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Nov 012011

Carlos Tevez – Deal or No Deal

After the latest debacle, Carlos Tevez looks to finally be on his way out of City after 5 breaches of contract, 4 weeks wages fine (although reduced to 2), 2 written transfer requests and a partridge in a pear tree. His attitude at City stinks, most probably as he joined the club for financial reasons rather than footballing ones. He is however, still a world class player.

Tevez’s agent, Kia Joorabchian has stated that: “He’d be happy to move to another Premier League club. His family are now living in England, so he’s quite happy and settled”. Joorabchian also hinted that both Spurs and Arsenal are potential suitors and continued: “It’s not easy for him at the moment, but, in the January transfer window, City will want to get him out either on a permanent basis or on loan.”

Tevez is an undoubted talent but should we even make an attempt to sign him, either permanently or on loan? A loan deal in January would allow his wages to be heavily subsidised by Man City and allow us to improve our goal scoring ability and hopefully cement a place in the top 4. We would obviously not be able to afford his astronomical wages on a permanent basis; but what if he were to take a slight pay cut, and we could obtain some kind of sponsorship to cover part of his wages. Would he then become a realistic transfer target?

It would be clear to see all the positives that a player of Carlos Tevez’s ability could bring to the club, but what about the negatives? Would his attitude outweigh the positive benefits, or would Redknapp be able to tame him and re-mould his attitude as he has done for so many players throughout his career?

Personally I would love Spurs to try and get him in on loan with a heavily subsidised wage courtesy of Man City’s desperation to offload him, with a view to making the deal permanent should we be able to find sponsorship for his wages. What are your thoughts on Tevez?

Written by Davyid

Aug 252011

As ever, speculation is rife over the future of Luka Modric. It seems that for every defensive wall that Daniel Levy builds, stating the player is not for sale on an almost daily basis and even speaking to Chelsea asking them to call it a day, our Harry and the Daily Mail seem content on smashing it down and selling the player on our behalf.

Harry continually states that he could buy 3 or 4 “star” signings with the money from the possible sale of Modric. This scares me a little as I distinctly remember when Chelsea first bid a pitiful £22m for Modric, Redknapp was quoted as saying “we’ve been quoted more than that for players who couldn’t lace Modric’s boots”, which begs the question, why are we enquiring for players of such apparent poor quality? There’s no doubt that Luka is a world class player of fantastic ability, but if his possible replacements or even additions to the squad are so comparatively poor, why are we enquiring for them?

I do not like Modric’s desire to up sticks and leave now that a £150k + salary has been waved in front of his face, however I do want him to stay. With our wage structure there is no player of similar ilk or ability that we could afford in wages, but that doesn’t make us a poor club. It’s not as if we need the money from the Modric sale.

Now I like Redknapp so this is not a Harry-Bashing article, and I particularly applaud his latest stance with Modric, telling him that if he’s not fit to play for us against Hearts or Man Sh*tty then he won’t be allowed to play his international games for Croatia. I do wish though that he would stop trying to buy players that, in his words “could do a job” and start trying to buy players that could finish the job. With some careful deals, one or 2 players is all we need, and I certainly welcome the Adebayor signing, even if he is a bit of a mercenary and it is only a loan deal. Surely he must be getting bored of the bench at City and would want to stick himself in the shop window. If anything else, at least he won’t be scoring against us for a change!

So who are our genuine targets? ITK’s got it massively wrong with Diara and with only days left before the window shuts, I don’t want to see it slam closed with just a 40 year old keeper (no matter how good he was against United) and a possible loan signing as our only business in the critical season.

Written by Davyid

Aug 172011

Tottenham Hotspur – The club that Bill made

No major news stories to share with you today, no moans, no rants. I have instead managed to stumble across a Youtube video from yidsvids2 which I thought was fantastic and would like to share with Yids and Yidettes everywhere. If ever there was to be an advertisement for our beloved THFC, this would surely be it. The video is prefaced with Bill Nicholson’s famous words: “It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high… so high, in fact, that even failure will have in it an echo of glory!”

Thanks again to yidsvids2….Enjoy!

Jun 032011

Transfer Musings

As I stare at the clock waiting for my half day to come to an end I find myself thinking about the only thing you can in a close season; The transfer window.

In the wake of our first signing, 40 year old Brad Friedel I can only hope that the best is yet to come. Friedel, although experienced with 601 professional games to his name, is no better than Cudicini in my opinion and will either sit in the same position as Pletikosa did, in 3rd place, or will be our main keeper. If the latter is the case this is surely not the right move for a team that wishes to push for a Champions League place again next season. If he is to sit in 3rd spot I would imagine his wages would be fairly high to rarely play. I find this quite a strange acquisition.

So on to more ambitious targets then. The Daily Mail are lost for stories again and have linked us amongst other clubs with a cut price bid for Gonzalo Higuain. The Mail declared that the striker was ‘out of favour’, however after watching a lot of Real Madrid last season I beg to differ. The only reason he didn’t play was through injury and he was on scintillating form. I fear that we would bare no interest for Higuain though as we could not offer him Champions League football and could barely afford his wages. The bottomless pit of cash at Man City on the other hand…

I believe we should be ambitious however in this window. Surely a cheeky £10m bid for Berba wouldn’t go a miss? Sure he’s lazy at times but his technical ability and finishing would be a tremendous asset and I would like to see what could be achieved when he is on the end of some of our fantastic technical play from our holy trinity of Modders, Bale and VDV.

Just throwing it out there…but does anyone remember Coutinho, the youngster from Inter? The lad showed tremendous flair, skill and maturity for his age and could be worth a bid.

It is common knowledge that we need a striker, and if we could get a world class striker to finish even 1 in 7 or 8 of the chances Modric and Bale create we would be scoring for fun and be right up there in the mix for the title. So given our current budget, wage structure and status..who do you think would be a realistic target for Spurs?

Written by Davyid

Feb 142011

So this is the Big Game. It seems that with the current injury list, Harry will not have a selection dilemma, but will simply have to put out those that are left. Hopefully we can rely on Dawson and Gallas at centre back. That is of course if Gallas decides to wear the right boots.

Our players unavailable for this game include: Bale (back), Modric (appendix op), Van der Vaart (calf), Jenas (suspended), King (groin), Huddlestone (ankle) and Kaboul (knee) with Woodgate (fitness) and Crouch (back) a doubt. Sandro is now eligible after we decided it might be a good idea to name him on the 25 man squad for the knockout stages.

So to the team selection. This is not normally the case but for Europe, Peter Crouch would be one of the first men on the team sheet for me. No matter what people may think about him in the domestic competitions, in Europe he is fantastic and a weapon that European teams just don’t seem to be able to deal with. I would have to consider starting Crouch as the lone striker with a 5 man midfield.

In midfield then, Kranjcar should be an automatic choice. His technical ability and goal scoring prowess should warrant his starting place, especially in the absence of Modric, Bale and VDV. Lennon no doubt will play right wing and should look to take on players where possible, using his speed and agility to beat the aging forces of AC Milan. After an impressive game for us on Saturday, Sandro, now included in the 25 man squad, may get the nod. I would certainly favour this decision as Sandro showed some ability going forward against Sunderland as well as making some good tackles and losing the ball a lot less than our Honduran usually does. With Jenas missing through suspension, Pienaar will most probably start. The South African has not set the world alight in a Tottenham shirt but has been decent and fairly consistent, keeping some pace within the team. With all the injuries and suspensions the next midfield place becomes a bit tricky, however I can see Harry starting Wilson in the final midfield slot alongside Sandro, to try and keep a strong central midfield and look to attack through the flanks with Lennon, Kranjcar and Pienaar.

At the back, providing we get no fresh injury problems and they can decide on the correct boots to play in before we start, I would presume our fairly sturdy centre back duo of Gallas and Dawson will remain. Left back will doubtlessly go to Benny, and Corluka may well keep his place at right back. The Croat is not as good going forward but instead utilises Lennon far better than Hutton does and is better at defending than Hutton. However with our current injury crisis we could well see Hutton pushed into midfield.

AC Milan will be without the services of new signings Antonio Cassano, Mark van Bommel and Urby Emanuelson. Milan are also without the influential Pirlo as well as Massimo Ambrosini. Although this would seem like a good time to play AC Milan, I would have felt much more confident facing their full strength side and us fielding ours.

This is as good a time as any for some of our squad players to shine, and they will need to be at their best to overcome this strong AC Milan side. I don’t want to see us play for a loss and damage limitation, but I don’t want to see us go gung ho either. We need to get this one tactically right. Hold strong, keep possession and attack on the break. Use our speed as our strength, especially against aging, albeit experienced side.

If you offered me a high scoring draw now I’d happily accept, regroup with our full team and play what will still be near enough the same AC Milan side at The Lane. But realistically, even a 2-1 defeat wouldn’t be the end of the world. Because at WHL we are a savage beast that cannot be tamed, even by the likes of AC Milan’s flat mate, Inter. I say play it careful on Tuesday night, try not to make mistakes; But when we get the opportunity, run at them. We need to make sure they know that Bale isn’t the only fantastic player for us.

So who would you play with so few choices in such a massive game for us; and how?

P.s  Van der Vaart has recently twittered: “Good news. Back on the pitch tomorrow, can’t wait to put on my shirt again!”  This would be fantastic news if he is fit. Even one of the holy trinity (Bale, Modric, VDV) is a major boost for us.

Written by Davyid

Feb 072011

Wow! What a weekend of football. With a record number of goals scored it seems we’ve also found another contributor to our goal tally too. Except we didn’t find him…he’s already with us. As if you couldn’t tell from the title, yes I’m talking about our Niko Kranjcar.

It was a delightful goal wasn’t it? Feinting to the right, making space for himself on the left and smashing in a 25 yard screamer. He made it look so easy, and we know he can do it. So why does Harry continue to overlook the Croat time after time, even with our squad depleted?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Redknapp fan, but I just don’t get this one. Harry tells the media regularly about how Niko is such a fantastic professional, how triffic he is on the training field and how great his attitude is; and we all know how good he is on the pitch.

Last season Kranjcar was one of our best players and chipped in with 7 goals, which is a lot more than our strikers have achieved so far this season, albeit with still some way to go yet. His passing and flair are fantastic and although he isn’t the quickest player, he can read the game quite well, and is never short on determination.

After Palacios decided to charge into the box before VDV had even taken his penalty on Saturday, denying us a goal, his worth to the team seems to be diminishing with every passing game. He loses the ball more than he wins it. Why couldn’t Niko take the place of Palacios? I know they are completely different as players but if Wilson is going to fail repeatedly to make a tackle and then lose the ball, surely we won’t be missing him anyway.

I just think we need to make room for Niko in our team, at least on a more regular basis. I think Pienaar had a decent game, but Kranjcar had more influence on the game in his short cameo than Pienaar did in his much longer stint. Given a choice between the 2, I would choose the Croat every time. I would love to see Harry play Kranjcar against Sunderland on Saturday. If he has a bad game, Harry will at least have an excuse for keeping him on the bench for another couple of games. But with all Niko’s built up frustration I would imagine he would have plenty to prove, if given the chance.

Written by Davyid

Feb 012011

So that’s another big date on my calendar crossed off, and just like Christmas I found myself spending my evening slowly drinking myself into a stupor whilst grinding my teeth and intermittently shouting abuse at the television. But no, this wasn’t because of the Christmas day showing of Shrek the 8th or 9th or whatever we’re up to now, it was the complete silence from Spurs as our rivals snapped up all of our transfer targets.

So when Big Ben struck 11, the only player to represent Spurs in a Sky Sports transfer montage was our one new boy Pienaar.

Is it just me, or do we seem to be showing a lack of ambition in this transfer window? Or is it stupidity. Just when you think it’s all over, Harry, on cue, makes a last gasp bid for Charlie Adam. A good midfielder in my eyes, but midfielder being the key word here. Why is it that we haven’t gone all out to sign the striker we need and instead, insist on signing midfielders? Are we looking at a new revolutionary formation with 7 in midfield?

For me this window has shown what looks like a lack of ambition from Harry. I say Harry because if some rumours are to be believed, Mr Levy has been urging him to spend big on signing a top class player. I can see no other player we need more at present than a striker, preferably with that sought-after ability to score. Any manager would love to have his chairman begging him to spend big, but old ‘arry just didn’t seem interested. It has been quite painful watching all of our transfer targets being snapped up by our competition, mostly by Liverpool.

To top it all off, we made a bid for Phil Neville, which Everton graciously declined. I couldn’t think of a player I’d want to see any less at the Lane, a player who was commended for his “fantastic defending” against Bale. Fantastic defending of course, meaning kicking Bale persistently and going unpunished for it. He is and always has been a very poor right back in my eyes, and one who is far worse than our current full backs. Can you honestly say that he is even close to Kaboul, Corluka or even Hutton?

So what do we do now? Our strikers can’t score, our defenders are dropping like flies, and our midfield is losing form. There’s only one thing for it….bring in Phil Neville.

Written by Davyid