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Jul 102010

Where are they? Manchester City are showing they mean business and personally I think they will break the top 4 this season which means we have got to start doing some business in the trasnfer window sooner rather than later. With only 5 weeks to go till the start of the Premiership and a Champions League qualifying game to worry about we need to get the new faces in and the dead wood out to give the team time to gel together do we not?

I seem to remember Harry stating that he wanted to do all of his summer business early but so far nothing. I am confident we will get Joe Cole possibly some time next week but apart from that it’s been like any other summer, linked to every Tom,Dick and Harry but so far no action, it all has a rather all too familiar feel to it for my liking. What worries me the most is we get linked to some very tasty European players and then the next minute, like today, you hear we are trying to sign Craig Bellamy. Surely we can now afford to aim a bit higher than that?

Action is needed on the players that are surplus to requirements, I have heard most fans and myself included think that it’s time for Jenas to move on. You then have to likes of Keane,Hutton,O’hara,and Pav, who could be on the way out. Two players tipped to move are Dos Santos and Bentley but personally I think Gio has shown he might be worth sticking with a bit longer and Bentley done a decent enough job when Lennon was injured towards the end of last season and has shown he might just be worth keeping.

The worry is apart from possibly Joe Cole, just who else exactly is there to sign? who is available of real quality that will improve our squad? Surely the aim for the league next season has got to be to stay in the top 4 again but for that to happen we need to cash in on 3 or 4 of our squad and replace them sooner rather than later with some real quality. Even the scum down the road are spending money, which shows they are worried about the possible force Manchester City might be next season.

With all of this in mind I still remain confident that Redknapp has a few players in the pipeline and I truely hope I am right, because if there was ever a time to attract bigger and better players and really show we mean business then that time is now. If we don’t stay in the top 4 then do we go back to being the same Tottenham Hotspur we have been for the last 20 years? So how much longer will we have to wait to see some action and when we do will it be signings that we have all dreamed of or is Harry still in Portsmouth and West Ham mode trying to pick up bargain rejects?

Jul 082010

Following his renewed optimism on the possibility of Joe Cole joining us, Redknapp sets his sights on another former West Ham man ….

Redknapp wants to reunite Carrick with old team mate Cole at the Lane.

After his U-turn over the chances of us seeing Joe Cole in a Tottenham shirt yesterday, Harry Redknapp has renewed his interest in the possibility of reuniting Cole with former West Ham teammate Michael Carrick.

Former Spurs midfielder Carrick, 28,has seen his opportunities at Old Trafford become fewer and farther between recently and was mooted to be part of a swap deal being readied by Sir Alex Ferguson earlier in the season for Croatian international Luka Modric.

That possibility was quickly shot down by Spurs who moved to secure Modric on a new and improved 6 year contract, running until the end of the 2016 season.

Now however, it is believed that the United boss will consider letting England international Carrick leave the club if a suitable offer is received.

With Harry a known admirer of the geordie midfield man, it is now believed that he is ready to test the water with United, with a £12m bid for his former charge.

Should the bid be accepted, you would imagine that Carrick would seriously consider a switch back to N17, especially now that we have Champions League football to come at the Lane next season. The thought of seeing Cole and Carrick sharing the centre of the park on the same side once again would certainly be interesting and the United man’s range of passing would certainly compliment the abilities of Luka Modric . One other thing to consider however, is that with Sandro coming in aswell if Harry were to get the cheque book out for Carrick, would that mean the end for Wilson Palacios? With the Honduran already having been linked with a move to Spain with Barca, could he be the man to make way for another midfield arrival?

Jun 222010

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp believes Manchester United may have already struck a deal for Joe Cole.

The 28-year-old will not have his Chelsea contract renewed this summer and a number of clubs have been chasing his signature.

Redknapp has confirmed that he would love to see the midfielder move to Spurs, while Arsenal and United are also thought to be trailing the England international.

But while Redknapp wants Cole at White Hart Lane, he thinks the Red Devils may have already won the race to sign him.

“I’ve got a feeling that it might have been done (for Cole to join United),” he said.

“It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Joe’s not wanted to speak to anybody and his people have been saying ‘let’s get the World Cup out of the way first’.

“But we’d be interested for sure. I like Joe.”

Cole has been the subject of much debate in recent days as he has yet to make an appearance for England in this summer’s World Cup.

Taken from the Sky Sports interview, hope it’s not true, I like Cole and was hoping for a bargain free transfer. Really thought Harry wouldn’t let him slip through the net, but who can turn down Fergie? Still, while there’s Arry there’s hope.

Jun 212010

It’s the choice no Tottenham fan would want to make, but today I was asked this question out of the blue, i was caught off guard, i was enjoying my pub lunch,watching the world cup when suddenly out of nowhere I was asked the question, Luka Modric or David Ginola?. As I felt the sweat on my forehead building up, I felt as though I had the weight of the nation on my shoulders. How could they do this to me, it’s like making a child pick between his mum or dad. I tried to buy myself some time to compose myself and think clearly. I said “let me finish my lunch and i’ll tell you”. The truth being I had no idea what I was going to tell them, my only plan was to eat as slow as I could while i tried to think of a rational argument to chose either player. I could feel my 1/4lb burger getting cold while I stalled for more time, but I didn’t care, I couldn’t get this answer wrong.

As I swallowed my last bite they looked at me for an answer, I said ” 2 mins just going for a slash”. As I stood at the urinal trying to reach a final decision I could smell the pissy air oozing up my nostrils. The time had come I had made my decision, I walked out of them toilets and sat back down at my table. They looked at me and asked me once more, Modric or Ginola? I paused and then I said it “Ginola”.

I felt so guilty that I had turned my back on Luka but Ginola was such a hero to me during the late 90s. Even though we were just a mid table team he was so exciting to watch, his ability to run and dribble the ball was simply amazing, he could weave in and out of defenders like nobody I have seen before or since. Sure the likes of Ronaldo can do it but to Ginola it was so natural. Anyway having made me decision I decided to stick by it and explain the reasons to my friends which I have just listed above. I also pointed out although I had chosen Ginola that Modric was a different type of player, thats like making someone chose between Ronaldo or Scholes for United. My friends were never going to let me cop out of making a choice though and I knew it but I done my best to defend my decision. Picking Luka would have been the easier choice because he is the current player but casting my mind back to all the memories Ginola gave me, I just couldn’t bare to not say his name.

Ask me this question again in 3 years time and I will answer again……..

Jun 132010

This was his David Bentley’s Sky Sports interview, if you been watching it throughout the day you will have probably seen it:

David Bentley admits he remains uncertain as to whether he will still be at Tottenham next season.

The 25-year-old winger has struggled to make the desired impact at White Hart Lane since making a big-money move from Blackburn in 2008.

First-team opportunities have been sporadic, with Bentley unable to hold down a regular role.

That proved to be the case again last season, with Spurs boss Harry Redknapp awarding him just 12 Premier League outings.

A lack of action has led to speculation regarding his future, with some suggesting he would be wise to move on.

Bentley, though, insists he remains committed to the Tottenham cause and will be doing his utmost during pre-season to force his way into the fold.

“Hopefully I will get fit and as strong as possible and look to have another good season,” he told Sky Sports News.

“Whether I get out on the pitch, you never know. You can be as fit as possible but not play any football, so we will see what happens.”


On the possibility of making a move elsewhere, Bentley added: “We will have to see, you never know. I’m at Tottenham at the minute, but let’s see what happens.”

Bentley is keen to remain in north London, with Tottenham preparing to enter the Uefa Champions League next season.

The opportunity to appear in Europe’s premier club competition certainly appeals to Bentley, but he accepts that competition for places remains fierce.

He is currently battling with England international Aaron Lennon for a right-wing berth and knows he may be forced to settle for a place on the bench at times.

“I think when you are at a top club that’s what happens,” he said.

“The Champions League is great for the club and great for the fans and hopefully it will be great for me. But you never know and we will have to see what is going to happen.”

Judging by his comments here it seems to me as though he would like to stay and would be happy with next seasons squad rotation system. I for one have grown to like Bentley more and more last season, he done a good job when Lennon was injured and I believe he brings good team spirit in the dressing room. Next season we will need a squad of talent and not just our first 11. Lennon isn’t going to be able to play midweek and then again on a saturday all season long and who better to have fill in on the right than Bentley?

What do you guys think? do you like the idea of him staying or do you want shot of him?

Jun 112010

I’ve rated Giovani dos Santos for god knows how long, when we signed him I was as excited as the rest of you, and so cheap at around the £4mil mark. It looks likely that he will be on his way out in the summer, but is it just me or does anyone else still see something special in this kid?, do you have the same fears that I do that if we sold him it would come back to haunt us. The way he runs with the ball reminds me of a younger Ronaldinho as he was once dubbed.

I keep asking myself, everytime I watch Mexico play he seems to be the best player on the field or at the very least the mexico team. Today I watch the opening World Cup 2010 game, South Africa V Mexico and once again Gio was the main man. Gio looked to be the one creating things and pulling the strings, it looked as though everything Mexico created came through him. I watched England V Mexico the other day and again Gio dos Santos has a decent game agaisnt good opposition.

Now I keep going over in my headas to why a player who is the star for his national side and played for Barcelona at such a young age and was destined to go on to great things can slowly be fading away in a Tottenham side. It seems to me the majority of the Tottenham supporters would like to see this boy give more of a chance in the team, next season would be ideal to give him some more time because of the fixture pile up. Now what really scares me is that Harry is missing a trick with this young lad and if we let him go we might just end up regretting it (I think we will). If it wasn’t for the fact that Ekotto got injured in January we would probably be saying au revoir to Gareth Bale this summer too, but as fate had it we got to see exactly why we paid out £10mil for Bale and now he is in the heart of the team. What concerns me is thats exactly what it was “fate” and not good managment that saved us from the disaster of letting Gareth Bale leave the lane. It scares me that it was only the fact we had no other left back and that Bale took his chance rather than the good managment of Harry to put him in. This is why I would love to see dos Santos given more of a chance because from what I have seen of him for Tottenham and Mexico he definately posesses ability and with the right coaching I believe could still live up to his potential. I would like to see him given some games next season because we will need depth in the squad due to the Champions League fixtures (if we qualify).

I would really like your opinions on this one guys, am I alone or do you as i suspect share my view on Gio? I know I will be down the bookies putting a £10 bet on each Mexico game for Gio to score the first goal, that’s how much confidence I have in the boy.