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Nov 242013

There is a massive difference between supporting your football team and having a blind faith in the manager, never questioning his decisions or tactics and believing all will come right in the end no matter what setbacks we suffer.

These were some of the comments I received when I first started to doubt his abilities :

Your kind arent welcome at White Hart Lane, AVB was right to point out the expectation of entertaiment rather than supportng of the team. You and the rest of the “I pay my money and can say what I want brigade” can always support the shower down the road. Best points ever last season and the best start this season, 3 points off the top. You idiot.

It takes time to bed in new players. AVB is quite rightly playing a solid, powerful, hard to beat team and In 14 games this season, we have 11 clean sheets. Considering the amount of new players we have brought through, that is an incredible stat.

AVB, Levy & Baldini are doing a tip top job… the goals will come in time but for now lets appreciate how well we are grinding out the results

team are gelling….wish these idiots would fuck of back to their worm holes with their negative shit AVB is right
And as for you Borodin- if we do end up with a trophy this year it won’t be with any help from you .

Totally unreal article. Don’t press the panic button and start pointing the figure until there is actually a problem.

Dog shit article. AVB = 4th in the league. Which we are. Not anything else.

IF we are 12th in January you can come back then and tell us all you told us so.

We have a squad that should be challenging for top spot and I shall support the eleven players on the pitch with my last breath but if I want to have grave doubts about the guy who is picking those eleven players and his management abilities then I have every right to do so.

This is my Last Post until AVB has gone or we are back in the top four again… which case I shall print a huge apology to the guy and all the ones who printed comments like those above.

I resent deeply being told I am NOT a true supporter just because I won’t blindly follow the AVB plan. I care passionately about the team and what happens to it…that’s why I am opposed to the guy in charge of them at the moment.

Reply to this post as negatively as you like but something needs to be done soon before we find ourselves even lower than 9th




  71 Responses to “The Last Post Sounding….”

  1. Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    AVB who?
    AVB – the one that got his pants shanked down in Manchester this afternoon. This is the job centre isn’t it?

    Arsenal till I die!!!

  2. The game vs united has huge implications for me. Another loss will surely seal avbs fate. A good win (2-0 3-1 one of those solid type wins) and we are right back in it

    Cardiff handed us a HUGE get out of jail free card today.

    Over to you andre…

  3. […] There is a massive difference between supporting your football team and having a blind faith in the manager, never questioning his decisions or tactics and believing all will come right in the end no matter what setbacks we suffer. These were some of the comments I received when I first started to doubt his abilities […] […]

  4. the continued selection of Dawson is a huge concern, he is at best a lumbering Sunday park player, Villas Boas has to take some responsibility for starting him but I am beginning to wonder has Dawson too much influence in the club, he has been here for 10 years after all and incredibly has just been offered a 3 year contract. Villas Boas is probably wary after his experience with older players with clout at Chelsea. if Dawson is not dropped soon this will be one nightmare after another; it has to be nerve wracking for his own teammates to play with him; Vert and Chirciches and Kaboul and Fryers are multiple times better and oh the insanity of selling Caulker; players are being dropped-Naughton Kaboul Chiriches- and others-Vert- are been played out of position just to accommodate the lumbering Daw

  5. Not only is that knee-jerk and premature, but it also threatens your very readers of not being able to indulge in one of the finer observing writers’ comments on our roller coaster team.

    Sleep it off, have an expresso or a double bourbon, then take your threat back, I would strongly recommend.

    • Thanks but too many on here who do not really read the postings. I passionately care about the club and don’t think that just because I question the current manager’s abilities anyone has the right to reply with obscenities and question my support. I will accept logical criticism and enjoy a reasoned debate on any subject but to have some mindless idiot with no real thoughts or opinions of his own simply print insult after insult is tedious and boring.
      Someone else can draw a deep breath and actually post something on here instead of just replying. Time for a break and a bit of peace…..

  6. Agree, He is clueless only has 1 plan and I really wanted AVB to succeed. For me the players don’t play for him (his choice of players), he’s fallen out with the fans and results have stopped or not started whichever way you look at it. Writing is on the wall. The management buy a striker that thrives on crosses yet play inverted wingers. Lamela has his best game in then shirt is dropped for Townsend who isn’t in form wrecking his confidence only to put him on in place of Townsend who’s confidence was back up after England performances. Let our only other LB go on loan leaving us now with our best CB playing left back. The problem is he doesn’t know his best team but is not willing to give an 11 a chance to get a few games together.

  7. “AVB, Levy & Baldini are doing a tip top job… the goals will come in time but for now lets appreciate how well we are grinding out the results”

    i think that one may have been mine, which at the time was a fair comment, back then, pre west ham we were grinding out results but looked solid at the back, it could always have gone one of two ways, either we started finding the net and winning consistently or we became fragile due to our lack of goals… the latter happened. the guy who wrote this article is a twonk for one reason and its not for his avb out opinion, no, he is a twonk because he is happier with todays result so his boring blog can claim I told you so but the twonk cares nothing for our team. He’s like the adebayor of spurs fans lol… what a dick! I sincerely hope twonkboy that you stick to your word and never write another article again whilst AVB is in charge although I noticed you inserted the get out clause of: …errmmmm or back in the top4… you Sir Twonk are a Twat

    • When you have the time and manage to undo your straight jacket again re-read the article. No mention whatsoever of “I told you so” Neither did I say I wouldn’t write another article. It is due to the illiterate people like yourself who have no real opinion of your own but just enjoy using foul and abusive language that I find myself reluctant to post again. To even suggest that I am happy with today’s result proves who the real idiot is….you.
      Hope you find some other poor unfortunate to slag off otherwise you wouldn’t have anything to actually post on here….and if you are happy watching the team try and ‘grind’ out results fair enough. I have higher expectations of a squad that contains so much talent.

  8. well rightly so he will receive a lot of criticism, and everyone has to face there are lots of questions being asked and we still are not getting the required answers, really we have a ultra fabulous squad, but its now 3months plus they have been together and we still to see cohesive play no one seems to know what /how / or where to be. myself its the first time I’ve stopped watching live on tv 30 mins before the end of games, we seem to have no ideas no belief no fight. can a different coach get comprehensively better results with this set of players? we may get to see sooner than later!

  9. Been a supporter of AVB till now. That was truly awfull. Our once proud team has been reduced to a sideways, backwards, anything other than towards the gaol. Ade rather than Defoe? Give me a break. Too pxxxxssed off to talk anymore.

  10. I’m with you. Avb was Mourinhos DVD man. Rodgers was the real apprentice. Avb is clueless. Holtby isn’t good enough. Paulinho looks extremely tired. Soldado ahead of Ade? Ade is easily our most talented striker. Avb’s man management skills drove him out of chelsea and it seems it never taught him anything. No system, no real game plan, doesn’t know his team or players. We’ve played almost 20 games in all competitions and there’s really still no clear indication of what we’re about.

  11. Bob – become an Arsenal supporter. Trust me you’ll feel so much better. 🙂

  12. “a lumbering Sunday park player”

    from your terminology i can tell you never played game of football in your life you clueless FC UK.

    What the fcuk is a Sunday Park you muppet???? go back to playing Fifa you utter Donkey

  13. do you base all your opinions on what the Daily Mail and Sun tell you??? Thick cunt, go support palace

  14. you were,nt so full of beans last season when the arsenal fans wanted wenger out. full of shite more like

  15. Whoops, I thought this was a blog written by a Spurs fan, not a gooner troll boy. You won’t write another article until Spurs are in the top 4? Every cloud has a silver lining…

  16. Can’t believe he let bae out on loan when we had no rea cover there.
    Dawson was only ever good with ledley by his side.
    Why didn’t Gylfi play in the hole?
    What’s this high line rubbish against such a pacey team like city, with our fullbacks pushing on and leaving us with just two defenders. Every time we lost the ball in city’s half, they broke so quick that with two or three passes they were already on the edge of our box.
    Poor poor tactics from avb.

  17. yasyid, you are a fucking moron, you know nothing about football… piss off and watch the cricket you poofter

  18. munt… nice one!!! the cunt who wrote this is a part time no nothing muppet

  19. re read your own shit you boring little cunt, i read it once and it was shit the first time…now fuck off and stop typing you piece of shit. you offer nothing and fucking hell you said you wouldnt write again until avb was gone, you lasted 15 minutes. you fucking donkey, go play fifa you clueless fcuk

  20. Jotter, you seem like the disgruntled child of a council estate crack whore who has never met his father with your extremely sophisticated usage of English Language. Go do something useful with your life, unlike your mother did.

  21. AVB was right to set his team up as hard to beat and form a solid reliable unit doesnt give anything away due to the number of new players arriving in the summer.But where he failed was playing a system that doesnt support a single lone striker that lacks pace,power and doesnt press opposition defenders high up the pitch, Soldado is a wrong choice to play in AVBs system, you need a Drogba not Soldado. AVB also made a massive error with Adebayor and BAE. Another issue is utilising Dembele, where the player is not a defensive midfielder,in fact he was signed by Fulham as number 10 in which has done exceptionally well, so why not play him further forward ahead of Paulinho and Sandro/Capoue?.AVB can still turn this around if he wakes up and stops insisting with his high line game as well as switching to 4-4-2 when necessary.Dawson will look like a sunday park player with AVBs system, its inevitable since he lacks pace. Sandro today was a tackle away from a red card but yet again where was Capoue? It is obvious that English players or EPLplayers do not like High Line game and whay insist on it? Since West Ham game every team we play just sit back, give us the possesion and allow us to leave that massive space in front of the goalie and we get done. Wake up AVB, you can still turn it around but not with your current system. And if Levy is investing almost 500 mil Pounds on a new ground to move up the ladder ,he will not put up with this too long.

  22. hahaha, priceless, what a POOF

  23. yasyid… fancy a meet up so you can voice your opinion poof boy?

  24. Any time Jotter the tosser 🙂
    You a hard man now challenging people on blogs? Well ‘ard mate.
    You an Essex gangster I bet.

  25. i noticed today salodo making so many runs into forward space n no one was picking him out he to zoo frustrated , n that indicates the way we playing not looking to get forward to often, tactics are very poor or not clear to players .players need to take responsibility to because they should question the tactics if they rant clear on their roles. but over all from all the games I’ve watched , we don’t seem to know how to get forward how to create chances and opening, its not knee jerk but if any1 can explain the tactics please do?
    we do not play at pace and are to easily read. e.g., the constant roll back to keeper that results in a punt forward and ultimately interception by opposing team,? y and how can’t our professionals bring the ball forward? can’t this be worked on in training sessions? and the saldodo lack of receiving the ball can’t this also be addressed in training sessions? is this to complex for our coaching staff? cardiff coaching staff manage this as do southampton everton and every other team give or take…..

  26. What a complete shambles tottenham are. 100million spent and probably chiriches and cappoue only two who look ok. As for dawson. Well he is so funny to watch. Even funnier when the tactical genius plays a higher line than suits his genuine pace so well. As for other signings. paced and weak. Soldado. Not mobile enough to play up top on own. Chadli. Who knows what he is and lamela is a nervous wreck. One of few players who doesnt realise that the step over trick is ment to mean going opposite way from the final step over. Clueless club it makes me howl with laughter at how.poor they are.sorry I forgot eriksen a man from my own city who only turns up for half the season. At least avb will inspire those with his upbeat manner.

  27. Born and bred in Tottenham my friend, love my team whatever….

  28. 28/8/2011 ManUTd 8 Aholes 2

  29. This main article is definitely written by a Wanderer! What the hell is wrong with you man? I assume you are one? Or both. A real Spurs supporter just would not write such tripe. Do you telly think AVB would send the players out to play like that? Yes I blame AVB for a bit of this defeat I blame the players a hell of a lot more. I have never seen defending like I did today Verts looks a shadow of last year. Barca calling? Walker might as well have been on holiday. Sandro was the only one who tried. Hugo was still in France. Easy to blame the manager mate. Give us some of your extended knowledge (obviously) of how or what went wrong please? It’s obvious so you should know. It’s articles like this from so called supporters that really wind me up. I wouldn’t have had the guts to write such a load of twaddle. Hope you don’t write another article on here even when or if we do get in top four,bye happy Christmas.

    • So please explain what ‘bit’ of this defeat do you lay at AVB’s door ?
      Have you ever heard an orchestra play when the conductor hasn’t a clue how to direct them…..??

  30. Love it!!! Tottenham look just awful today. I don’t normal watch sh*t but I just knew the spuds would get blown away today, seen as they have relied upon dodgy penalties to scrape wins against poor sides. So yeah just got the popcorn ready and had a great day!! Btw how much did they spend on lammela and soldado?

  31. Hmmmmmm!
    Having read you comments, have come to realize that you must be a Arsenal supporter, as no one can be that stupid.
    If you were running a company, you would go bankrupt if you acted that way in business, so your comments are totally rediculous, so stop being so childish as this blog is good and everyone has a right of reply.
    AVB took over an excellent team which had been 4th 2 years in a row before he arrived, and only got so many points because he changed his game plan to HR’s game.
    Now he plays his game which is in his head after wasting £100,000,000.
    AVB might be a nice guy, but a manager he is not!

  32. 6 •0 hahaha

  33. 110 million and you lose 6.0 hahaha

  34. This result has been coming all season. The holes were there against Palace, thankfully Gale was not good enough. What concerns me is it looks like these players only met for the first time in the pub before the game today …what happened to bedding them in ? The team is not making progress …the reasons for which are difficult to understand, quality players all performing well below their ability week after week. The tactics deployed do not appear to fit the players in the squad. Wether it is the high line defense or the lone striker who gets no service.

  35. Hahahahaha

  36. Im with you all the way,the guy is absolutly useless,I never thought I be happy to see Ramos back,but Im getting there.I have doubted avb s ability from the moment he was appointed and so far he hasnt proved me wrong.I like you have been vilified just because I I question the avb myth.I suppose the avb brown nose brigade will be happy in the championship cos thats where we ‘re headed if Levy & Co dont pull there fingers out.I have a horrible feeling we will pass QPR going up ,as we go down !

  37. AVB is finished at Tottenham. The performances have been getting worse not better. Had he played Adebayor after the West Ham defeat he may have been able to keep the wheels on the season. As it is he just looks foolish now. Today he has reverted the inverted wingers, switched to 4-4-2 and played Adebayor, all in the space of 45 minutes. Having stubbornly persevered with a system that hasn’t worked properly all season he has relented today and the team let in 6!

    4 of the goals were individual errors. The tactics are poor, the players are going backwards and the results are now awful.

    AVB must go for the good of the club.

    As for the politics of the blog. It is no good being sensitive about what other bloggers post on here. If they are being abusive to you ban them. Be strong. Don’t stop posting your views because of bullies. Stand your ground man. It’s your show run it how you see fit.

    • Many thanks but this is NOT my blog….I merely post on it. I simply cannot see further gain in me negatively posting about AVB and then getting insulted by people I have no respect for. Coxie runs the show (and does a great job too).
      Keep the faith…Daniel Levy most definitely WILL have a plan ‘B’

  38. First of all Borodin, unless you are going to tell me that you forsaw that we’d lose by 6-0 today and be on a stretch of 3 games without scoring when you wrote those articles that got you those negative responses, you shouldn’t try to justify being overly negative presumably when we were winning games repeatedly, but only by one goal, now that you have the benefit of hindsight.

    That said, today is the first time where I have begun to think can AVB actually do a job for us though? This result is definitely the watershed moment of AVB’s time with Spurs to date. If he doesn’t turn it around against Man U, or at least get team above our defence doing anything other than looking completely at a loss at what to do, and who knows, even score more than one goal against them, then I feel AVB may be very close to going. And with that, his chance to manage in any of Europe’s top 4 leagues will be seriously limited.

    • I’m the first one to give your posting a ‘like’ vote. No I did not foresee we’d lose by 6-0 but when you consider Man City’s impressive home record and number of goals scored there this season and look at our current form then you struggled to see where our goals would come from. I just think AVB has flattered to deceive at the start of the season and now reality is hitting hard. There is just no cohesion and his ‘plan’ whatever it may be just has me (and I suspect the squad) totally baffled. I don’t feel a need to justify my initial criticism neither do I wish to adopt an “I told you so” stance. Personally I have reached a watershed and until the guy has gone I do not intend laying myself open to mindless abuse. I fully respect your views and agree AVB today has come to the end of his ‘honeymoon’ period with Spurs.

  39. You’re the muppet look at your ratings. Just home from
    manchester waste of time and money. AVB out, clueless.

  40. Is it any wonder Spurs are shite most of the time with the accept anything brigade,as long as you lunkheads go through the turnstiles and accept whatever dross is played is there any reason for Managment to make the effort.FFS be critical or we’ll always be behind the Arse.

  41. But who would come in, do you suppose?

  42. What planet you on cock ?

  43. The above comment was in response to No. 7 btw

  44. Redknapp. AVB has changed us from Champions league quarter final team to mid table rubbish in 18 months and we have just suffered our biggest loss for 17 years. Frankly, it could have been double figures, stupid high line with slow defenders. All this highest premier league finish nonsense – we got away with 20 odd points last season because on Bale..

    Actually – we can’t go back to old droopy. But he wouldn’t be WORSE than the clown AVB. Hiddink? Klinsmann? Hoddle? All 3 would be better.

  45. All these tactical changes by bloggers, all the system changes, all the personnel changes- I honestly don’t know who is right- so many opinions, unfortunately only one mans opinion counts and that’s AVBs. He is getting it wrong- he looks to have lost the dressing room and possibly his mind! Completely devestated with how the season is falling apart- all I do know is that AVB is not the man we need!

  46. Who’s this Trotter twat? Borodin can say what he likes without the abuse and the vile accusation he’s a Gooner scum, which I suspect Twatter is. I’m not anti AVB but feel the things that came out of his Chelscum era ie stubbornness, he hasn’t learnt from. Yes the players were to blame, but equally so is AVB as he gives them the tactics, bought a lot of them and picks them. That’s twice now he’s blamed someone else for a poor performance, first it was us the fans, now the players. He needs to take some responsibility. If I passed the buck in my job like he does, I’d be out on my earole. I was never an advocate in the first place for AVB as our boss, but once appointed, he gets my support, but he has to prove his worth. Yes he did well last season, but it’s that second season problem. My choice, and still is is De Boer Ajaxs boss. He plays our way. Hopefully AVB will sort this out, but he has to be flexible. Borodin, keep posting buddy, you’re entitled to your opinion, as is Twatter, but Twatter needs to be a bit more respectful you Gooner scumbag.

  47. I think he did admit it was him who picked the team, thus implying he was heavily responsible in his after match interview.

  48. But he also heavily shoved it right up the players. Yes ultimately they’re the ones that go out and make or break it, but AVB is giving them direction, and I think the players he has don’t, won’t or can’t play his system. Whatever that is. Borodin you’ve probably got 50 years of Spurs in you. And I’ve over 40. Keep the faith bud, idiots like Twatter haven’t got a scooby.

    • Appreciated friend.

    • AVB is finished but to be fair to him; the players let him and the supporters down today. At least 4 of the goals were caused by individual mistakes from Lloris, Dawson, Sandro Walker and Holtby.

      Spurs created a few half chances, City created a dozen good chances. We were shit and AVB should go because it is just not working out.

  49. I think I saw you trolling on another Spurs blog earlier, what a sad individual you are.

  50. Who are you referring to Sardo?

  51. AVB and to some extent Baldini have to accept the responsibility. This is basically the team/squad they built this summer with the sale of Bale. The quality of the personnel brought in I believe is not in question. The time required to get them to play together as a fluid team was always a question with so many changes. So the early season performances can be accepted as we accumulated points. But by now we should be seeing progress and we are not. The game next weekend against the other Mancs will define AVB ….either he and the team respond or we fold.

  52. I don`t get this, `Spurs have been playing well this season, leave AVB alone` bollocks. Less that a goal a game, minus goal diff, and once the last minute penalties dried up, so did the results. as a Gooner, I absolutely love the denial, on blogs like this. As an outsider, I see AVB as a coach without any flexibility and imagination. £110m+ spent on players and 8 points behind the arse. It doesn`t get much better.

  53. Mind the gap!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  54. Abramovich cottoned-on to AVB’s uselessness very quickly. That’s why he kicked him out in a hurry, after having appointed the fool on the say-so of others in his operations set-up.
    Incredibly, Levy then hired the dolt, even though the whole football underground was awash with tales of this charlatan’s atrocious man-management and pseudo-science. Levy was taken in by the waffle AVB spouts, and fell for the idiot’s pretense at being a “doctor” of footballing metaphysics.
    AVB is not a poor man’s Mourinho. He’s a poor man’s worn out shoes, with soles full of holes. And soon, it’s Tottenham’s players who will have the holes in their souls, playing for this dunce.

  55. easy to blame the managers when none of the players are prepared to take the game by the scuff of the nick

  56. What a wonderful weekend. The Arse beat the 3rd placed side 2-0, City have a day out against the Spuds & the Aussies give the Poms “what for” in the cricket. Life is grand.

  57. AVB has blamed the Spurs faithful, the players, referees……………..when is he going to look in the mirror and recognise who’s really to blame?

  58. Ok, Here’s my view on things for what it’s worth.
    Do I like AVB? answer no
    Did I approve of him getting the job? answer no

    However I did say only 2 weeks ago that whilst he is the manager he gets my support, and until Levy decides otherwise then so be it, same with the players, we all have our preferred choices in selection but provided they do their best then that is good enough for me. What we are faced with here is a manager and a Project, a project that only AVB seems to understand, most of the fans don’t and it seems the players don’t either.

    I would imagine Levy would be asking AVB this question this morning. Do you still believe in your project? if the answer is yes then Levy should sack him now.
    We all can see that we have a problem not just scoring goals but in creativity, there is none and quite frankly this goes right back to selling Luka Modric, last year we papered over the cracks with outstanding performances from Gareth Bale, without his goals we would have finished 8th at best.

    Most of my Spurs friends thought the same, we only needed 2 maybe 3 players to really make a difference and that is one thing I agree with Harry Redknapp on, he was always making that statement, what has happened now is AVB has completely changed the ethos of the team, Spurs fans are used to fast attractive attacking football, after all our motto is To Dare Is To Do.

    I honestly don’t think AVB can change, it’s never his fault, his constant mumbling interviews that make no sense to anyone other than him, what the hell is he talking about? we have gone from a team that could beat anyone on it’s day to virtually a pub team on yesterday’s showing(I wont call it a performance). no creativity, no width, sideways backwards. I would love to know what he say’s to players before a match, our boys seen confused playing out of their best positions working AVB’s so called plan. Why oh why did he buy Soldado? the guy is box player yet he get’s no service at all, I bet when he looked at us before he signed and thought, yeh I can score loads for this team, and then we don’t play to his strengths.

    I’m baffled like a lot of others I’m sure, what the future holds for us is a mystery unless AVB changes before it’s too late, Mr. Levy over to you, you hired him you sort him out.

  59. Sums it up perfectly.

    NB – Now I have no faith in the Transfer window coming round again. We’ve been linked to umpteen players, but one of the strongest links recently is to Diego Perotti who plays LW. It’s clearly a position we need to address, so well done to AVB for working that out this time around. HOWEVER! Guess what? He’s right footed… (ie, another inverted winger). AVB has also said he’s not looking to fill the LB position anymore.

    How much more damage will be done to this team?

    I find it very strange that Everton have managed to acquire Lukaku and Delofeu, albeit on loan, and aside from Chiriches and Capoue, (possibly Eriksen…jury’s out), we’ve no STANDOUT talents at all.


  60. The team was dysfunctional last year because AVB allowed Bale to do whatever he liked and ball hog to the detriment of anyone else on the team (very few assists for that man from my memory). The tactic worked for him and for us results wise but the team was horribly out of balance.

    This year the nearest we got to looking like a team for more than half a game was against Arsenal (i.e. before the players had that much quoted chance to gel). Since then we have got progressively worse as far as playing a full game with purpose is concerned. The defence has been a shambles and but for last ditch tackles, Lloris’s heroics and the opposition’s ineptitude in taking the clear cut chances afforded them we could be way worse off. Any one of Anzhi, Tromso, Sheriff, Cardiff, Crystal Palace or Hull (all vastly inferior on paper) could have turned the tables on us. Meanwhile the lack of teamwork has caused everything else to suffer. People shoot from bad positions because they fail to see anyone in a better position. People don’t make runs ‘cos they have no faith they will be found.

    The person responsible for setting out a team ethos, ensuring people strengths are utilized to the benefit of the team and choosing the line ups and tactics to be employed match to match, situation to situation is AVB. He has made the whole weaker than the sum of the parts and should be offered an early exit so that a real football man who knows how to get people working as a team can do so for our beloved Spurs. Too bad we didn’t go after Laudrup, Lambert, Martinez or Rodgers when they were available. Now if we want any success this year we need to bring in a Hiddink type to replace this man AVB before his quasi eloquence and technical gobbledegook sends us all insane.

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