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Dec 032010

I have had a couple of texts from my mates saying that FIFA has all but said that Panorama was a big factor in why England done so poorly in the World Cup bid so thought I would do some digging and try to establish the truth behind the corruption at Fifa.

Doing some research it looks as though this may be the case. Panorama aired on Monday exposed the corruption in FIFA and had a list of bribes taken by FIFA officials over the years which totalled more than ¬£100,000,000. The Fifa vice-president, Jack Warner, said that the timing of the Panorama programme was a “death wish” for England 2018. And in the event it was he who gave the English bid the kiss of death.

The Sunday Times recently published an inquiry, which led to the suspension of two executive committee members on suspicion of taking bribes for World Cup votes. Panorama exposed many other FIFA officials of taking bribes over the years and these very men had the fate of England’s World Cup bid in their hands.

Executive member from Cyprus Marios Lefkaritis believes the British media did damage England’s chances of hosting the World Cup. England bid chief executive Andy Anson claimed on Friday that Fifa had blamed the British media for their negative coverage of world football’s governing body.

So with even FIFA blaming the English media for harming England’s World Cup bid did we ever really stand a chance. Sepp Blatter never really gave England’s bid any credit all through the campaign. I believe it was decided long ago that FIFA would rather hell freeze over than give us the World Cup.

Are England too naive, do we genuinely believe that the best bid wins the World Cup, is that why we remained confident when it’s really about backhanders and officials selling votes to the highest bidders?


If anyone hasn’t seen Panorama from Monday then you can watch it below. Have a look at the part where it shows the demands FIFA makes to each¬† bidders government before it will even consider letting them host a Worlc Cup, they basically want each country to change it’s laws so FIFA can make as much money as possible.

If you have watched this then you will be astonished at all the evidence and it will concern you greatly that these people are in charge of world football when it appears that a lot of them don’t care about the game and are only in it to exploit their position for financial gain.