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Jul 072010

Been following this the past couple of days and it looks as thought maybe we were wrong about Mr Redknapp not giving Giovani Dos Santos a chance. We could all see the boy was talented,we all knew he could play a part in next seasons campaign by filling in just behind the striker of on the left. What we didn’t know was why oh why Harry couldn’t see what the rest of us could see, especially after Gio had a fine World Cup with Mexico

The press also noticed the way Gio came to life in the World Cup and also asked the same questions us Spurs faithful have been asking since day one. We know he has bags of talent, for crying out loud he played for Barcelona and you don’t play for a team like that if you are no good.

The media asked Redknapp about Dos Santos and here’s what he said:

“If he could pass a nightclub as well as he can pass a ball, he would be all right,” the Spurs boss told the Daily Star.

“His mum and dad came over to see me last year and he apologised because they realised he wasn’t dedicated.

“He’s got bags of ability and ­fantastic skill. Suddenly he was late on Monday mornings … upset stomach. He’d probably been in ­Barcelona partying somewhere.”

Well if this is the case then you have to say that Harry is right, you can’t blame Harry for not playing the boy if he is not putting in the effort when all the other players are. However as his manager I do think Harry should try to do more to make this kid see sense and see what a great future he could have in football if he would just spend the next 10 years working hard.

It looks as though Harry does see what the rest of us do afterall but how can he help him if he won’t help himself? Gio is still only 21 so has time on his side, it looks as though the Mexico team rely on him to create the chances and inspire the team, if he can be that important to his national team at his age then he must be worth trying to keep. It’s down to the management team to sit him down and explain the situation to him rather than turn their back on him and ignore him. Gio needs a loving home and Spurs can provide that for him. You might have guessed by now I really like the kid, I just have this horrible feeling of Dos Santos being a world class player in 3 or 4 years and us Spurs fans looking on in admiration and thinking “he should be ours”.

No doubt about it that Redknapp has tried to extend the olive branch but the question is will Gio accept it and knuckle down and show us he really is the type of player we know he can be at Tottenham?

Jun 112010

I’ve rated Giovani dos Santos for god knows how long, when we signed him I was as excited as the rest of you, and so cheap at around the £4mil mark. It looks likely that he will be on his way out in the summer, but is it just me or does anyone else still see something special in this kid?, do you have the same fears that I do that if we sold him it would come back to haunt us. The way he runs with the ball reminds me of a younger Ronaldinho as he was once dubbed.

I keep asking myself, everytime I watch Mexico play he seems to be the best player on the field or at the very least the mexico team. Today I watch the opening World Cup 2010 game, South Africa V Mexico and once again Gio was the main man. Gio looked to be the one creating things and pulling the strings, it looked as though everything Mexico created came through him. I watched England V Mexico the other day and again Gio dos Santos has a decent game agaisnt good opposition.

Now I keep going over in my headas to why a player who is the star for his national side and played for Barcelona at such a young age and was destined to go on to great things can slowly be fading away in a Tottenham side. It seems to me the majority of the Tottenham supporters would like to see this boy give more of a chance in the team, next season would be ideal to give him some more time because of the fixture pile up. Now what really scares me is that Harry is missing a trick with this young lad and if we let him go we might just end up regretting it (I think we will). If it wasn’t for the fact that Ekotto got injured in January we would probably be saying au revoir to Gareth Bale this summer too, but as fate had it we got to see exactly why we paid out £10mil for Bale and now he is in the heart of the team. What concerns me is thats exactly what it was “fate” and not good managment that saved us from the disaster of letting Gareth Bale leave the lane. It scares me that it was only the fact we had no other left back and that Bale took his chance rather than the good managment of Harry to put him in. This is why I would love to see dos Santos given more of a chance because from what I have seen of him for Tottenham and Mexico he definately posesses ability and with the right coaching I believe could still live up to his potential. I would like to see him given some games next season because we will need depth in the squad due to the Champions League fixtures (if we qualify).

I would really like your opinions on this one guys, am I alone or do you as i suspect share my view on Gio? I know I will be down the bookies putting a £10 bet on each Mexico game for Gio to score the first goal, that’s how much confidence I have in the boy.