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Jun 212010

It’s the choice no Tottenham fan would want to make, but today I was asked this question out of the blue, i was caught off guard, i was enjoying my pub lunch,watching the world cup when suddenly out of nowhere I was asked the question, Luka Modric or David Ginola?. As I felt the sweat on my forehead building up, I felt as though I had the weight of the nation on my shoulders. How could they do this to me, it’s like making a child pick between his mum or dad. I tried to buy myself some time to compose myself and think clearly. I said “let me finish my lunch and i’ll tell you”. The truth being I had no idea what I was going to tell them, my only plan was to eat as slow as I could while i tried to think of a rational argument to chose either player. I could feel my 1/4lb burger getting cold while I stalled for more time, but I didn’t care, I couldn’t get this answer wrong.

As I swallowed my last bite they looked at me for an answer, I said ” 2 mins just going for a slash”. As I stood at the urinal trying to reach a final decision I could smell the pissy air oozing up my nostrils. The time had come I had made my decision, I walked out of them toilets and sat back down at my table. They looked at me and asked me once more, Modric or Ginola? I paused and then I said it “Ginola”.

I felt so guilty that I had turned my back on Luka but Ginola was such a hero to me during the late 90s. Even though we were just a mid table team he was so exciting to watch, his ability to run and dribble the ball was simply amazing, he could weave in and out of defenders like nobody I have seen before or since. Sure the likes of Ronaldo can do it but to Ginola it was so natural. Anyway having made me decision I decided to stick by it and explain the reasons to my friends which I have just listed above. I also pointed out although I had chosen Ginola that Modric was a different type of player, thats like making someone chose between Ronaldo or Scholes for United. My friends were never going to let me cop out of making a choice though and I knew it but I done my best to defend my decision. Picking Luka would have been the easier choice because he is the current player but casting my mind back to all the memories Ginola gave me, I just couldn’t bare to not say his name.

Ask me this question again in 3 years time and I will answer again……..