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Nov 302010

Fan made video, bit of light humor here Arsenal fans before you get offended, to be fair most of you have enjoyed some good banter with us before and after the game. Gracious in defeat and a pleasure to have leaving comments, hope to have some more with you later on in the season.

You all know Fabregas shouldn’t have done what he done, funny thing is Ngog done the same thing on Sunday. I don’t understand why players won’t take a smack in the face from a football for over £50,000 a week, it is beyond me. Hopefully for you guys Fabregas has learned his lesson and if I was Chamakh I would have been pissed off at him for putting my arm up in the air too.

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  4 Responses to “The Arsenal Hokey Pokey”

  1. Such a joy to watch over and over

  2. Love it, roll on six points.

  3. Ha!ha!ha! it..

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