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Nov 212010

Following up from my last blog I had a lovely piece of work sent in by a fan, picture is by Nick and Martin Fry in Jersey, good work lads.

You might remember a similar picture made up of the Argentina team of 98 and if you wish to see that picture it is in my previous blog which you can find a link to over on the right.

As we all know we beat Arsenal Saturday, good goal by bale and another by Kaboul at the end but there was one goal which lead to us being awarded a penalty. Take a look below to see what I am talking about.

Now obviously I expect I will get slated by this by Arsenal fans, let me just take this opportunity to say this is a light hearted bit of banter that we have waited a long time to give you guys as you have dominated the derby’s for years. If you are a true Arsenal fan you have to admit that your players need a good old fashioned telling off for the way they bottle it when in a wall and for that, your players fully deserve to have pictures like this made up.

  28 Responses to “The Arsenal Handbag Wall (A Must See)”

  1. hahaha

  2. Hate to say it, as Ars fan, but that about sums us up.

  3. Forget the DVD, let’s get this made up for sale at the club shop. We’re back in business 🙂

  4. This is more than handbags at ten paces. Why are they still wearing shorts? And it’s a tranvesty that the cute pink goalie isn’t in the shot. Please fix…;)

  5. haha. there’s one for my wallet.

  6. I can see how it would amuse you but it really isn’t in the same league the Argentine 98 picture. Not that I’m trying to defend our lot, they don’t deserve it after yesterday…

  7. haha, well there isnt much to say as we thoroughly deserve this. good job

  8. picture is by Nick and Martin Fry in Jersey….haha good work!!

  9. haha listen to the club level turd ‘I can see why it would amuse you’. Really? How kind of thee.

    This really should be titled the scumbag wall with little grace they have shown after the defeat.

  10. ha, lame arsed gooners

  11. lol
    absolutely priceless !!!

  12. Got to admit that is funny. Pretty much sums up our second half. See you at the lane.

  13. As a Tottenham fan I could not be more pleased afters Saturdays result.But When the realality sets in a bit i look at some of our other results.We still seem to lack that one other ingredient.Consistentency.In that respect the arse and ourselves seem to have something in common.That said harry has done wonders and we do seem to be heading in the right direction.

  14. Brian,
    We were consistent this year; in going behind and then win it. 🙂

    Joking aside, I understand what you’re saying, and I agree with your point. Hopefully, we turned the page this past Satdee.

  15. What a week handbags Professor Wenger’s Water features +2+3=17 years of bragging rights wiped clean by a Welsh Dragon Dutch Courage and French Flare and the future Lion heart Sir HARRY TottenSpurs/

  16. spurs twats, enjoy your 1 off win you bunch of nob suckers

  17. Not as funny as when your players shit their pants!!!

  18. Nice to see some honesty and it IS a pathetic showing by the wall.

    I wonder just how many other free kicks in the PL will be aimed at faces, accidentally or on purpose?

    I do not think that vdV did this on purpose as it isn’t in his game, but there are others who will do this (Bowyer or Scholes?) on purpose just to see the other side cringe.

  19. typical spurs, you idiots. get a life

  20. well, as a Gooner, i think the picture has its point, and a sense of humor………. yes our performance and results nowadays are indeed laughable…….. good work.

  21. Yes we lost and it is stinging really bad. But as past history goes Gallas is bound to have a stinker in the dressing room then we shall see the twitches Harry has. We are waiting to stuff you at the sh*te hart lane. Can’t wait for that day.

  22. As an Arsenal fan…hahaha…we deserve to be labelled as such…a bloody bunch of pansies…with handbags!!

    Well done Spurs for never giving up. Hopefully we’ll get you back at the Lane.

  23. Poor co-ordination! I can’t believe they chose bags that didn’t match their boots! Thanks for the entertainment!

  24. Good to see a few gooners with a sense of humour. Its all good banter Lol

  25. JohnM..i to know gooners who’ve got a sense of humour..and boy have they needed to!!.the braggin rights have been all mine and i’m loving it..and long may it continue..efin av it..TRIFFIC TOTTENHAM 3 ar5na1 2..oh yeah..the picure is a classic..

  26. LOL, Rob telling us to get a life, yet you’re the one posting on our blog at 02:12 in the morning…..whats up couldn’t sleep???

  27. This is for nastie Arsole fans and Watership all down his suit Wnger Weger .The RSPCA acted Quickly after recent incidents at the Emirates Stadium if you see an Arsenal Fan with a dog please ask them to call 0800.2-0- 2-1-2-2-2-3 for free advice on how to hold on to a Lead

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