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Jul 112010

Just been watching the latest Sky Sports News interview with Jermain Defoe following on from the work he has been doing in South Africa. Defoe then started talking about Joe Cole and to me looked like he was sending out a clear message “come to Tottenham”. Defoe went on to say what a great player Joe Cole is and with great experience and that he would love to see him at Tottenham next season because he would fit straight into the team so well. He also added that Cole knows a few of the England boys in the Tottenham team and is close to manager Harry Redknapp.

The way I saw this was that Jermain was sending out the message to Cole to join Spurs, it is not the first time when being interviewed by Sky that Defoe has started to talk about the prospect of Cole joining Spurs, he done the same thing last week in a similar interview. Lets face it, we would hate to see Joe Cole in an Arsenal shirt and it looks as though Jermain shares our fears because he seems to be using quite a few media opportunities to send a message to Joe.

Nobody knows which way this one is going to go. Each day has different reports, one minute Tottenham are favourites and then Liverpool and Arsenal. Today it takes a different twist, apparently Joe has asked his agent to look for clubs in Spain and Italy for a possible move. You pick up the paper each day to see who is the front runner for his signature and each day has a different team.

I went on record a few weeks ago saying I am confident he will join Tottenham, the foundations are all in place at Tottenham to give Cole a new loving home. First of all we are in London, which is where Joe wants to stay. Secondly he has a few of his England team collegues in the Spurs squad and lastly and most importantly we have our trump card which is the reason I believe Joe will sign……. Harry Redknapp.

Defoe also went on to add he would like to stay at Tottenham for the rest of his career:

“At the end of the day I am playing with great players and that’s all I want,”

“The squad is full of internationals and when you play you know you have to play well because a player just as good as you can come in and do the same thing as you.

“I have always said if i am playing with great players then I am happy.

“So why would you not want to commit yourself to a club like that?

“We can have a good run in the Champions League and if we do do that it would be so special for the club and the fans and just everryone involved at the football club,” added Defoe.

“It is the first time [being in the Champions League] and the fans have wanted it for so many years.”