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Aug 012010

I was working on this last night after seeing something similar which made me want to create this for all you lovely fans. If this doesn’t get you in the mood for our qualifying round draw on friday then nothing will.

I hope this won’t turn out to be a jinx, let’s just hope for a kind draw but if not then I still have faith in the team to get us through to the all important group stages otherwise the Gooners will be coming out in force to mock us and try to make us into a laughing stock. It really is all or nothing and we are back to square one. But this video makes me dream of them midweek nights watching the opening credits knowing I am just about to watch a Tottenham game in the Champions League.

I did want to include Bale’s goal agaisnt Chelsea but the clip is only around 40 seconds long and there was only so much I can squeeze in. But let’s have a competition, for all you computer wizards out there who like to make video clips like I do, feel free to attempt to make a similar video of your own. Send me the link via the contact page and at the end of the week I will feature a few of the best ones on here if there is enough interest.

Remember Benfica v Spurs on tuesday night 7:45pm kick off I think, will put streams up in the FORUM so be sure to register there to be able to watch it and chat at the same time.

Jul 262010

Still no action, 18 days to go untill kick off and with the exception of Sandro still no new faces. I don’t think it’s a big deal and vitally important but it would have been good to bring a couple of faces in by now to help our case more for next season. Missing out on Joe Cole didn’t help I think maybe Harry put more into that deal than he let on.

Was watching his interview on Sky Sports earlier and he said about no club having any money to spend, now maybe we are not being told the full story, maybe Levy really isn’t giving Harry much to work with. Harry might have to sell the likes of Jenas, O’hara and Keane etc before being allowed to sign anybody else. In his previous interview Harry seemed to share my opinion that if we are to ever push on then now is our best chance we have had in 20 years.

If you watched our recent tournament in America you would probably have noticed how new signings need to gel by watching Manchester City’s awful display, they have signed a few players recently and they did not look like a proper team, not working for eachother and lack of understanding. That is one thing we do have over City, the ability to play like a team but for this reason I hope if Harry is going to do some business he does it soon and not once the season has started.  Harry said at the end of the season he wanted all his new signings in by July or something like that.

We are constantly linked with Micah Richards and he is seemingly unwanted by city so why haven’t we got him yet? surely it would be better to ship out Hutton and get Richards to inject some pace into the back line. Don’t get me wrong I think he have a team full of good players, but I worry that our 4th place finish will make us believe we are better than we actually are and that we really do need 2 or 3 players to strengthen the team while we have the ability to attract better players.

So is Harry right are a lot of teams in the Premiership lacking funds to spend, I am sure that Man United are feeling the pinch thanks to the Glazers, the debt has to be repaid sooner or later and it could mean less spending power for United over the next few years. But we are supposed to have a decent balance and Harry isn’t the type of manager to shy away from the transfer market so why hasn’t he done anything this summer?

When I wrote a similar blog a couple of weeks ago I thought to myself that in a couple of weeks I would be proved wrong and we would have a new face or two at the club but here I am once again covering old ground. I am wondering if Harry isn’t indulging himself in new players, is it because he really believes we are good enough to push on as it is, is it because he hasn’t found the right players yet or is it because Levy hasn’t handed over his wallet yet. One more thing Harry did say was that there is a nice free transfer he would like to have, the name Raul is the first name that springs to mind for me.

On a brighter note Aldo and myself got ur tickets for the City game, so see you all at the Lane on the opening day and hopefully a couple of new signings to excite us.

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