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Jul 252010

Today’s Hotspur History Features Tottenham v Leicester City in the 1999 League Cup Final

***Video Below***

The cup was then named the Worthington Cup after taking over sponsorship from Coca-Cola. Below you will find our road to Wembley results, I think it was the year Ginola scored that goal agaisnt Barnsley in the FA Cup quater final.

Round 2, 1st leg: Brentford 2–3 Tottenham Hotspur

Round 2, 2nd leg: Tottenham Hotspur 3–2 Brentford

Round 3: Northampton Town 1–3 Tottenham Hotspur

Round 4: Liverpool 1–3 Tottenham Hotspur

Quarter-final: Tottenham Hotspur 3–1 Manchester United

Semi-final, 1st leg: Tottenham Hotspur 0–0 Wimbledon

Semi-final, 2nd leg: Wimbledon 0–1 Tottenham Hotspur

I just noticed we scored 3 goals in 5 consecutive matches. The final itself would only ever be remembered by us Spurs faithful, it was the sort of match the neutrals would have forgotten a long long time ago. Both teams were cautious but it was Tottenham who edged the match in my opinion and deserved the 1-0 win. Robbie Savage was on the pitch to wind up the Spurs players rather than play football.

If you take a look back at our team, it was a mixture of good players and players I would now call pants. It brings back some great memories of Ginola I have. I was watching this one at home and when Justin Edinburgh got sent off, I like a lot of you suspected the worst, I thought we would be clinging on for dear life and Leicester would take the game to us but nothing really changed. I was braced for extra time and then Iversen went on a great run which resulted in Allan Nielsen scoring the winner deep into injury time, needless to say I creamed my pants and spilt my beer everywhere.

I am too good to you lot, I spent hours making this video for you, just like the West Ham video I couldn’t find any other compilations on the net so this might be unique so feel free to nab yourself a copy and download it at will. Remember the Tottenhamv Sporting game can be seen by joining the forum where I will embed live streams for the match and future Tottenham games, so it will pay off if you join.

Jul 152010

Last season was one hell of a rollercoaster ride but that is what makes being a Tottenham fan the best fans in the world, if Carlsberg done fans it would definately be Tottenham. I don’t know about most of you but for myself I enjoy supporting a team that doesn’t win every week and isn’t expected to win a trophy each season, to me this makes it all the more special when we do. Other teams might mock our enthusiasm but I put that down to fear or jelousy. I believe we are on the way up and its about time too.

Boom Boom Boom Let Me Hear You Say Bale....

Last season gave us so many high points and a few downers too, we beat some of the big teams and we let Wolves do the double over us. We beat Wigan 9-1 but we let the scum give us a bit of a footballing lesson at their gaff. Come the final game of the season I defy any other football fan to say that Spurs didn’t deserve to finish in 4th place having been in the top 4 for most of the season.

We had what was to be a season defining couple of weeks in April. This run of games started with the FA Cup semi final agaisnt relgated Portsmouth, on paper it was to be a stroll in the park but we all know that the FA Cup was Pompey’s last hope of salvaging something from the season and we all know that they wanted it more than us which is why they won and we didn’t, it’s as simple as that. Oh plus the Wembley pitch was a disgrace!!

Out of the FA Cup and disheartened and slipped down to 5th place in league after City jumped us due to our previous league defeat agaisnt Sunderland, was there a way back or was a Europa cup place looking like a good achievement? Well the Spurs players had other ideas and what was about to happen in the coming fixtures was beyond our wildest dreams. With Arsenal,Chelsea, United and City all to play in the space of a month did finishing 4th ever look likely? Now I am the ever optomistic Spurs fan but even I thought this run of games would prove too much for us, but take a look at the video below to see the moment that I and thousands of other Spurs fans thought that for once things might just be different….

So we sent Arsenal and Chelsea packing and if after both of them amazing results if there was any justice and you believed in fate you just knew that we had to finish 4th. Who would have thought we would have come through the Arsenal,Chelsea and United run of games back in 4th? I will review more parts in the coming weeks before the start of the season to gear us up for another crack at it, the City game will be coming up so pop back for my review on that. For now however I leave you with our season defining moment, the moment we dared to dream, the moment Tottenham fans believed once again.

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Jul 132010

Ajax striker Luis Suarez has given a strong indication that he could be interested in joining the club this summer.

Luis Suarez - Could the Ajax man be Lane bound?

The Uruguayan striker, who found the back of the net for fun last season for both club and country, has spoken of his desire to play in the Premier League and Manchester United and Spurs are the two clubs that he specifically mentioned when asked. Manchester United, being the biggest name in the English game, if not the world game, is hardly a surprise, but to mention us as a serious option is surely enough to get us more than a little excited and to ask the question ….. why would he specifically name us?

‘Manchester United are a great side and, along with Real Madrid are the most prestigious club in the world, you know if you join Manchester United and are there for any length of time you will win things.

‘Tottenham hold appeal as well though, they are a team with great ambition and have done well to reach the Champions League, ‘I like team that have shown ambition through the money they spend.

‘If there are multiple offers form the Premier League I will take time to decide – but at the moment they are the two clubs that stand out for me.’

For a player to name drop a club is far from unusual, however, it is all too often the big named Champions League regulars, and Spurs cannot yet be spoken of in that group, so you would have to assume that some form of contact has to have been made between the club and the player?

Suarez, would certainly be that ‘marquee’ signing that Harry spoke of earlier in the summer and even after he darkened his reputation with his hand ball against Ghana, he would certainly be a name to make a statement of intent as well as excite the fans going into our most important season in recent history!

….. The question is, how much can we read into the players comments and could this just be yet more false hope in the transfer market?

….. As usual, we can only wait and hope.

Jul 092010

Uruguay world cup star reopens door back to the Premiership but could it be career over for Spurs’ England defender?

Change of heart? Forlan refuses to rule out move back to England.

Supposed Redknapp target Diego Forlan has refused to rule out a move away from Atletico Madrid this summer.

The Uruguayan striker is chasing the Golden Boot at this summer’s World Cup in South Africa having already scored four goals in his country’s route to Saturday’s third place play off against the Germans.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp has been open when speaking of his admiration of Forlan, but the former Man Utd man has previously ruled out a return to the Premier League.

The striker struggled during his spellat Old Trafford, however, he has since flourished with more than 100 goals in Spain for Villareal and Atletico to draw the attention of a number of top clubs around Europe.

And Forlan admits that he would consider a summer move, telling Sky Sports News: “They have to be a good offer and we have to see.

“I am very happy in Madrid and the way the city and the team are always with me.

“(But) you never know. If it is a good offer we have to see if the team wants me to leave or not and then we have to sit and talk.”

End of the Road? Woody suffers yet more injury woe!

Meanwhile one player for whom the future does not look quite so bright is our injury jinxed England centre half Jonathon Woodgate.

Woodgate is running out of time to save his Spurs career, according to boss Harry Redknapp.

Woodgate played the disappointing total of only three games last season and failed to manage a single appearence from November onwards.

Redknapp has now warned the 30 year-old he will have ‘big problems’ if a persistent groin injury is not cured soon.

“We’ve really got to monitor him and see where he’s at because it’s been a year now for Jonathan and he’s really got to be coming back and playing now” said Redknapp.

“If he doesn’t, if he’s not going to be back pretty soon, he’s got big problems, so it is an area we’re looking at. Sebastien Bassong did well for us last year so we’ll see how we go.”

Woody will always be remembered by Spurs fans for his winner against Chelsea in the League Cup final, but sentiment can only take you so far and if he fails to recover soon we won’t be too disappointed to see him removed from the payroll. For a player once considered to be Englands’s best centre half, it could be a very sad end to what could have been such a great career!

Jul 082010

Following his renewed optimism on the possibility of Joe Cole joining us, Redknapp sets his sights on another former West Ham man ….

Redknapp wants to reunite Carrick with old team mate Cole at the Lane.

After his U-turn over the chances of us seeing Joe Cole in a Tottenham shirt yesterday, Harry Redknapp has renewed his interest in the possibility of reuniting Cole with former West Ham teammate Michael Carrick.

Former Spurs midfielder Carrick, 28,has seen his opportunities at Old Trafford become fewer and farther between recently and was mooted to be part of a swap deal being readied by Sir Alex Ferguson earlier in the season for Croatian international Luka Modric.

That possibility was quickly shot down by Spurs who moved to secure Modric on a new and improved 6 year contract, running until the end of the 2016 season.

Now however, it is believed that the United boss will consider letting England international Carrick leave the club if a suitable offer is received.

With Harry a known admirer of the geordie midfield man, it is now believed that he is ready to test the water with United, with a £12m bid for his former charge.

Should the bid be accepted, you would imagine that Carrick would seriously consider a switch back to N17, especially now that we have Champions League football to come at the Lane next season. The thought of seeing Cole and Carrick sharing the centre of the park on the same side once again would certainly be interesting and the United man’s range of passing would certainly compliment the abilities of Luka Modric . One other thing to consider however, is that with Sandro coming in aswell if Harry were to get the cheque book out for Carrick, would that mean the end for Wilson Palacios? With the Honduran already having been linked with a move to Spain with Barca, could he be the man to make way for another midfield arrival?

Jun 212010

It’s the choice no Tottenham fan would want to make, but today I was asked this question out of the blue, i was caught off guard, i was enjoying my pub lunch,watching the world cup when suddenly out of nowhere I was asked the question, Luka Modric or David Ginola?. As I felt the sweat on my forehead building up, I felt as though I had the weight of the nation on my shoulders. How could they do this to me, it’s like making a child pick between his mum or dad. I tried to buy myself some time to compose myself and think clearly. I said “let me finish my lunch and i’ll tell you”. The truth being I had no idea what I was going to tell them, my only plan was to eat as slow as I could while i tried to think of a rational argument to chose either player. I could feel my 1/4lb burger getting cold while I stalled for more time, but I didn’t care, I couldn’t get this answer wrong.

As I swallowed my last bite they looked at me for an answer, I said ” 2 mins just going for a slash”. As I stood at the urinal trying to reach a final decision I could smell the pissy air oozing up my nostrils. The time had come I had made my decision, I walked out of them toilets and sat back down at my table. They looked at me and asked me once more, Modric or Ginola? I paused and then I said it “Ginola”.

I felt so guilty that I had turned my back on Luka but Ginola was such a hero to me during the late 90s. Even though we were just a mid table team he was so exciting to watch, his ability to run and dribble the ball was simply amazing, he could weave in and out of defenders like nobody I have seen before or since. Sure the likes of Ronaldo can do it but to Ginola it was so natural. Anyway having made me decision I decided to stick by it and explain the reasons to my friends which I have just listed above. I also pointed out although I had chosen Ginola that Modric was a different type of player, thats like making someone chose between Ronaldo or Scholes for United. My friends were never going to let me cop out of making a choice though and I knew it but I done my best to defend my decision. Picking Luka would have been the easier choice because he is the current player but casting my mind back to all the memories Ginola gave me, I just couldn’t bare to not say his name.

Ask me this question again in 3 years time and I will answer again……..

Full Tottenham Premiership 2010/11 Fixture List

 Squad News  Comments Off on Full Tottenham Premiership 2010/11 Fixture List
Jun 172010

Fixtures announced this morning see Spurs host Man city on the opening day, followed by a trip to Stoke.

August 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 14th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Man City
Sat 21st 15:00 Premier League Stoke vs Tottenham
Sat 28th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Wigan
September 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 11th 15:00 Premier League West Brom vs Tottenham
Sat 18th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Wolverhampton
Sat 25th 15:00 Premier League West Ham vs Tottenham
October 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 2nd 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Aston Villa
Sat 16th 15:00 Premier League Fulham vs Tottenham
Sat 23rd 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Everton
Sat 30th 15:00 Premier League Man Utd vs Tottenham
November 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 6th 15:00 Premier League Bolton vs Tottenham
Tue 9th 19:45 Premier League Tottenham vs Sunderland
Sat 13th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Blackburn
Sat 20th 15:00 Premier League Arsenal vs Tottenham
Sat 27th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Liverpool
December 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 4th 15:00 Premier League Birmingham vs Tottenham
Sat 11th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Chelsea
Sat 18th 15:00 Premier League Blackpool vs Tottenham
Sun 26th 15:00 Premier League Aston Villa vs Tottenham
Tue 28th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Newcastle
January 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 1st 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Fulham
Wed 5th 19:45 Premier League Everton vs Tottenham
Sat 15th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Man Utd
Sat 22nd 15:00 Premier League Newcastle vs Tottenham
February 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Wed 2nd 19:45 Premier League Blackburn vs Tottenham
Sat 5th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Bolton
Sat 12th 15:00 Premier League Sunderland vs Tottenham
Sat 26th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Arsenal
March 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 5th 15:00 Premier League Wolverhampton vs Tottenham
Sat 19th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs West Ham
April 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 2nd 15:00 Premier League Wigan vs Tottenham
Sat 9th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Stoke
Sat 16th 15:00 Premier League Man City vs Tottenham
Sat 23rd 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs West Brom
Sat 30th 15:00 Premier League Chelsea vs Tottenham
May 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 7th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Blackpool
Sat 14th 15:00 Premier League Liverpool vs Tottenham
Sun 22nd 16:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Birmingham