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Aug 022010

For many a season now Tottenham Hotspur have seemly struggled when it comes to sustaining a serious assault on both maintaining and then developing a progressively positive league positioning,and there are many a wise footballing pundit who will have you believe it to be through having a rather succulent porky underbelly.And perhaps to a certain extent they are correct,in fact our esteemed leader Harry Redknapp himself voiced this very same argument when he first took the helm of the good ship Tottenham.

In truth he believed it to such an extent that he   went out and purchased our very own  Wilson Palacios,who then proceeded to take to the field sword in hand ready to decapitate the very first upstart that threatened to advance on our defence.Yes,whether it was beneath the  mighty walls of White Hart Lane,or away on some foreign field he would strike fear into the hearts of the merest mortal men.

You see most people will admit that when  finding yourself in a tricky spot there’s nothing more uplifting,or giving of resolve than knowing that the man next to you is doing everything he can to pull the team out of the quagmire it has found itself in,at the expense of the oppositions nerve of course.

Add then our newest recruit Sandro Ranieri Guimaraes Cordeiro,or Conan to those who flee his presence in concern of their own welfare.And are we about to behold the birth of the most fearsome midfield in footballing history?Not to mention a more serious challenge on the Premier League than many might care to mention.

After all seeing that Harry has now made it known he wishes to move to a four five one formation ( with appropriate striker on board,) will the presence of both Palacios and Sandro in midfield give those around them reason to surpass the limitations placed on their usual game due to over extensive defensive responsibilities? Whether it be Modric,Kranjcar or Lennon we should see delving into that magic hat we know they posses to pull out a trick or two,whilst giving the opposition a lesson in style.Or Dawson and Bassong having the luxury of security behind the midfield defensive shield,hence having them time to organize the back four, Gomes too need worry no longer.

So in conclusion do you see a midfield with the coming together of the destroyers as a plus,or would it make the team too negative? Your views are as usual welcome.

  13 Responses to “The Coming Together of The Destroyers.”

  1. The jury is still out on Wilson. He became more inconsistent as last season came to a close. Too many red cards (one may tackle hard and often without ever getting a red, or at least only one or two in a season) but one has to have super positioning, reflexes, and timing. Too many wayward passes. A tendency to wander too much.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am high on Wilson; he made a real difference the moment he came on board. What he needs to do, as do many of the others, is to improve. Not to be satisfied, but to add to his positioning sense, to his tackling technique, and so on.

  2. I am a big fan of Wilson, but i agree with you Yachtsman that his consistency levels need to rise.

  3. The hardman in midfield needs to operate next the the Tottenham Q-back Huddlestone. So Wilson and Sandro operating either side with Hudd finding Modric, Lennon and Defoe/ANother is going to make for some beautiful football. Especially the bit where we are playing on the right and Hudd finds Bale galloping down the left in full cry

  4. I think that when we played without Wilson in the end of last year we were better . We beat triffic teams and i think that hudd and modric woulb be great and let the two on the subs or rotaing them with hudd but for my opinion is to have the formation as the other season good attacking and sexy football !!

  5. Palacios improved his game a lot for Honduras so I’m hoping he can carry that form into the new season for Spurs.

  6. Of all the players cited in the close season Wilson worried me the most, and I think if you read between the lines, he concerns Harry just as much. His ‘form’ after xmas was nothing short of atrocious but for some unknown reason this seemed to go under the radar with many fans, who preferred to vent their spleen at the likes of Crouch and Bentley (because Jenas was injured). His position is greatly under threat, and rightly so. Harry should be looking for a suitable partner to allowr Huddlestone to do his thing, but in Palacios we’ve got a guy who cant pass, tacke’s rashly and is pretty usless in front of goal, sure he gives bundles of energy, but if his post xmas form is anything to go by, I’d shot of him pronto, while he can still command a decent fee! Perhaps that’s why Parker and other players like him are now being muted?

  7. I’m a huge fan of Palacios, one of my favorite players, I even bought a Honduras shirt for the world cup (being half Welsh and half Irish I had no one else to support, except the Spurs players). I see Wilson in the mold of Makelele – who was a world class player, and essential to Chelsea. Makelele in a 4-5-1 formation was unbeatable. Now he couldn’t get forward, but as the sole holder in a 5 man midfield, he didn’t have to. He merely sat in front of the defence, tackled, and gave it simple to the players who could play (Lampard, Robben etc). In a 4-4-2 midfield, both center midfielders are expected to be able to attack and defend, basically 2 box to box players, if they don’t then it can hamper the attacking threat through the middle. In a 4-5-1 formation, Palacios would be the out and out holder, this would mean that he wouldn’t even venture over the half way line (like Makelele), yet it wouldn’t take anything away from the attacking threat. Then add Lennon on the right, Modric left, and Kranjcar through the middle just off the front man (as IMO he is a better finisher than Modric, and also quite tall and not bad in the air, so arriving late into the box, similar to Tim Cahill, he could be a threat, and add us those goals from midfield we have been crying out for for years). With Palacios also sat that deep, Bale bombing up the wing wouldn’t leave us exposed at the back, Wilson could simply sit in to make a back four again with the other three, whoever they may be.

    You look at our results away to the three sides who finished above us, and we lost 3-0, 3-0, 3-1. Now with this formation, I think we would be harder to break down, and would concede less goals. Save the 4-4-2 for at home to weaker sides.

    The only thing we would need to sort out a 4-5-1 would be a striker capable of playing up top by himself, like Fabiano.


  8. I think it could have the makings for a great midfield if Sandro turns out to be the player we are all hoping he is. I fully expect to see Sergeant Wilson back to his tenacious self this season, last year was a very hard year for him, people seem to forget that he lost his brother last year after he was murdered by his kidnappers fully knowing that it probably wouldn’t have happened had he not have been as famous for his footballing ability as he is in Honduras. Reports were that he was considering quitting at the time. I hope that he can focus his mind back on his football this term and get back to the fantastic midfielder we all came to love in 2008-2009.

  9. I have to admit that while his form was pretty poor towards the end, he helped to stem a tide at spurs and settle the ship. I say choose him with Sandro Hudd and Modders in the smae team.Playing a diamond shape. Defoe and the shaprest edge with lennon and a out and out winger and with a single wing back in Bale. Krajcar the man for all possisions

  10. Some good points there James,also having both Sandro and Palacios in the same squad should help them work of each other,and motivate the entire squad.

  11. Whilst I’m excited about Sandro donning our pure white strip in a matter of weeks, I don’t really want a chopper-harris/Leeds United styley midfield all the time. Potentially red cards will be obtained come too easily and too frequently. Something which the team cannot afford in this particular era.

    Palacios, a hard tackler plus Sandro, a defensive midfielder sounds a bit too defensive for a team that can lack important goals unless conditions are perfect.

    We have one of the League’s finest defence and goalkeepers when at full strength but need more weight upfront [goalscoring ability, NOT Huddlestone], hence me being a bit more excited about Yannick Djalo’s agent tipping us as Djalo’s next destination 😀 Sounds like our ‘signing of the season’.

    Additional info – Last season’s winner of ‘signing of the season’ (2009/2010) – Niko ‘Ginola v2.0’ Kranjcar

  12. Great reading…. Some good points raised.. I for one think that two hard men in the middle of the park will work wonders … Points raised about Wilson are valid but also a bit unrealistic… As mentioned on a domestic basis he had a prick of a year, (I reckon most people would have thrown in the towel) On the field he was expected to hold a very soft midfield (Jenas & co) Pretty much on his own. No I think that if he has Sandros to share the burden (and the yellows) things will improve. Look at the Manure their real glory days had Keano and Scholes ? How many times has Scholes been done over last season because he was a lone hatchet man… Either way I am looking forward to the 14th Lets hope for a continued run of form COYS

  13. wen we first signed palacios in his first season he was great but last season he didnt really perform all well as we all would have liked but he also lost his young brother which is very sad i think harry will use the 4-5-1 formation with lennon and bale on both wings and sandro,palacios,modric, in the middle and maybe crouch or defoe up front on their own but plz harry sell hutton,jenas,pav,and sign huntelaar,richards and mybe bellamy or ashley young coyssssssssss

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