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Jul 052013

Another article in this Brazilian writer who can not understand English very well, but likes to talk a lot about the Spurs.

In recent days it has grown to speculation about the departure of Adebayor towards Besikitas with including a statement from the club director Ahmet Piper confirmed the team’s interest in Tottenham striker, but it would be interesting to lose Togolese striker?

Of course we are not talking about a vital player in the club, but Adebayor is still the main attack option and if we do preseason with all possibly cast may return to the importance of the 2011-2012 team.

Ever think of the current season Adebayor did little goals and had weak performance in most appearances in the season is not very practical to keep a player who earns a high salary to default Spurs and Tottenham should have better options than him next season.

So this is certainly not the first and will not be the last club that demonstrate interest in the player but taking into account that names like David Villa and maybe Roberto Soldado can get to the club this season selling Adebayor would not be so bad.

Go easy on his English language but I think we are mostly all in agreement the answer is yes.