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Sep 302010

It was great to see Heurelho back for us in the Champions League this week and you could see the confidence oozing throughout the back four. Gomes had been out for the last month through a groin injury and we have really missed him in my opinion. Some people never quite understand just how big of an influence and important it is having a keeper that the defenders are confident in. Whether or not his judgment is always right, the important thing is that he is confident enough to come for every cross and this confidence passes through the rest of the team.

Although Carlo Cudicini had provided cover and made some good saves during this period, there’s nothing like having the club’s number one fit again. King, Hutton, BAE and Bassong all looked so much more comfortable at the back last night know that they had the big man behind them. As someone that has played football all my life I know how much it improves my game having a solid keeper behind me to rely on should I need him. The Tottenham back four and Midfield will now not be as cautious at the back and will not be afraid to push on and attack meaning we won’t have to play as deep.

Gomes has shaken off his reputation of being a calamity after a bad start to his Tottenham career which saw Harry Redknapp losing his patience with the Brazilian to become one of the Premiership’s top goalkeepers. Without a keeper like Gomes in goal last season I don’t think we would even be playing Champions League football this season, that’s not to say I am taking anything away from the rest of the team. Gomes stood big last night to make one good save of note and although didn’t really have much to do last night don’t underestimate the influence his sheer presence had on the rest of the team. We started the season by battering Manchester City but not managing to break them down, and who was in goal for that game? Gomes! Since he has been out injured you could see how the team looked a bit more nervous and didn’t play with freedom and confidence. Trust me now we have the big man back in between the sticks I think we will be seeing a better free flowing Tottenham and they will prove me right by destroying Villa this weekend. To back up my point you only have to look at what happend to Newcastle as soon as they sold Shay Given.

  6 Responses to “The Big Man Is Back”

  1. well said.i think this is one of the reasons people shouldnt be panicing about our start to the season.we had a settled team last season and thats been disrupted hugely from harrys plans.imagine when we get daws back fully,and defoe,and lennon finds form ect.i cant wait!

  2. at last someone giving a goal keeper some credit. you wouldn’t know it but players and goalkeepers make mistakes. problem for a keeper is it usually means a goal. forwards can make amends by scoring but for some reason if you concede a goal as a goalie it wouldn’t matter if you saved two penalties the fans would always remember how the goalie fluffed the goal. funny innit!
    i love watching the gut when spurs score! he simply loves the game. good on him.

  3. i heard we are going to bid for the olympic stadium,i bloody hope not hate the idea i dont want to be in that stadium horrible,whats happening to our stadium,i dont want to travel to east london thats west ham land,we aint east london they are,we are tottenham.
    what the bloody hell’s going on.
    Give its to the spammers it all fuck em up.

  4. Yeh ive just herd it aswell ????

  5. I think its more aregistration of interest before the deadline than a bid

  6. Gomes is great – no doubt about that and I´m confident, that we will have a run of great games og results.
    Concerning the bid for the Olympic Stadium -> thats is only the chairmans way of putting as much pressure as possible on the council and mayor to accept the plans. We will never leave the area and a new arena will raise in glory very soon. I´m looking so much forward to that…

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