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Aug 132010

Having been dropped from the 25 man squad for Manchester City by boss Roberto Mancini could Craig Bellamy be available on the cheap, he is of no use to Manchester City anymore as he can’t play Premiership games for the club. This news can only shave a couple of million from his price tag or City will be paying big wages for a player they can’t use.

The Price Is Right - Redknapp Back In For Craig?

Having picked up the Fulham job, Mark Hughes who is probably Bellamy’s biggest fan has declared interest in taking the striker to Craven Cottage, personally I think that would be the best move for Craig, I think he needs to be at a team where he is loved and will play week in week out and it seems the Spurs fans are divided on whether or not he would be welcome at the Lane.

One thing is for sure, Manchester City will not even entertain the idea of selling Craig to Spurs untill after tomorrow’s opening Premiership encounter and can you really blame them, if all the rumors are true and Harry really does want Craig then expect the deal to become a real prospect next week. I feel a bit sorry for Bellamy because he has a reputation of moving from club to club, but this time around I think it is through no fault of his own, he worked his socks off for City last season which if he would be prepared to do the same for Spurs then I am sure most of us would welcome him with open arms.

The transfer window ends this month and I will be astonished if Harry doesn’t get involved in some action soon, wait untill the Milner deal to City goes through and that will start the wheels in motion for an interesting couple of weeks for Tottenham in the transfer market. Expect Harry to make a formal bid for Bellamy and Ashley Young in the near future.

Aug 092010

Should one look deeply enough you can usually spot disguised blessings,camouflaged neatly where you never thought they could possibly be concealed.Take for example the time you may have awoken for work to find you have to take the public route  because you have misplaced your car keys,annoying I know.Yet whilst sitting upon your alternate mode of transport should it be a bus,or train for that matter,you find yourself to be conveniently situated next to the most beautiful yet affable woman you could ever perceive.That my friend is a blessing in disguise,however,what you then strive to make of it is another matter entirely.

What then should we as fans and the players who are already at Tottenham make of the missed opportunity that was Joe Cole,and his sidewards step of all things Spurs,after all there is no doubt in my mind at least that Joe is one of the most natural talents the English game has produced for a while now,and had he chosen to join the project that is developing under Harrys guidance at Tottenham he could have proved himself to be a real benefit.

Having though chosen Liverpool we might now be able to take a look at one of those blessing hidden from general gaze,for as I have been seated here upon my extremely well padded theoretical public transport seat,mulling over a lost set of keys,IE Joe Cole.In my minds eye another thing of beauty has taken to move toward the vacant place next to me and boy is it something special to look at.Yes the way it glides over the ground with seemingly effortless style,moving first one way then the next dark shoulder length hair sweeping behind,as first one shoulder is dropped then the next bedazzling any and all before it.

Any guesses as too who I might be referring?Yes,you got it,Giovanni Dos Santos,and not just the Gio of Barcelona fables either,this one is a real tangible class act.A driving force pushing the team on from either wing,or dragging them upwards should he be operating as a striker,either way never giving up on lost causes always recovering to take up any defensive responsibilities and generally being an all round good egg.This my friends is the new and improved Mexican wonder a blessing rising from the depths of  a Galatasrian desert,a little piece of hope that can light up the stage that is White Hart Lane.

Let’s just hope Gio sees this opportunity as clearly as I and the rest of the fans have,because as the beauty situated next to you he is the perfect fit for the position that was to be kept for Joe.Unless of course you would rather we were to sell him and try for a player with more experience?

As usual your comments are more than welcome,but to avoid your posts being edited please respect all posters points of view,and refrain from foul language.Thank You.

Aug 062010

Harry Redknapp has just been interviewed on TalkSport,where he commented on the Champions League draw,transfers and bringing back the European nights to White Hart Lane,

The transfer merry go round is seemingly attached to James Milner and his on off move to Man City.Harry said.I can see that deal going through sooner rather than latter,then perhaps Aston Villa will have some money to spend.

Take then from that what you will but it looks as though we could be selling some players to them,if,or rather when,Milner finally makes that move.So could that be the much talked about Robbie Keane departure,and perhaps even Jenas? Who knows,but it’s going to go down to the wire,again.

He also commented on John Bostocks future after he signed a deal extension today to take him through until 2013.John has definitely got a future at Tottenham said Harry.He has gone to Hull for a season long loan,but he has to try and get into their first eleven otherwise should he fail then he’s got no chance of making it into Tottenhams.

He then promised,when asked by presenter Danny Kelly to try his utmost to bring the glory nights back to Spurs.

That then is great news regarding John Bostock,I’m really pleased that the lad has found a club to try and work at his game,let’s hope it will benefit him as much as it has Townsend,Mason and Rose.It’s also nice to have a manager that keeps you informed as to what’s developing at the club,well as much as he can without hindering possible transfers anyway.

Your comments are as usual welcome.For healthy discussion please refrain from foul language and personal attack,thank you for your understanding.

Aug 032010
Apologies for the laboured headline. I try too hard to be clever sometimes. My parodies would prove that to you.
Following the South American Copa Libertadores, Sandro [Ranieri Guimares Cordeiro] will be jetting off to lovely, sunny North London to join Spurs after SC Internacional agreed a deal with them. The two clubs are affiliated with each other so that Spurs get first pick on all Internacional Youth Academy players.
Sandro is a solid defensive midfielder with purported ability to get forward and may be tipped as the other 50% of what could be one of the most formidable midfield partnerships in the League. Honduran hard-man Wilson Palacios is the other 50%. However, I have to be a Doubting-Thomas and voice my concern.
Whilst I’m excited about Sandro donning the pure lilywhite strip in just a few weeks, by joining Palacios in central-midfield, a Chopper-Harris style midfield would be formed (non-Chelsea fans, Google for more info). Palacios’ cards record hasn’t presented him in the best light possible. A shining example lies in last season’s away match against Manchester United. The Honduran had a very bad day at the office. He bundled Nani over in the penalty area and was generally uneasy in defence that day.
There is no point in doubling the chances of losing a player during such an important era in Spurs history [e.g. Champions’ League qualifiers]. There is now no scope for silly tackles and both Sandro and Palacios carry a risk of doing so.
Additionally, I have a ‘no sh*t Sherlock’ reason for it not working out; and that is – Having two defensive midfielders is too defensive. Spurs may have one of the best defences and goalkeepers in the League on a good day, but are comparably light in attacking prowess and need the stylish playmaking of Modric to maintain a wider range of attacking options than simply wing-play from Lennon and Bale.
Goalscoring ability upfront is also scarce at times. Spurs need more weight upfront (goalscoring ability, NOT Tom Huddlestone). Therefore, I’m much more excited about Yannick Djalo; the Guinean-born, Portuguese youngster who has been impressing Sporting Clube de Portugal (Sporting Lisbon to you and me) with his winger skills and his eye for goal.
Djalo has shown interest in moving to England and his agent cited Tottenham as Djalo’s next destination, possibly during this transfer window, if not pretty soon. He could be Spurs’ ‘Signing of the Season’.
Additional Info: The award for ‘Signing of the Season’ 2009/2010 went to Niko ‘Ginola v2.0’ Kranjcar.