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Sep 052012

Just a quick one, I’ve been thinking as I get more frustrated with our poor start to the season and the reminiscence of the Harry days are already starting to creep back into my mind, although it’s too early to really panic who would you point the finger at for our poor start to the season.

We lost our first match to Newcastle but I was upbeat, we played well at a tough away ground and we still had to do business in the transfer market so I was upbeat about the coming weeks. Then we had 2 back to back home games, dead certs I thought but boy oh boy did we play terrible in both matches, so terrible it made me feel sick to the point of wanting to throw up my half time pukka pie.

I do believe though that Levy to some extent has already let down AVB, it’s clear that AVB wanted Moutinho but Levy left it to the death to the point where it was impossible to make a deal because you can’t tell me that AVB named Clint Dempsey as his number one summer target although he will add some goals to our team but a team that is now lacking in creativity. The other signings were already lined up before AVB arrived so has AVB actually got any players that he wanted or were these all forced upon him? To me it’s obvious Levy wants to take control of the transfers which is why Harry the Manager became AVB The First Team Coach, the title of the job has changed and although Levy keeps reverting back to continental styles of running the team it has always failed at Tottenham.

Let’s hope AVB can turn things around but for me the Chairman has to back him and let him bring in some players he wants because it will cost AVB his job but I personally won’t hold the blame against him as I will feel he has been royally screwed. Levy on the other hand could feel the backlash of the fans and a major campaign to reinstate Redknapp could be just around the corner because you can guarantee any top team in the Premier League to lose their manager will be straight after Harry.

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