We should be used to it by now, linked with every Tom, Dick and ‘Arry only to be left disappointed and ridiculed by others when the promised big name signings failed to materialise !!!

Not so long ago we were linked with the likes of Morientes, Rivaldo, Ronaldo (the fat one) and Diego only to fall just short (not through lack of trying I might add!) and be left to settle with players who were not quite of the same standard ….. Postiga, Rasiak, Acimovic the list goes on!

This time around however we all thought things would be different, top 4, Champions League football on the way, the big boys would surely be clammering to get through the White Hart Lane entrance this summer ……. but once again all is quiet on the star arrival front!

Cavani - Italy Bound?

What’s Wrong With Us?

Sandro’s in and that’s a great signing already in the bag but you have to wonder why we are failing to tempt the big players to the club when we are in the midst of our most exciting and productive period for as long as the memory can stretch?

Today’s tabloids are informing us that the Craig Bellamy deal is as good as signed and to be honest, at the money being mentioned(£3-5m) he would appear to be a good addition to the squad when you take into account the fact that Keano appears to be on his way out of the club. Bellamy, as good as he is though, fails to create the excitement around the fans that we were expecting to feel, going into our first season against Europe’s elite in the Champs. League.

Going Nowhere - Luis Fabiano

We’ve still been linked with some very good players, and realistic for a change as well! Gaby Agbonlahor, Micah Richards, Cole (before the move) but as yet, no concrete offers and no sign that anything’s about to change any time soon. I know our best work usually goes on  behind the scenes, only sprung on us when the deal is complete,  but with only a few weeks to go before we get underway again we must just hope that that work is underway as you read this !!

Anyone you’d like to see arrive soon? Any rumours you’ve heard that have escaped the press? Let us know in the comments box below ……..