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Aug 022011

We are now at the end of July and it is exactly 31 days until the end of the transfer window. Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and even Arsenal have strengthened their squads in key positions.

United have bought a winger, a centre half and a goalkeeper. Liverpool have bought a winger and a central midfielder. Manchester City have bought one of the worlds best players (again) and will probably buy another entire squad before the window closes just for the craic. Even notorious non-spenders Arsenal have bought a striker.

In the midst of all this Tottenham have signed a teenage striker (albeit a highly rated one) when it is clear that our squad needs more extensive strengthening and bloodletting.

For a start there is a considerable amount of deadwood that needs to be either cleared from the ranks or turned around. This group consists of David Bentley, Giovani Dos Santos, Robbie Keane, Jermaine Jenas, Ben Alnwick and Bongani Khumalo. In my less-than-humble opinion I would sell them all except Dos Santos who I believe still has something to offer, he’s young, quick and has bags of technique. He just needs to get more first team opportunities.

Then there is the necessary strengthening. We need another centre half. Ledley King and William Gallas cannot be relied upon for an entire season meaning we essentially have two centre halves (Michael Dawson and Sebastien Bassong) and two half-centre halves. We also need a striker. We have three strikers in our first team squad but not one of them is a stand-out 20-25 goal a season striker. I think we should allow Roman Pavlyuchenko or Peter Crouch to move on and use the money to put towards a world class replacement.

I’m guessing here but I figure most Spurs fans would agree with the changes I’ve outlined above and must therefore conclude that Daniel Levy recognises the necessary changes. So why in the name of Great Oden’s Raven has he not done anything about it!?

I can only assume it’s because he’s doing what he always does. Playing the waiting game, looking for that last minute deal to get the best value player or get the best price for a squad member. It’s a tactic that has it’s advantages and Levy is very good at it. However it’s a risky business and I can’t escape the feeling that come midnight on August 31st we are going to have the same squad we do now (minus Luka Modric) and be a long way behind our competitors.

Jul 212010

Harry has finally spoken out to the media, he told the Sky Sports reporters that he feels we do need a few additions to the current squad. Speaking earlier Harry was quoted as saying:

“We need two or three players who can make the difference,” said Redknapp.

“We’ve got a big squad, but I do feel we need just that little bit of quality in one or two areas if we’re going to move on from where we were last year.”

“We did great last year, but we just need to push on and maintain that,” he added. “We want to win the championship. It’s not impossible.

“Fourth place last year was marvellous, but I think this is the best chance Tottenham have had in how many years to really push on and maintain that, and become a regular top four team and maybe push for a championship.

“We’re never going to get a better chance so now’s the time to have a go at doing that. So I still feel with two or three players it would make the difference and give us the squad we need. And if we get them in I think the sky’s the limit for us.”

I agree with Harry, our squad is there or there abouts, but I feel with 2 or 3 players of quality brought in and a few of the deadwood players shipped out that we would be a much better outfit next season. The only trouble is that time is running out, I think “Arry” put all of his eggs in one basket early on with Joe Cole, one thing he must not do is panic buy. When it comes to signings then we have the best man in the business, so we must remain positive and confident, Harry has only ever done us proud and to start doubting him not would be criminal.

2 weeks time we will find out who we play in the Champions League qualifying round, it would be nice if we could get 1 or 2 new faces in and settled for that fixture. Failure to qualify would turn us back into a laughing stock and the Gooner scum would never let us live it down. Harry must know the importance of this to our club and to the fans, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us sign someone within the next week.

It’s good to see Harry is aiming high, he wants to turn us into championship contenders, and why not, now is as good time as any. You have to admire the man for thinking so highly when you consider just over a year ago his aim was to keep us in the league, how times have changed. Can we ever be anything other than supportive towards Harry after what he has done for us, up untill now I would say no. I have said in previous blogs that this is our best chance ever to really push on and compete and I am glad Harry shares m opinion. Come 14th August come rain or shine, Aldo and myself will be at the Lane supporting our team and whatever the season brings. That is what makes being a Spurs fan the best in the world.

NY Red Bulls game live tomorrow night or friday morning 1 am, check the tab at the top, that’s where it will be come kick off time.

Jul 212010

Now don’t go getting excited we haven’t signed anyone yet. What I want to talk about is something different, something that is always a great feeling. What I would like to see from this summer is one “surprise signing”. When I say this I mean what I want is for Spurs to go out and sign someone and totally suprise us all, someone we haven’t been linked with time and time again in the papers.

Remember when we signed Modric and Klinsmann plus i’m sure there were some others but you guys can tell me who on the comments below, but Modric and Klinsmann for example suprised most of us, we hadn’t been constantly linked to them in the papers everyday, it came out of the blue and caught us all off guard. I love that feeling.

All summer long we have been linked with Joe Cole, Micah Richards,Forlan,Bellamy and a few other names, so if we go and sign any of these players it doesn’t have the same feeling of that of a surprise signing. Still a good feeling when we sign any player but not the same. It makes it all the more special if we don’t even know an awful lot about the player we sign, a real sense of anticipation and eagerness to see them put on the Spurs shirt. So hopefully Harry has something up his sleeve and didn’t put all his eggs in one basket with Joe Cole. A nice surprise signing of a player we have yet to be linked with or don’t know much about is a feeling I love. Of course I can only speak for myself but I am sure I can’t be alone on this.

I don’t think we need to do too much in the transfer window but one or two tweaks to make the squad stronger wouldn’t hurt. Ship out some of the players that will be eating up the wage budget by sitting on the bench and replace them with players that are happy to be part of a squad on the verge of Champions League qualification, players that know that in this day and age to be a big team you need to be squad players.

Jul 112010

Just been watching the latest Sky Sports News interview with Jermain Defoe following on from the work he has been doing in South Africa. Defoe then started talking about Joe Cole and to me looked like he was sending out a clear message “come to Tottenham”. Defoe went on to say what a great player Joe Cole is and with great experience and that he would love to see him at Tottenham next season because he would fit straight into the team so well. He also added that Cole knows a few of the England boys in the Tottenham team and is close to manager Harry Redknapp.

The way I saw this was that Jermain was sending out the message to Cole to join Spurs, it is not the first time when being interviewed by Sky that Defoe has started to talk about the prospect of Cole joining Spurs, he done the same thing last week in a similar interview. Lets face it, we would hate to see Joe Cole in an Arsenal shirt and it looks as though Jermain shares our fears because he seems to be using quite a few media opportunities to send a message to Joe.

Nobody knows which way this one is going to go. Each day has different reports, one minute Tottenham are favourites and then Liverpool and Arsenal. Today it takes a different twist, apparently Joe has asked his agent to look for clubs in Spain and Italy for a possible move. You pick up the paper each day to see who is the front runner for his signature and each day has a different team.

I went on record a few weeks ago saying I am confident he will join Tottenham, the foundations are all in place at Tottenham to give Cole a new loving home. First of all we are in London, which is where Joe wants to stay. Secondly he has a few of his England team collegues in the Spurs squad and lastly and most importantly we have our trump card which is the reason I believe Joe will sign……. Harry Redknapp.

Defoe also went on to add he would like to stay at Tottenham for the rest of his career:

“At the end of the day I am playing with great players and that’s all I want,”

“The squad is full of internationals and when you play you know you have to play well because a player just as good as you can come in and do the same thing as you.

“I have always said if i am playing with great players then I am happy.

“So why would you not want to commit yourself to a club like that?

“We can have a good run in the Champions League and if we do do that it would be so special for the club and the fans and just everryone involved at the football club,” added Defoe.

“It is the first time [being in the Champions League] and the fans have wanted it for so many years.”

Jul 102010

Where are they? Manchester City are showing they mean business and personally I think they will break the top 4 this season which means we have got to start doing some business in the trasnfer window sooner rather than later. With only 5 weeks to go till the start of the Premiership and a Champions League qualifying game to worry about we need to get the new faces in and the dead wood out to give the team time to gel together do we not?

I seem to remember Harry stating that he wanted to do all of his summer business early but so far nothing. I am confident we will get Joe Cole possibly some time next week but apart from that it’s been like any other summer, linked to every Tom,Dick and Harry but so far no action, it all has a rather all too familiar feel to it for my liking. What worries me the most is we get linked to some very tasty European players and then the next minute, like today, you hear we are trying to sign Craig Bellamy. Surely we can now afford to aim a bit higher than that?

Action is needed on the players that are surplus to requirements, I have heard most fans and myself included think that it’s time for Jenas to move on. You then have to likes of Keane,Hutton,O’hara,and Pav, who could be on the way out. Two players tipped to move are Dos Santos and Bentley but personally I think Gio has shown he might be worth sticking with a bit longer and Bentley done a decent enough job when Lennon was injured towards the end of last season and has shown he might just be worth keeping.

The worry is apart from possibly Joe Cole, just who else exactly is there to sign? who is available of real quality that will improve our squad? Surely the aim for the league next season has got to be to stay in the top 4 again but for that to happen we need to cash in on 3 or 4 of our squad and replace them sooner rather than later with some real quality. Even the scum down the road are spending money, which shows they are worried about the possible force Manchester City might be next season.

With all of this in mind I still remain confident that Redknapp has a few players in the pipeline and I truely hope I am right, because if there was ever a time to attract bigger and better players and really show we mean business then that time is now. If we don’t stay in the top 4 then do we go back to being the same Tottenham Hotspur we have been for the last 20 years? So how much longer will we have to wait to see some action and when we do will it be signings that we have all dreamed of or is Harry still in Portsmouth and West Ham mode trying to pick up bargain rejects?