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Aug 202010

I will probably get a lot of stick for this blog but here it goes anyway….

None of this please William

We seem to be getting linked to far too many ex Arsenal players than I would like, it looks like we will be getting William Gallas on a freebie pending a medical and to a lot of clubs this would be a bargain but to me it’s not. He is a decent defender but his attitude isn’t the best. I don’t want a player who threatens to score own goals agaisnt his own team like he done at Chelsea if he doesn’t get his own way. Its bad enough he is an ex Gooner but I don’t even think the Arsenal fans ever embraced Gallas so how the hell are the Spurs fans supposed to. Gallas has this attitude that it’s all about him, while Bassong accepts King, Dawson and Woody are all better defenders than him and quietly waits for his chance to play and when he does he gives 100% I don’t think Gallas will do this, I think he is under the impression he will be the main man at the back for us and when he discovers he isn’t he will sulk. I don’t want to see this guy put above Bassong.

We are also being linked with Hleb in a £5 million move but although he has a much better attitude that Gallas my only real concern with this one except for him also being Arsenal is that I personally think he isn’t very good. Hleb will work hard and score the odd goal but seriously who can he push out of our team?

So we have now been linked with Adebayor, Flamini, Gallas and Hleb in recent weeks, surely we can aim higher than Arsenal rejects that were either sold for being trouble makers or were not simply good enough. I don’t want to visit the Emirates to the chants of “are you Arsenal in disguise” or “you only buy arsenal rejects”. Surely there are other players out there we can get linked to other than Gooner rejects.

News just in, Edgar Davids has joined Crystal Place, Edgar served us proud and I wish him all the best at his new club

Aug 182010

First of all, i know we had about 55% possession vs Young Boys. However we kept giving it away cheaply and didnt keep it for long enough to dictate tempo and rhythm. We never settled till we were 3-0 down!

Think about Spain and England at the WC – both had lots of possession but who were the better team? Why? because England kept going straight up field and losing it whereas Spain passed and probed and pulled defences out of position. (Spain also had a much better team but you see my point)

There’s been a lot of criticism flying around and the usual players are getting stick; you know, the likes of Bassong, BAE, Palacios, Gio, Pav whereas other players played shocking and didn’t get mentioned. For me the whole team needs to put their hand up.

Now i actually didn’t think BAE was that bad so i watched the game again to have another look and yeah ok i changed my mind. He was poor without a doubt. But as for Palacios, he’s been accussed of hardly putting a pass together last night and i have to say thats absolute crap!

Two biggest problems for Spurs were defensive mistakes and losing possession so here’s some facts from the game;

1st half mistakes; Bassong 2, BAE 2, Dawson 1, Corluka 1
1st half Losing possession; Pav 5, Corluka 4, Modric 4, BAE 3, Dawson 2, Gio 1, Defoe 1, Palacios 1

2nd half mistakes; Dawson 1, Palacios 1
2nd half losing possession; Palacios 5, Hudd 5, Krancjar 4, Pav 4, Dawson 4, Bale 2, Corluka 2, Gio1, Bassong 1, Keane 1

Sometimes i feel that as fans we don’t like certain players and so we look for negatives and of course find them. The reverse is true of other players of course. Let’s not just abuse players out of habit – Modric Dawson Krancjar Corluka all had poor games as well. Even Gomes didn’t play well.

Aug 182010

Ok so we almost let Young Boys make us look like Young Girls for half an hour but managed to salvage the tie in what Harry described as a “great defeat”. After half an hour I was looking at the tv screen in total shock, I felt a sense of not wanting to believe what I was witnessing, surely what we have been waiting for all summer wasn’t going to end this way? Well thankfully in the end it didn’t but it could have.

Yeah you can’t blame the pitch but it sure as hell didn’t help us, they shouldn’t really be allowed, if our boys wanted to play on artificial pitches they would go and have a kick about at their local goals with their mates. I don’t want to start this debate off just because we lost. For half an hour we were humiliated and it could have been even worse.

The turning point was when Huddlestone come on, he seemed to settle the team and bring back their confidence into the passing game. Hudd is really starting to develop into a vital player for us. So 3-0 down after half an hour and my phone was contant ringing with calls and text messages from… yeah you guessed it, Arsenal fans. My worst nightmare was coming true, in my head I was thinking how the bloddy hell am I going to face these gooner mugs at work tomorrow.

Just before half time Bassong pulled us a goal back and then later in the second half Pav managed to change the complex of the tie. Once again Tottenham are the bookies favourites to progress now with 2 away goals but Tottenham being Tottenham you never know, we could quite easily go and lose again or end up with a 0-0 draw as we have trouble breaking teams down when they set up to defend but we could just as easily go and thump them.

The fact of the matter remains we are still behind so we have to chase the match, yes now we are only 1 goal behind I am feeling confident that the job will get done. So let’s weigh it up, 3-2 would have been a poor result before the game right? but after 30 mins if somebody offered me 3-2 I would have taken that all day long and give them a big “thank you very much” to go with it. So you can see why Harry called it a great defeat , I agree with him, what could have turned into a nightmare that would mean Tottenham jokes via text messages and on the internet, thankfully didn’t. However the potential banana skin is still there so we must take Young Boys more seriously and give them more credit. Thankfully we have a second chance, hopefully we will take it this time.

The potential consequences of defeat was untinkable, it now looks as though we had waited to confirm qualification before making moves for our transfer targets. If we do crash out on Wednesday then that also throws the plans for any news players to join us up in arms. I don’t really need to mention the money involved, we all know it’s worth millions to the club. Most of all, the biggest fear of all that was running through my head when we were 3 goals down was, “I have waited years for this moment and it might be years before it happens again”. Now I was feeling that this was our chance and we have blown it and we might wait another 10 years before we get another crack and that thought scared the life out of me. Thankfully we have a second chance, hopefully we will take it this time.

You can download Sky Sports highlights under the highlights section which is under the streams tab.

Aug 052010

Been looking at this since last night’s results and it looks like it is going to be one of this lot…




Young Boys

Dinamo Kiev

This list is how it will be, if you have read different elsewhere and wish to tell me that this list is wrong then you will be highly embarrassed tomorrow morning when the draw is made. If after reading this you still disagree with the list then you can tell Uefa they are wrong also if you wish because they have listed the same 5 teams as I have done HERE.

People think we can only draw a team that has come through the previous round, well that is false. The round at which each team enters to competition depends on their country’s Uefa ranking points, that’s why the teams that enter at the final round are from the major European leagues like Spain,England and Italy. However the seeding is done on each individual team and has nothing to do with the countries rankings. Tottenham are seeded because we had a couple of Uefa Cup runs a while back, but if City or Villa finished 4th then they wouldn’t have been seeded. Ajax and Zenit came through the previous rounds, however they will be seeded over Sampdoria and Auxerre because they rank higher in the Uefa points system. I hope this has cleared it up a bit you the people who don’t fully understand.

Definately no easy ties there, we are going to have to give it our best to ensure we don’t end up broken hearted. Personally I would take Wengers favourite side, Young Boys or Braga and I would hope to avoid Kiev because they are probably the most experienced and a tough team to beat especially at their place, I don’t really know how good Auxerre are but I wouldn’t lose no sleep if we drew them either.

This is it, we can’t have no excuses really if we can’t beat any of them teams because if we do get through then we would have to face teams a lot better than the teams I have just listed. If we want to mix it with the big boys then we have to believe we can beat them. I just hope whoever we get that we can do a number on them when we take them to the Lane.

The draw will be Friday 6th (tomorrow) coverage starts at 11am, if I can find a stream of the draw I will put it in the forum so make sure you sign up if you don’t have access to a tv at the time. This is what we have been waiting for all summer, this is our destiny, it’s back to business and what better way to start than a Champions League draw to watch. I don’t know about the rest of you but I sense another squeeky bum time for us over the 2 legs of this tie.

Aug 022010

For many a season now Tottenham Hotspur have seemly struggled when it comes to sustaining a serious assault on both maintaining and then developing a progressively positive league positioning,and there are many a wise footballing pundit who will have you believe it to be through having a rather succulent porky underbelly.And perhaps to a certain extent they are correct,in fact our esteemed leader Harry Redknapp himself voiced this very same argument when he first took the helm of the good ship Tottenham.

In truth he believed it to such an extent that he   went out and purchased our very own  Wilson Palacios,who then proceeded to take to the field sword in hand ready to decapitate the very first upstart that threatened to advance on our defence.Yes,whether it was beneath the  mighty walls of White Hart Lane,or away on some foreign field he would strike fear into the hearts of the merest mortal men.

You see most people will admit that when  finding yourself in a tricky spot there’s nothing more uplifting,or giving of resolve than knowing that the man next to you is doing everything he can to pull the team out of the quagmire it has found itself in,at the expense of the oppositions nerve of course.

Add then our newest recruit Sandro Ranieri Guimaraes Cordeiro,or Conan to those who flee his presence in concern of their own welfare.And are we about to behold the birth of the most fearsome midfield in footballing history?Not to mention a more serious challenge on the Premier League than many might care to mention.

After all seeing that Harry has now made it known he wishes to move to a four five one formation ( with appropriate striker on board,) will the presence of both Palacios and Sandro in midfield give those around them reason to surpass the limitations placed on their usual game due to over extensive defensive responsibilities? Whether it be Modric,Kranjcar or Lennon we should see delving into that magic hat we know they posses to pull out a trick or two,whilst giving the opposition a lesson in style.Or Dawson and Bassong having the luxury of security behind the midfield defensive shield,hence having them time to organize the back four, Gomes too need worry no longer.

So in conclusion do you see a midfield with the coming together of the destroyers as a plus,or would it make the team too negative? Your views are as usual welcome.