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Jul 162010

Fulham are reportedly targeting Martin Jol as the number 1 replacement Roy Hodgson

Current Ajax and ex Spurs manager Jol is a wanted man by Fulham. Jol was a fans favourite during his days at the Lane and might relish the chance to return to the Premiership.

Personally I would love to see Jol back in the league and I am sure he would get a fantastic reception from us Tottenham fans. I still hope that one day he will return to us. I think we owe an awful lot on where we are now to big MJ, he turned us from a laughing stock to real champions league contenders and lead us to our first premiership top 5 finish, the first time we qualified for Europe through the league in the Premiership.

I say good on you Fulham, if you get Martin then you should consider yourselves lucky, he is a great manager and a legend for most of us Spurs fans. He would do a great job for your club.