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Sep 012010

OK so why did Mourinho cut us such a good deal with Rafael Van Der Vaart, on Monday he told Bayern Munich to cough up £18 million if they wanted to sign Van Der Vaart and yet the next day we do a deal for £10million less than the price Bayern were given.

So does Mourinho have a soft spot for Spurs or did he just want the player to be happy and not stand in his way by pricing him out of a move in the final hours or did he just enjoy seeing the top 4 broken last season and seeing Tottenham get stronger? You have to consider that Mourinho loves the Premiership and has only ever said positive things about our beloved team (except for the parking the bus comment) so maybe he does have a soft spot for Spurs.

So if this deal goes through as expected do we owe Mourinho a thank you for being a true gentleman and knowing being realistic in the deal to make it happen. Yes the Real board probably had a big say but nothing would have happend without Jose’s say so, he doesn’t like interfering. Jose could have easily told Tottenham the same price as he gave Bayern but he cut us a realistic deal, a deal that meant the move was on. You could even argue that Van Der Vaart is worth more than the £8million we are likely to pay, personally I would say about £12million would have still been a realistic valuation of the player.

Whatever Mourinho’s reasoning for letting Tottenham have what I would call a bargain we might never know, one thing I do know is that Van Der Vaart is a cracking player on his day and for £8million is a real snip but if you ask me I would say Jose is a Tottenham supporter.

  25 Responses to “Mourinho Is A Spurs Fan?”

  1. Nope he supports cardiff city

  2. Maybe he is taking over at White Hart Lane next season?

  3. Maybe he knows he will be our next manager, so he’s started to work for us already. lol . Van Der Vaart would a fabulous signing if works out ..COYS..

  4. Mourinho isn’t in charge of transfers at Real, they employ a DoF just like every other continental club.

  5. I’ve always known the Special One likes us. Even his “parking the bus” comment was accompanied by a barb about “a big club playing with the mentality of a small club”.

  6. Is it possible to suck your own nob? You are giving it a good go.

  7. If so then why didn’t he allow us to take the younger Diarra?

    But TBH I have always had the impression that he would like to turn the EPL on its **** by managing a non regular top four side and winning not only the EPL but the CL with such a club.
    This would be a REAL managerial achievement ranking equal to that with Porto.
    It is far to easy for him to take a regular CL side with its already huge quality player base & to do well with it. Doing it afresh & building up such a team.
    That is the achievement like Robson’s & Ramsay’s with Ipswich town

  8. I agree, a real bargin! But where are our striker????????

  9. Amazing deal if you go to the majority of the 40 comments on there are from madrid fans and they are gutted he apparently saved them last year when kaka was out and most of them rate him more than kaka anywayz whilst they question ozil being proven they have no doubt rdv is. I hope we use him in keanes role off the striker he has a real eye for goal.
    Some of his strikes on youtube are sensational, serious world class performer, to see madrids fans reactions gets me more excited coz they were happy to see sneijder go and look at him now, and robben who flopped there hasnt done bad for himself.
    I dont think anyone has any doubts but if you are worried about so called flops at madrid look at:
    All flopped but all are amazing footballers madrid is a circus

  10. He obviously knows that Spurs won’t be a threat in the CL whereas Bayern Munich will.

  11. I think we’re missing out the fact here that Daniel Levy deserves a lot of credit too !!

  12. quality player, much better than scott parker & scores good goals too.
    decent playmaker (like modric but better).
    what a snip at 8 mil.
    could he be the gascoine type player we’ve all been praying for at the lane for the past ten years or so???

  13. Stop dreaming fans. We are constantly living in a world of imagination & fantasy – like the media. Wait until it becomes a reality. Deadline has passed us & all we can show are lowly rated sigings. Don’t be led up the garden path like we have been in the past. The only hope we ever have, (which is a reality) is to raise our standard of play with our existing squad. If those in charge are unable do do this, then they should resign in shame, as thet are are accepting salaries without any commitment’s to their designated duties.

  14. Maybe he has done it so we have a chance of knocking Inter out of our champions league group therefore making him look like even more of a genius for winning it last year

  15. Let’s think…. which two managers does Mourinho enjoy winding up even more than Frank Rijkaard?
    Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez.
    What’s that? Arsenal’s local rivals are playing against Rafa’s Inter in the Champions League, you say?

  16. mourinho won’t do the negotiating when it comes to selling Madrid players, just like redknapp won’t be involved in any negotiating when spurs buy any players. 
    he asks levy for a certain player or levy tells redknapp he can get a certain player like vdv and asks if Harry wants him, the fee, contract etc is all done by the chairman

  17. Before Mourinho joined Chelsea, he was on five live saying he should get the Tottenham job. I can’t remember which one of our many managers we were getting rid of at the time. Then of course as soon as Chelsea got their wallet out he was off to them. Another one that got away.

  18. Roy Singh…. hmm, we have signed 4 interationals. Gallas played in world cup. Van der Vaart not only played in world cup, but he played in the final. Pletikosa is good enough to challenge Gomes for top spot. Sandro has played for Brazil, and will again. Van der Vaart is on the level (big-signing wise) of David Silva, Yaya Toure, Balotelli, Milner – the only difference is the price tag. If City sign Van der Vaart, they would have spent 20m too. Liverpool haven’t signed anyone higher in magnitude, nor Arsenal nor Utd, nor Chelsea. What are you expecting?


  20. And on Mourinho no joking he could be boss in 2 years time Harrys 60 odd will retire to upstairs,with a bit of luck we will have our 60000 seater stadium in place,and skys the limit with Jose

  21. Irishspur,i can assure you that Harry will never “retire to upstairs” at WHL…. Levy wouldnt allow his thieving,corrupt ass anywhere near “upstairs”… Tottenham have been there before with that other well known villian Terry Venables.

  22. Jose to succeed Harry at WHL would be another great bit of business for the Club. I’d love Harry to win a few throphies with us then go manage England. Then Jose could come in and win a few more. The Futures Bright, The Futures Lilywhite!!

  23. Who said anything about levy still being there?

  24. keep deaming guys……it’s free. ahg

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